Flux Capacitor Burns Up The Tarmac – Video




Video description:

“Electric vehicles are usually known for making quiet, even serene, progress. Not Jonny Smith’s Flux Capacitor, Europe’s quickest street legal EV. Here it is burning up the Tarmac and chewing up tyres at Car Fest.”

Well, Jonny Smith’s Flux Capacitor is no ordinary electric car.

Earlier this year, Jonny Smith ran Flux Capacitor at the track. Flux covered the quarter mile in 10.84 seconds at 121.11 mph (0-102 mph in 6.9 seconds).

Flux pumps out 600 kW and 1,288 ft-lbs of torque, yet it weighs only 1,945 pounds, so it’s a monster that easily capable of spinning its tires all day long.

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I love the 8-bit music and text… but is it just me or does it sound like a gas engine in that thing?

That’s what I thought too! But then I noticed something missing … tire squeal?!?!? And you can see chunks of rubber flying too, so I think that’s actually the tires vibrating at the right frequency (4000 hz) to sound like a motor (notice no sound when idle).

Anyone got a better explanation?

That’s the sound of the flux capacitor.

That thing is faster than a Model S P90DL.

(I’m not a fan of burnouts.. meh)

Ironically, breathing in all that burnt rubber that this EV burnout creates has got to be as carcinogenic as breathing in the diesel fumes of an oil burner ICE car, if not much more carcinogenic. But it’s probably not as bad as someone rolling coal on you with their modified pickup truck. That’s not saying much.

I just don’t know why people would voluntarily line up to breath in burnt rubber at a drag strip, drifting competition, or anywhere else clouds of burnt rubber are wafting through the air.

Yes, it’s not like people just hang out at used tire fires, you know, for the fumes.

The Springfield tire fire always makes me chuckle. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Springfield_Tire_Yard

The white zombie did 9.10 sec long time ago.

must be sponsored by a tire company so they can sell more tires.