Fluid Black BMW i3 Hits The Stage In Frankfurt – Live Images

SEP 15 2015 BY STAFF 12

The all-new Fluid Black BMW i3 hit the stage at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

BMWBLOG describes Fluid Black as follows:

“The beautiful black paint job has a bit more pop than the usual black colors and helps accentuate the interesting lines of the monobox i3. The black body color is combined with elements in Frozen Grey and BMW i blue.”

Fluid Black joins Ionic Silver, Arravani Grey, Laurel Grey, Andesite Silver, Solar Orange and Capparis White as color choices for the i3.

BMW i3 Fluid Black

BMW i3 Fluid Black

Check out more live images of the Fluid Black i3 over at BMWBLOG by clicking here.

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12 Comments on "Fluid Black BMW i3 Hits The Stage In Frankfurt – Live Images"

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I think this is my least favorite color for the i3.

It’s my favorite, especially because it’s not two-tone.

Exactly. I want fluid White.

Any single color is better than the 2 tone that made it look ugly.
Though I’d like white as I live in Fla.
What they need to do is put a battery pack where the gas motor goes for increased range or when the Bolt, 3 come out the i3 is going to be a very hard sell.

Black cars are notorious for showing every speck of dirt….this “fluid black” probably will be even worse. Looks super nice when clean though.

Bigger battery ? We will wait until 200 miles Bolt.

I’m surprised no one mentioned the power sunroof. New option for MY2016?

No that’s a Euro spec i3. They have always had the moonroof option. It’s still not going to be available in the US for MY 2016.

Any reason why? Seems you might know.

This i3 wasn’t the only thing hitting the stage in Frankfurt yesterday! *ba-da-bum–ching!*

(It’s been over 24 hours and seems like nothing serious happened to the CEO, so I say he’s fair game)

It would look better in RED 😉

Tom, any word on a heated steering wheel for 2016 for us cold-climate folks?