Flipping Out Over Elon’s “D”


Tiffany’s Top Ten


 The "D" will fit nicely in any of these slots

The “D” will fit nicely in any of these slots

Flipping Out Over Elon’s “D”

The Top Ten thoughts swirling around my head, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally introduced his “D”:

10)  Sigh…This “D” event is obnoxiously behind schedule. Does the “D” have performance anxiety?

9)   I’ve never waited this long for a “D.”

8)  Just as the lights were about to go down on the “D” party; in walked Elon.

7)  Glad to see the “D” didn’t turn out to be a two-stroke engine.

6)  In “l33t sp3ak”, Model S P85D looks very similar to SPEED. I doubt this was by accident.

5)  C’mon, it’s really not surprising that the “D” will come when summoned.

4)  This “D” can certainly get around; be sure to ask your Tesla specialist where that “D” has been. Safety first.

3)  The super speedy “D” has ri”D”iculous self-parking skills.

2)  Only (and I do mean ONLY) Elon’s “D” can boast a 3.2 second performance time as worthy of boasting.

1)  While driving a “D”: If you’re at a stoplight, and start to move before the light turns green, would this be considered premature acceleration?

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Everyone enjoys ‘D’ jokes. This is quite the collection though.

This post was painfully unfunny, blatant and childish.

I really hope Tiffany will be allowed to write some meaningfull articles when this humor experiment gone wrong is finally discontined.


Not sure if the sexual innuendo of Tiffany’s Top 10s is where I would go in infusing humor into InsideEVs.com.

The somewhat sexist suggestions of the first post was gratuitous, but slack is often needed and given. The sexual jostling of the last Tiffany article didn’t go unnoticed, and today – the “premature acceleration” and
“performance anxiety” jokes are surely inappropriate and over the top.

I used to laugh when Motor Trend tried putting a pretty girl in a mini skirt on it’s cover back in the ’80s and a couple guys in the Letters section bitched and moaned. I thought these fellas were beyond the days of adequate testosterone and must be telling people to get off their lawns! 🙂

Hey – as a red-blooded American male electric car aficionado, I can’t argue with occasional shots of hot car show models or a male-target audience-directed gaffaw now and again…But hey- class is class and to maintain respect and standing in auto journalism – I’d hope InsideEVs would rethink the direction this humor is heading.

While you were looking at the big hair ladies of the 80’s in mini skirts; Tiff was probably being born. James, don’t be the grumpy dude telling people to get off his lawn. Who knows maybe she will do a flip in a mini skirt next time. Doubt it, but a guy can hope.

“Who knows maybe she will do a flip in a mini skirt next time. Doubt it, but a guy can hope.”

Why a mini skirt and not shorts? What exactly are you hoping to see? Don’t be the lonely guy who surfs the internet searching for T&A pics to gawk at. 😉

I laughed my ass off, this was great. Finally something funny, witty and unique to change things up. Who does not love a little chuckle to start your day.


One guy spilled coffee when he got to 3.2 seconds and performance. I think we should give epic credit at the fact she knows what a 2 stroke engine is! All this AND she can flip. Impressive indeed!

+1 🙂

#6, SPEED, was the best one of the entire list…

Good for Inside Evs! As someone who has been reading auto mags and websites for years; I think this is fantastic! The over saturation of re posts that occurs on all of the sites these days is getting a bit old. Here is an article that had my entire office laughing (men and women). Great job Tiff! Shout out to Scott Franco-where are you?

very funny =) #7 is my favorite.

Although I didn’t find this terribly funny, I do like the idea of interjecting some humor or human interest articles into the site for some variety. It can be a little dry to just read about efficiency and performance numbers all the time.

This is hilarious! Why is it okay for a male to tell an overabundance of D jokes yet when females join the party all of a sudden it’s “not funny”. Guys, it’s humor…get a sense of one. And if all these are being taken too personally–perhaps it’s a personal problem you are having. 😉


The gender of the author didn’t have much to do with it … it is just really hard (ha ha) to do written humor. Like I said, I like the idea of interjecting such stories into the mix here, I just think the quality could be better. For example, I think Jack Rickard writes some pretty funny blogs on his evtv site, but he is hit and miss sometimes (and a bit wordy) – it’s just not possible to be funny all the time.

At least the D doesn’t automatically stand for Diesel now.

Class was a word ignored by all the +1ers.

They missed the part where humor was welcomed.

Nearly every one of the 10 jokes is sexual and a site like InsideEVs is just not the place for that.

LMAO aren’t you the one who called her a green gold digger? Way to keep it classy by name calling. If you are going to get uber uppity about this; I hope you also complain to Tesla about their wish to have a S E X
(S 3 X) model line up. At the end of the day Musk knew exactly what he was doing with his D tweet. PS he laughed his ass off at this article. Lighten up and perhaps follow suit.

Nope. Jared? If you are Tiffany and Jared is your handle – I get it. If not – it’s OK too. You misread my commentary on Tiffany’s first article.

If you go back and read it , Tiff never said she dated a guy with a Model S. She did say neither a LEAF nor Model S ( sedan… ) were considered “sexy”. So when I said “you” – I didn’t mean Tiffany – I meant “a woman” in the general sense. The whole comment was written in the form of a question. So no – I never called Tiff a Goldigger.

I’m not going to fault you for misreading or misunderstanding my line of reasoning – but I can fault you for jumping to conclusions and accusing me of name-calling and pre-judging Tiffany. Neither of which did I do.

Another way of saying what I stated was – “does a woman date a guy in a Model S over a guy in an iMiev? – And if so, is she another type of Goldigger – a “Green Goldigger”?

Hopefully that clears it up for ya. 🙂

And since we’re going there – Tiff never explained why she showed a picture of a Porsche Turbo S with the license plate, “C STDNT” with the comment, “Lover of himself”.

Anybody knows a girl is attracted to a guy with tons of self confidence. I asked her if that truly was someone she dated – or not. In fact, she never answered any questions – come to think of it.

If not – isn’t she making some pretty bold assertions based on a car? Most times, it’s pretty sexy if a guy “loves me some me”!


To quote George Takei:

“Oh my!”

Hahaha this was great! I always look forward to a little top 10 from Tiff for a guaranteed smile each and every time! Great addition InsideEV’s! I look forward to this being a regular series to break up the monotony of just hardcore news all the time. Without it, we all run the risk of becoming boring people who complain all the time. (although by the looks of a few commenters above, some of us may already have crossed over, hopefully with a little humor they can be brought back) Bravo guys and Tiff! Keep ’em coming!

Very well said Mr.Hershner!

+1 Terry I agree

Love this!

Interesting that most commenters above aren’t regulars seen here on a daily basis…..hmmm… with a couple exceptions.

Who says “he” ( Elon Musk ) laughed his ass off when reading this very article?

Got a quote?

Perhaps we are lurkers and are commenting because we enjoy the new feature. Just because people post all the time doesn’t mean they are the exclusive readers and the only ones with opinions. 🙂

I read insideevs almost everyday and enjoy it, does no mean because I don’t post I am not reading. This is a refreshing change and adds a little laugh or two which is a fun addition.

Ha! Opalgirl has it right. James I see you still haven’t weighed in on the S 3 X Tesla line up…

I would hope that after enjoying this fun article,they would also check out the other articles as well and become regular posters. Maybe Tiffany can have knock knock jokes for you next time. No need to get your shorts in a twist unless it’s from the awesome acceleration of a Model S P85D.

Right on Jeff!

Any reason y’all are dumping on me and not David Stone – who actually beat me to the same conclusion?

That sex humor on an EV site is inappropriate?

And — here’s a toast to all the fake “lurkers”

L 🙂 L

Do I look that stupid?

in a word.. yes.

So say the nerds lurking on InsideEVs in search of titillation. 😉

In fact, I found your comment very funny.
Intended or not.
So is this making thing even?
Right about the simplistic sexual humor of Tiffany’s, but can’t say I don’t read it.
Can’t help it, after all, sex ain’t that complicated for everyone.
A smile is alway’s good.
But to be fair, Tesla did a total comitment with this thing and that’s really something to cheer.
Sorry to be dull!

I think this is hilarious. What’s more funny than the story are the mean comments. Look all can’t we all laugh. For goodness sake one person once said:

The best way to connect with someone is humor

To be rude, brash and mean toward Tiffany is absurd. She’s making me laugh. A spoonful of humor everyday makes the Doctor go away!!!!

Well said!

‘D’elightful Tiff