Fleetdrive Offers Tesla Model S Test Drives to Fleets in the UK


Fleetdrive Electric has been instrumental in Tesla's success. This year is no different.

Fleetdrive Electric has been instrumental in Tesla’s success.

Fleetdrive has long been an advocate for the EV industry, but in particular for Tesla.

According to Fleetdrive, it “helped to fund first Tesla back in 2008.” tesla n nissan leaf fleet electric So, the company is definitely no stranger to the business. I bet they are ecstatic that the Model S has arrived (think test drives, not sales) in the UK, and will soon be available to fleets. The car is set to go on sale to all there in March 2014.

Several test drives events are happening now in the UK, and Tesla officials will be on site with a presentation prior to the scenic drive through “the Marlow area in scenic Buckinghamshire, England.” 

Mike Potter, managing director at Fleetdrive, added: “We are excited to be involved in bringing this car to the fleet market here in the UK.  It really is the business vehicle of the future.”

Fleetdrive electric is definitely marketing this car as a “VIP vehicle”, albeit with very low operating costs. Company bean counters, it’s time to get that calculator busy! 

The Model S RHD version to come to the UK ~ March of 2014)

The Model S RHD version to come to the UK ~ March of 2014

However, that may all go out the window as executives test drive this special car and find that it’s the coolest sedan on the road today, period.

Prices will start at £49,900 ($79,000 USD) for the base 60 kWh version and go up from there. Full pricing was announced by us last month, here.

The Model S is chockablock with enough gadgets to make your head spin. Talk about one of the easiest sales job in the world, eh?

All Fleetdrive has to do it to convince fleets that the Model S works for them, both financially and as the only vehicle they’ll need.  Seems easy enough to us.

Source: Fleet News

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