Fleet Directory Picks Its 2013 Automobile of the Year


Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Fleet Directory, a UK-based resource for fleet managers, has selected its 2013 automobile of the year.

BMW i3 Gets a Mention

BMW i3 Gets a Mention

In the running were dozens of vehicles, but only three plug-ins made the final cut: BMW i3, Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid and Renault Zoe.

Both the BMW and Volvo were commended for various reasons.  Fleet Directly says the Volvo “is a superbly balanced and enjoyable car to drive” and says the i3 “desirability and usability all rolled into one,” but neither of those vehicles have the single trait that’s often most important to fleet: low cost.

The Renault Zoe was Fleet Directory’s winner and here’s why:

“There’s only one that stands out and it’s a small car that I think will have a big impact.”

“It’s great to drive, cheap to own and has more flair than New Year’s Eve fireworks party. My car of 2013 is: the Renault ZOE.”

Source: Fleet Directory

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Yay Zoe! Now, sell them in the US…

Yeah. Nissan should really bring the ZOE over to the USA. Give us another body style to choose from besides just the Leaf.

2014 starts great 🙂

If I would be the PM of ZOE, I would

– offer a higher priced version as an option with leather, extreme good interieur, better seats etc.
– offer a version to buy which includes the battery
– when leasing the battery, offer “free” update to next generation battery in 2018

and sales will boost

Greetings from a happy ZOE driver.

One other Zoe benefit ….

Why is it that Renault and Nissan are the only companies to put the charge connection at the front of the vehicle? I think it is the best choice, and I am reminded of that every time I see a car backed into a charging spot.

When I first heard that the LEAF was putting its charge port in the front, I worried about impacts. Having the charge port in the front quarter panel (a’la Ford Focus Electric and Chevy Volt) seems to be the best option. My i-MiEV is just short enough that I can pull straight in to a charging station and the cord reaches to the back of the car. Any longer than that and it wouldn’t reach.

” i-MiEV is just short enough that I can pull straight in to a charging station and the cord reaches to the back of the car”

Do you mean L2 … because I doubt this will work for L3. Or not?

The examples you mention (Focus or Volt) also does not support L3.

Renault and Nissan support amazing change speeds, and great convenience. Since the Leaf sells in vast numbers, I guess we would have known by now if the front charge port is a real problem in impacts. From what I have learned, EVs seem safe in accidents, at least on par with gasmobiles, or even better.