Flash News: Tesla Model S Is Auto123’s 2014 Luxury “Mid-Size” Car of The Year

NOV 28 2013 BY JAY COLE 5

Canada's Auto123 Chooses Something Called The "Model S" (sounds made up) As Its 2014 Luxury Mid-Size Car Of The Year

Canada’s Auto123 Chooses Something Called The “Model S” (sounds made up) As Its 2014 Luxury Mid-Size Car Of The Year

Auto123.com, who bills themselves as the “No. 1 Canadian source” for all things automotive has chosen something called the Tesla Model S as the 2014 Luxury Mid-Size Car Of The Year.

Canadian's Love The Tesla Model S

Canadian’s Love The Tesla Model S

While not much is known about this Tesla Motors, apparently they sell an all-electric car of some type.

We can only assume the management team behind this car, whoever they might be, are extremely pleased to get this award so that now more people will hear of their car and possibly purchase one.

Further research by InsideEVs has revealed that it comes in both an 85 kWh trim level that can travel “426 kilometres”, and also in a 60 kWh version that can travel “335 kilometres“.

We can only hope this Canadian news means the Tesla Model S will soon also be available in the United States, as our metric conversion skills would lead us to believe this  cars could travel 265 miles and 208 miles (respectively) if they became available south of the border.

To check out the all the winners of Auto123 awards, readers can go here.

Additionally, the Nissan LEAF won for the 2014 “Green Vehicle of the Year.  (hat tip to Brian)


Also of interest:

Auto123's Own Comparison Specs On The Tesla Model S And Porsche Panamera (click to enlarge)

Auto123’s Own Comparison Specs On The Tesla Model S And Porsche Panamera (click to enlarge)

Despite the fact that the Tesla Model S has at least 120 cu ft of interior spaces and is officially rated by the Canadian government as a Full Size car (in fact the most efficient full size car in the country), the Porsche Panamera has been deemed more “Fully Size-y” by Auto123 and has won the 2014 Luxury Large Size Vehicle of the Year from the publication – that is despite the Model S having a greater wheelbase, greater width, height, almost identical length, and seating up to seven passengers as compared to the Panamera’s four.

/crazy Canadians


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Oh please Jay, do go and research this car some more and let us know.
It sounds interesting! Electric? And it works?

Well, when the US finally throws of the old english dominator’s backward imperial system of measurements and fully joins the world scientific community, such conversions will not be necessary…

But getting the size classes mixed up is more than a bit weird, though.

If electric vehicles will ever become practical,
battery research and development is the ultimate priority.

Here are some goals R&D should aim for: 
● A battery with twice the capacity of Model S’s high-end having the same dimensions/weight/cost
● A battery that costs half as much as the Model S’s high-end while having the same dimensions/weight/capacity
● A battery that’s half the size of the Model S’s high-end with the same capacity/cost.

Somebody get on Kickstarter and setup a fund for this!

Clearly, this is something we should all give a damn about.

Who needs a kickstarter project when a gentle kick on the S’s accelerator can torque some seat hugging G’s now!

Two EVs, eh!? 😉 Seems your eyes were totally wrapped up in S luxery and missed the second EV on the 2014 award list.

2014 Green Vehicle of Year … is: http://www.auto123.com/en/awards/

2014 Nissan LEAF

Hehe, its Thanksgiving – I was all wrapped up in the opportunity to do a little light-hearted riffing while no one was ‘minding the fort’, (=

I’ll add a note to the story though!