Flamethrower Sales Net Boring Company $3.5 Million And Counting


What was first thought to be a joke, but later became reality, has netted The Boring Company over $3.5 million in just a couple of days.

As we reported over the weekend, the flamethrower that was promised (jokingly, we thought) to arrive after hat sales hit 50,000 did indeed show up on The Boring Company’s website.

Ordering for the flamethrower opened up and those orders sure have piled in. According to Elon Musk’s latest Tweet, flamethrower orders now stand at some 7,000 and rising. At $500 a pop, those sales have netted the company over $3.5 million already. All it took to make that happen was a couple of Tweets from Musk:

Over 7K In Flamethrowers Sold And Rising Quickly

Musk even threw some humor into the mix:


He even told us all not to buy one, but thousands didn’t listen. Presumably because they want to have fun:

Musk Says Don’t Buy

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Bunch of Pyros ‼️

Musk either has a Golden horse shoe up his *SS Or the Midas Touch or Both, Because, Everything he touches turns to Gold!…..lmao…. That’s Good!…Those things will Probably become collector Items Later and will be worth a Ton of money down the road..$$$$ …lol

That’s why I bought one.
However, I don’t know that I’ll be able to keep it in the box…

Maybe I should have bought two…

Elon must have solved all the Model 3 production “bottlenecks” if he’s spending all this time on this silly flamethrower sideshow.

Where do you read he spends all his time on flamethrower sideshow?

Gotta admit, he’s got the “Bass-O-Matic” and “Bag of Glass” beat, though


Ever notice how serial Tesla bashers are entirely lacking any normal sense of humor?

Sucks to be them!
😀 😀 😀

Sucks to be GM if only seriously uncool people like that show up to promote its products.


Is that crap legal? So much focus on safety in car design, what about little kids (or adults) burning their house down?

That would Create Jobs !…. lol

Yes, it’s legal. Range is apparently under the 10ft limit.

It looks like a modified roofing torch. These are available at Lowes for about $55 not including the fuel. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Lincoln-Electric-Torch-Kit/4742120

IS it legal? Well obviously not if you see one Lawmaker’s reaction today.

Musk can get away with this, but if Barra, Marchione, or Hackett tried this they’d say they’ve lost it and lock them up by the whit coat guys.

You would tend to think that there would be enough intricacies with both the rocket buisness and the car business to be sufficiently mentally challenged. Unless the Engineering Teams don’t let MUSK contribute to the designs anymore and he is bored.

The man could sell sand to a camel.

Ummm, what’s the AER?

In order to avoid burning fossil fuels, how about an electric lightning gun instead 🙂

He should have come out with a personal tesla coil instead of a lame flamethrower. I mean tesla coils are way cooler than flamethrowers (at least in those Command and Conquer PC games I played in my youth).

Even has built-in cross marketing for Tesla in the name. It’s a no brainer!

Dig this comment

Elon cult at its finest

No kidding. Next he will sell Elon branded cans of gasoline and they will buy it.

BTW, the article says they have sold 3.5 million dollars of these questionable toys, but how many have they delivered? When’s the target delivery date? Mid 2020?


Definitely lacking any sense of humor. At all.


Freezegun is next….

Yes! The “Arctic Blaster” Is next. Forget everything else !

I wonder how many CA residents bought one. One would think with all the forest fires they have had, no CA resident would be interested.

Volt#671 + BoltEV

The Boring Co. Flamethrower is currently an extremely valuable collectors item. For St. Elons sakes, don’t open or damage it in any way. The obviously the mint condition factory fresh sealed box, must be handled with kit gloves, as to retain its full investment potential.

Unless the impending Zombie Apocalypse finally rears its ugly head, these baby’s will be the most cherished and valuable Boring investment, right after the Boring Hat.

I am hoping that the Boring Co. will offer a collectible St. Elon signature series “Maximum Plaid” FT shoulder strap, and that it will become available, before the next ZA gets out of its own literal “Production Hell”.

What are “kit” gloves? Do you have to assemble them yourself?

No trouble will come of this, I’m sure.

I’m holding out for the pipe bombs.

“orders now stand at some 7,000 and rising. At $500 a pop, those sales have netted the company over $3.5 million already”
Maybe better to say they grossed $3.5 million.

FYI, real flamethrowers are very tightly controlled in the US. No way they could sell them. But this seem to be more like a blowtorch.

Can order a real one at https://throwflame.com/ Check the FAQ – only 2 states have restrictions.

Pyromaniacs rejoice!