Fisker’s Website Designer/Creative Services Provider Sues Automaker for $535,000 in Unpaid Bills


The lawsuits continue to stack up for Fisker Automotive.

A Website Like This Costs Way Less

A Website Like This Costs Way Less

First it was a federal lawsuit for the automaker’s wrongful firings/dismissals, then it was an eviction notice and accompanying lawsuit for failure to pay rent on its headquarters in Anaheim, California.

Now, the lawsuit is truly Ignited, as in Fisker’s website and mobile designer Ignited is suing the automaker over $535,000 in unpaid bills.

Ignited says it hasn’t been paid for services it provided Fisker.  These services include advertising, web design and maintenance, creative and media buying.

Ignited filed suit against Fisker last Friday in Orange County Superior Court.

Fortunately for Fisker, its website is still functional, but we’re not so sure it’ll be that way for long.

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9 Comments on "Fisker’s Website Designer/Creative Services Provider Sues Automaker for $535,000 in Unpaid Bills"

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Your title is off by a factor of 1000. It’s $535,000 not $535,000,000. ($535 thousand not $535 million)

@ David….Most of been an accounting error on our behalf…title fixed now…Thanks

Not to be picky, but the photo captions still says this:

“A Flashy Website Like Fisker’s Cost in Excess of $535 Million to Create and Maintain”

But I love your web site anyway. 😉

Are you sure?!?!? Check again….I think our uber-expensive typo-catching program in on the fritz…Maybe we failed to make a timely payment…Fixed

I am at a loss for words on the cost of the site and media spend. The Fisker Website is at best an average looking site.

IMHO, when a company is swimming in a giant pool of government money, it has less incentive to care about costs, Case in point.

Yes, half a mil sounds like a lot for a website, but we don’t know how long they’ve not been paying their bills, we don’t know how much money was spent on advertising, nor how much Ignited is inflating the costs since they’re certain to get only a portion of that.

Nevertheless, I agree with Open-Mind that easy money from any source stifles creativity and efficiency. I’m also mad that our government spent $500m that we’ll never see again on a car that an affluent person got for $100k instead of what it really should have cost ($150 or $200k?). The new $10k rebate proposal announced recently helps since a rebate can be used by any consumer, not just those with $7500 to pay in taxes. I was also hoping it would only apply to vehicles UNDER $50k, so that the government wasn’t just subsidizing expensive luxury vehicles that most people will never be able to afford.

Where there’s a cur curse ; there the Vultures will gather!!!!!!!!!!!!

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