Fisker To Restart Karma Production Within 12 Months; Finish Developing The Atlantic

FEB 26 2014 BY JAY COLE 16

Henrik Fisker's Namesake Will Resume Production Soon

Henrik Fisker’s Namesake Will Resume Production Soon

With the ink still drying on their $149.2 million dollar winning bid for Fisker Autmotive, Chinese part giant Wanxiang is already talking about getting production of the Karma restarted.  And fast.

Pin Ni, head of Wanxiang USA, told Reuters that the company plans to restart Karma production within 12 months.”

Fisker Atlantic Said To Be Half-Developed - Wanxiang Will Finish The Job

Fisker Atlantic Said To Be Half-Developed – Wanxiang Will Finish The Job

Also, and as strongly alluded to in their bid for the auto maker, Mr. Ni said that Fisker will now resume development of their 2nd generation car – the Atlantic.

The more affordable, extended range Atlantic ($50,000-ish) was noted by Wanxiang to already be “half-finished.”

Fisker had sold just over 1,800 Karmas before it filed for Chapter 11, leaving about 500 of the 2,700 produced still unsold (338 Karmas drowned in New Jersey if anyone is attempting to reconcile the math).  As for future expectations on sales, Wanxiang is hesitant to put a number on it.

“Obviously we want to sell more than what Fisker sold before under its previous management.”

Ni also dangled the “carrot of future US production” of the Karma – provided demand was sufficient; but we believe this is quite unlikely with the $100,000 first generation car; but a more reasonable assumption if Wanxiang does proceed with the Atlantic.

Fisker Atlantic

Fisker Atlantic

The executive also brought China production into the narrative as well, but could not estimate the timing of such an event when asked:

“We don’t know yet. The first step is the United States. But China is a huge market we cannot ignore. So, down the road we are going to look into the China market for sure. China is a 22 million unit a year market. All we need is to make just a very, very small splash,” Ni said to Reuters in relation to sales.


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It will be interesting to see if BMW will still supply the engines for the Atlantic. They had a $75 million dollar contract, but the bankruptcy will likely invalidate that contract.

Darn Jay, you might have to keep mentioning Fisker in your monthly updates, and you loath it so much:-)

Not going to happen…at least until production resumes, (=

So at 50K, does one buy the BMW i3 or a Fisker Atlantic? Two different EVs. The BMW is aimed more at the environment and will surely have superior tech. But as my friend Rocky would say “I would look good driving that Atlantic.” If nothing else, Fisker looks like it is going 90 standing still.

I look forward to one day driving them back to back to find out. =)

I think the decision will come down to people’s individual driving habits, because if you have a commute that is less than the electric range of the Atlantic, you’ll be doing your daily drive on electricity with either car.

Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become igntnaro.

Hopefully they will have the quality issues taken care of that scared many buyers away under Fisker. I wish them good luck in getting this vehicle company back on its feet. Maybe the greatest comeback since Hostess.

I think they should make a smaller, sporty, pure BEV with 250 mile range, priced at $40K and call it the Phoenix. (similar to the old Fitch Phoenix, and fitting if Karma manages to rise from the ashes)

Should be good news for Bob Lutz as well – more gliders for his Destino.

I couldn’t think of a car I would want less.

They are going to rush to restart production (with new management) on a car that already had quality issues and system bugs. They have also probably lost all of the technical staff that knew the original design, so working out the problems could be close to imposssible.

Here is to hoping they can surprise me.

Yours is definitely a minority view. I couldn’t believe how many people crawled all over the Fisker Karma at the Feb 2013 auto show here. This year, there was no car that generated anywhere near as much excitement, except possibly the Lotus EVORA (which is the basis of that Detroit Electric thing, if it ever gets off the ground).

That is great to here Bill. Hopefully they can get it produced and prove the demand.

Bill: I have missed seeing your posts throughout the net. Hope that everything is well with you.
Lou(aka GateDad)

Thanks Lou.

I’ve been hanging out here since Berman started playing too many games on PlugInCars. Something is wrong over there since there doesn’t seem to be nearly as many posts to the articles there anymore. And number of posts I would think would equate to advertising revenue for the site. His writers lately don’t seem to be as informed as the copy writers here, in general.

But its always nice to feel appreciated.. InsideEvs covers a wider territory on the ‘ev’ subject anyway. Thanks again.

Love the look of this car!! Except for the strange front grill…???

I think the biggest thing facing these cars is the EV only range of 20 miles in that as of now most of every clown in town has a 20 mile EV only car. They might have to set the bar higher at say 60 miles EV range to be anything different from most main stream plug in cars and the $50,000 car market.