Fisker Teases $40,000 Pure Electric Car


It seems Fisker will provide additional info about its ~$40,000 battery-electric vehicle on March 18.

It comes as no surprise that there’s another teaser and an upcoming announcement from Fisker. This latest tease came from the designer Henrik Fisker via his Twitter page. The image doesn’t expose much, but the tweet says the car will be “close” to $40,000, and an additional teaser picture and more details are coming March 18.

Fisker makes it clear in the Twitter comments that the upcoming date is not an official reveal and there won’t be a livestream. He says there will simply be another “teaser.” He promises that this is a fresh design and a completely new vehicle concept. According to Autoblog, they’ve gleaned that this might be a smaller crossover that Fisker will build in the U.S. with a planned 2021 launch. The publication also notes that it could be a volume model with hundreds of thousands of copies produced per year.

It’s hard to say if the above information will come to life. Fisker’s timeline will likely get pushed back since his goal is to use solid-state battery tech for the new concept, much like the EMotion. Fisker Inc. is working with and testing the new battery tech, but it’s not yet in a large enough form to test in a vehicle. If the solid-state situation works out as planned, the batteries will be capable of providing 400 miles of range and a sub-10-minute charging time.

Source: Autoblog

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$44,999.95 for a pure base is my guess if it’s actually produced…

I was thinking $50,000 when he said close to 40k

You might be unnecessarily low balling the price. I’ll go with $44,999.99

I hope he doesn’t forget to throw in a battery breakthrough announcement as is his wont, that should get those investor dollars flowing….

mehr Dampf (More Vapor)

Another scam car from the scam specialist … 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

He got one car into production.

So he did. And never repaid most of the loans he took out, and was involved in several lawsuits. It’s a matter of taste whether the man is any good as an automotive designer (personally, I think his designs are derivative), but he’s clearly no good as an entrepreneur, or for that matter with people or business in general.

Give him a break… He’s focused on building the right kind of cars.

His old battery partner went BK and pulled him under with them.

Was it the battery company that made him design an exhaust pipe next to the driver side door, faulty electronics & other major problems with that car?

Yeah I have to admit that exhaust location is insanely ridiculous.

Unbelievable actually.

Nope. And for someone who brags about his strength in automotive design, as Mr. Fisker does, the Fisker Karma seemed to suffer from a lot of engineering and design problems.

If I was a potential investor, I would want some solid evidence — not just promises — that Fisker’s second try will be much better engineered, before I gave him a penny.

I welcome more models of EVs to the market, but a car model as badly engineered as the Fisker Karma is, in my opinion, a waste of time, money, and other resources.

AIUI, his claimed strength is visual design (think Franz von Holzhausen), not engineering design…

Why don’t wait lots of Fiskers for
Sale right now with less than 10k miles

So a teaser to the teaser? … thanks Fisker!

Bam 💥

LOL this guy is amazing. He seems to have an inexplicable obsession with constantly trying to “one-up” Elon Musk, ever since the two were in litigation…. except it reeks of pathetic desperation (and quite likely another dud that will never be produced). How coincidental is the timing of his tweet about a compact crossover EV with the upcoming Model Y unveil in 2 days?
Haha I love it

He’s focused on something that most are almost completely avoiding. He’s a true believer and is driven to bring his passions and visions to market.

Better than all the Legacy auto makers that are doing next to nothing.

I’ll believe it when it’s on my driveway

All the passion in the world doesn’t mean much if there isn’t ability to match.

Perhaps Henrik Fisker should stick to building concept cars, and contributing to the body design for other auto makers, if they think he’s worth paying to do that.

It can be argued that I should admire Fisker for following the advice “If you don’t succeed, try, try again.” But it wasn’t just his own time, resources, and money he wasted by putting the overpriced, badly engineered Fisker Karma into production. Investor money is a finite resource, and I’d rather see it go to a project or startup with a better chance of success.

Bring it Henrik!

Its not easy to make an electric car at $40,000 price tag with a longer range, unless they strip of all extras, reduce the weight and make it a small hatch with more interior space like Hyundai Ioniq which has 1 cu. ft. extra space than Honda Accord.
Hope Fisker does it.

Henrik- If you’re reading this, that’s a horrible teaser.

Gives us more of a sneak peek ‼️

Thanks in advance.

I say “the more the merrier” when it comes to more EV models on the market. So I hate to slam a new model before we even see it, but Fisker’s earlier attempt at a production EV, the Fisker Karma, was not a success. The car was plagued with both electrical and mechanical problems.

Given that history, it’s hard to see why anyone would be excited about a new car from the same designer/ builder. Unless there are some pretty strong indications that this time will be different — something like partnering with a company that has a proven track record for building reliable cars — I don’t see why any investor would throw money at Fisker for a new model.

Fisker? Been there done that. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Are these guys still in business?