Fisker Sketches Out Electric SUV In Response To Ford’s Axing Of Cars


With Ford’s recent announcement of cutting most all cars out of its future lineup, designer Henrik Fisker got to thinking, perhaps an electric truck or SUV should be the focus?

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Knowing Fisker and how he likes to stay ahead of trends, he quickly drew up this and posted it to Twitter:

We’d welcome an electric truck or SUV first over the other car Henrik is working on, which is the Fisker eMotion, a car that’s much less versatile than say a mid-size truck or 2- or 3-row SUV.

eMotion is still a couple of years away from production, so we don’t expect to see this sketched-up electric SUV come to life anytime soon. However, we will say that whoever is first with a long-range electric truck or SUV (not priced at $100,000-ish like the Tesla Model X) will see sales of that particular vehicle shoot up through the roof.

So, who will be first with this fully electric, 300-mile truck/SUV priced at let’s say under $60,000?

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Hey, what a novel concept- offering a viable electric option in the SUV/pickup market. It’s only the most popular segment of vehicles..

“With @Ford announcing cancelation of cars…We need electric pick up trucks and SUV’s asap!..Got me thinking…” perhaps time to draw some of those and cancel eMotion.

We’ll Need EV Pickups Especially if Gas Prices Go through the Roof , as it’s starting to in Canada..@ an Average of $1.40 “Per Litre” CDN (“NOT GALLON”) …………….A Litre is a bit over a 1/4 Gallon..3.8L = 1 US Gallon..

Yep, cancel the eMotion, and start a new round of capital raising for trucks. Just tell the investors that it is more important.

So, who will be first with this fully electric, 300-mile truck/SUV priced at let’s say under $60,000?

Model Y, if that makes the cut as an SUV (technically it will be a CUV). If you mean the strict definition of SUV, then I suspect it will be a long wait. Rather, we will likely see PHEV SUVs starting to show up. But a BEV? That’s a lot of battery power (which requires some serious high-speed charging for those road trips with the family, towing the boat).

Make That an Electric Boat !

Of course! Mine already is! Well, technically it’s a hybrid – it can be power either by an electric motor or directly by the wind, the old fashion way.

Yeah I for one wouldn’t mind if GM leveraged their abilities (as Chrysler used to do all the time), by taking their PROVEN BOLT ev power train and using it for one axle of a 4wd platform. For me, all I would need the other Axle to do is have a diminutive (i.e. under 100 hp) engine to keep the vehicle moving when it runs out of juice, a la BMW I3 with its extra tiny engine. I would not need any complications, such as having an engine mounted generator, etc since I’d consider Gasoline Mode as just an emergency 2wd expedient. Now whether the majority would demand much more, I can’t say. But 60 kwh (57 kwh long term) to drive the vehicle electrically for 100 miles I’d think would be just great. Engine (and gasoline) use would be very low, and of course, they could have an accelerator ‘detent’ like the Honda Clarity does that will start the engine when you need 300 hp rather than just the 200 hp of the electric motor alone, or engage ‘4wd’ during the winter time or off-road. The engine could also provide economical hot water for the defroster. Point being, NO… Read more »

Alternatives to the above – if the gasoline engine arrangement above is seen as unworkable (although some companies have a direct connection mode to the gas engine at times), if the bolt ev motor and gearbox is able to be manufactured at low cost, then just put ANOTHER ONE at the other axle, and have a very small (1000 cc or less) ‘genset’ to keep the battery at a low state of charge, as is commonly done. That would give the vehicle a full 400 hp (at least when the genset is on to ‘help’ the battery), and may be somewhat lower manufacturing cost than a larger engine and transmission.

Such a vehicle would result in a huge savings to gasoline. I would love to see someone offer it.

I love the new voting buttons – some anonymous reader down-voted my comment, but no word as to why. I guess you can’t please everybody all the time there, sir.

It’s prolly because you stated the whole “Model Y, if that makes the cut as an SUV (technically it will be a CUV)” and all just PHEV related stuff were viewed as “negative!”

It’s all good though, I balanced things out by up-voting you. =)

Fortunately for me, my ego is not driven by up/down votes or likes on the internet, but thank you for the up-vote!

Clearly it is or you wouldn’t have noticed, let alone mentioned it.

It is shameful that GM still has not released a Voltec SUV/CUV. The 2nd Gen drivetrain was beefed up and looked perfectly suited to providing 30+ mile AER for an Utility vehicle.

The only logical explanation is the worry of eroding sales of their highly profitable SUVs. But it could have been rolled out as a Cadillac at a premium price ($10k – $15k), with a Chevy equivalent following a year or two later. A Voltec Traverse could easily sell as the premium trim with a $5k price increase.

Very Novel! lmao.. Looks like a Land Rover Copy Cat .

Err, so Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Bollinger, and PHEVs from Volvo, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Bentley, has Henrik had his eyes closed for the last 12 months? Late to the boat bud, and your eMotion is a niche product with little potential global impact.

Regardless of what powers it, I like that it’s an SUV that looks like a proper SUV.

It must be Friday. InsideEVs is making a news article out of someone’s artwork. Thanks for supporting the arts!

Maybe Henrik is hoping FORD will hire him to Pen them a much needed home run.

Fisker used to work for Ford (Aston Martin) from 2001-2005.

Yes in know about his past as a designer of many great marks.

It’s odd that he cares what Ford might do.

He designed Under Supervision and Direction ., None Of the Cool or Approved (Aston Martins) were his Ideas.

If you say so.

He stole from Aston Martin when he Did The Front Focus & Fusion Grill..

Henrik has stolen nothing.