Fisker Karma Spotted in Unsuspecting Chicago Suburb

5 years ago by Rob Scardino 2

Fisker Karma in Chicago Front Quarter

Fisker Karma in Chicago Front Quarter

Fisker Automotive’s future is perilous. From federal lawsuits and eviction notices, to imminent bankruptcy filings, nothing is going right for the maker of the voluptuous Karma plug-in hybrid vehicle. Even Fisker’s ad agency, Ignited, is setting fire to the brand, suing for $535,000 in unpaid bills. At this point you must be wondering, “Has Fisker paid anyone?”

In spite of of it all, when an EV enthusiast finds a Fisker Karma parked in an unlikely place (a block away from his house in the Chicago suburbs), he geeks out and takes pictures. Note the back bumper hanging over the curb precariously, begging for someone to clip it.

Rest assured, the owner of this car paid Fisker and, as far as we know, is not owed anything except an explanation of how pictures of his ride ended up on the web. To think, we didn’t even have to put up with Justin Bieber to catch a glimpse of this thing on the street.

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2 responses to "Fisker Karma Spotted in Unsuspecting Chicago Suburb"

  1. kdawg says:

    Isn’t it illegal to block the sidewalk?

    The first/only Fisker I saw in the wild was in Chicago, near Wicker Park area.

  2. Rob Scardino says:

    I think blocking the sidewalk is illegal!

    I’ve seen both a Karma and a Tesla Model S in the Downers Grove area. It’s getting more and more common.