Fisker Karma Assembly Lines Being Dismantled

DEC 29 2014 BY JAY COLE 7

This past February, Fisker Automotive’s new owner – Chinese part giant Wanxiang said production of the new (yet pretty much the same) Fisker Karma would be well under way “within 12 months“.

Fisker's DoE Loan Was Pulled In May of 2011 Due To Missed Production Benchmarks Which Effectively Ended The Company

Fisker’s DoE Loan Was Pulled In May of 2011 Due To Missed Production Benchmarks Which Effectively Ended The Company

So how is Wanxiang USA’s Pin Ni’s prediction coming along?

Valmet Automotive, Finnish maker of the Karma, said this week they were tearing down the Fisker assembly in Finland, which has been in mothballs since production ceased in July of 2012.

So…not that great.

“The future manufacture of the Fisker Karma will not take place at Valmet Automotive’s Uusikaupunki plant.

The production of the Fisker Karma was set on hold in July 2012, and the production facilities of the Fisker Karma at Uusikaupunki plant will now be disassembled by Valmet Automotive.”

Although Valmet still leaves the door open for Wanxiang to come back to the table (who wouldn’t?):

“Fisker Automotive and Technology Group LLC (FATG) will continue negotiations with Valmet Automotive concerning engineering cooperation for the re-start of the Fisker Karma production.”

Fisker Promotes A "New Day" With A Website Relaunch Last March.

Fisker Promotes The “Dawn Of A New Day” With A Website Relaunch Last March.

We imagine Fisker will update their “new” website once they return from holidays to remove/update this quote under the question of “Where will the Fisker Karma be made?

“Prior to shutting down, Fisker Automotive Holdings assembled the Karma at Valmet in Finland.  The team is working with Valmet to address our current plans and to see if Valmet is the path we should take for future Karma production.”

Wanxiang Has Promised To Introduce The Fisker Atlantic After Resumption Of The Karma

Wanxiang Has Promised To Introduce The Fisker Atlantic After Resumption Of The Karma

Unless there is a secret assembly facility we are unaware of, the Fisker Karma won’t be entering production in the next two months, and it most likely when/if it is produced, it won’t be made by Valmet.

Wanxiang had intended to re-introduced the Karma in early 2015 as basically the same product that was produced from 2011 to 2012 – just with 250 or so less bugs; then follow that production with the all new Atlantic, a smaller PHEV platform.

This assembly line closure could mean that Wianxiang has now decided to build cars on their own and re-open the Delaware facility that Fisker acquired in 2010 and never used.

Wianxiang transferred ownership of that plant from Fisker to another subsidiary New Castle County, Del. for $18 million last May.


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I am confident that Fisker remains committed to producing the Karma. They will be showing the v1 Karma with EV Quorum Car club and Electric Car Insider magazine at the SDG&E EV pavilion inside the San Diego International Auto Show next week.

I’m not holding my breath for a Fisker comeback.

It’s yesterday’s news at this point, and they have absolutely no momentum, no publicly defined plans, and as far as I can tell, no real vision.

that is true, the whole Fisker saga was unfortunate from retrospective. Where as Tesla had huge ambitions to change the world in sustainable way and Elon and JB firmly believed that electric cars were not only sustainable but also superior to ICE cars, Fisker seemed to have to offer only greed and corruption filled with compromises and bad execution.

this is sad, because there definitely were good and solid market niche for Fisker Karma and later better models.

The later prodution starts, the more likely it will fail as the technology falls behind the well funded competition.

Electric Car Guest Drive

Fisker’s future has nothing to do with its history. New owner. New management. New attitude.

I agree. I do not see any reason for the Karma to enter production again based on my knowledge.