Fisker EMotion Spotted In The Wild, Reserve Yours Now


A single Fisker EMotion has been spotted out in the wild. This marks the first time we’ve seen a real, working version of this electric car.

Henrik Fisker took to Twitter yesterday to post an image of himself next to the electric Fisker EMotion in San Francisco.

This is the first time the car has appeared outside of Photoshop. It’s definitely striking in metal form.

Fisker stated:

Meeting great people in SF with the Fisker EMotion. Check out our new website:

Update: As an interesting note in relation to the tweet, Henrik Fisker actually brought his prototype to Apple HQ on 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino (hat tip to Jim G in the comments for identifying the building in the photo!)

A quick glance at that new site reveals additional images of the car:

Fisker EMotion

Fisker EMotion

Fisker EMotion

As well as a “reserve now” button, which takes you to this form showing that each reservation is $2,000 and that each individual can reserve up to 3 EMotions.

Fisker EMotion Reservation Form

According to Fisker, the 2019 eMotion is open for pre-orders now.

The $129,900 eMotion is expensive as heck and, as such, will be a limited production/demand vehicle.

Some additional info:

  • Working prototype to be revealed in mid 2017
  • Delivery timeline announced mid next year
  • Estimated 400 miles of range
  • 161 MPH top speed
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum construction

Additional EMotion info here.

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Where do we think the hinge line is for the rear doors? Are they suicide doors, or are they just normally hinged doors that happen to have the handle/opener at the front?

Nah, that just opens the window, you have to “leap” in and out 😉


Kept true to his theme of ‘long nose short tail’. More nose than I like, but very nice overall. Wheels are BIG, 22s maybe?

The remaining questions are how, who and where. How is he going to obtain the resources to build these? Who is he going to get his superbattery/supercaps(if he’s still attempting that route)from? Where are these going to be built?

Looks like a few more ducks to get lined up.

It’s all good – except the overwrought nose. That kinda’ muddies the water, I think. Leave off the little 3-part … thing at the front of the hood.

Good looking car…from the side view it shares very similar styling lines to Tesla Model S. Will be interesting to see if they beat Tesla on first production EV use of a supercapacitor boost pack.

Will be interesting to see if Fisker is more successful this 2nd time around after Chinese auto-parts supplier Wanxiang Group purchased the prior Fisker Automotive assets in a bankruptcy auction.

Don’t count Fisker Inc. out just yet. Henriks designs are somewhat compelling, but without stating the 2019 eMotion exact vehicle specs, what does $130k actually deliver? Will Elon give Fisker Inc. ( for a fee ), Supercharger access on the Tesla Network? Lot of unanswered questions still to be revealed.

You’re right. It’s a nice one-off, but it’s the big picture that counts.

Imagine trying to charge a 400 mile battery on a road trip without a supercharger network.

Does it have CCS? Port opening looks too small to be Chademo.

Nearly anyone who can afford this surely will own multiple cars…Very few who routinely drive 400+ miles/day for personal travel most likely aren’t in the market for a $130K vehicle…

It’s less ugly than the Karma Revero, I’ll give it that.

Dunno, that front-end will give me nightmares. Mustaches were better 😉


Agreed. The back is quite nice, but the front is hideous and gimmicky.

$50 says he has a gimped (not even near production spec) motor under that shell. Fisker’s always been good with design, but not engineering. With electric motors, it’s not that hard to have a movable prototype (just motor + inverter + batteries)

Awesome looking car! Hard to believe that I’m going to say this, but I think it looks better than the Model S, my previous favorite design.

Looks Great!
This would be perfect if it could access the superchargers, but how I understand he is not best friends with Elon!

Those are some very small panel gaps on that Fisker Emotion in the Twitter pic, like it should be on every luxury car. Great job by Henrik on fit and finish. Elon, please take note.

Tesla need a new designer badly.

Pretty extreme design, all electric but a lot of form over function going on…we already know that general concept from Porsches’s upcoming Mission E and that will reportedly cost a lot less than what Fisker has in mind.

Best of luck Mr. Fisker…

This is not SF. That is actually the parking lot of the Apple campus at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino… interesting… also this is not a “working” car. It’s the same prototype in the press photos. Likely has anough power to roll but is hardly what I’d call “drivable” or “working” it was likely trucked there for a meeting or photo opp.

This is how you should do panel gaps.

Note to people who think limo tint windows are “cool”: designers use them on prototypes so that you can’t see the aluminum lawn chair screwed to the floor that serves as the driver’s seat.