2019 Fisker EMotion Teased Anew, Will Start At $129,900

Fisker EMotion Teaser


Fisker EMotion Teaser

UltraCharger technology is obviously a challenge to Tesla.

The Fisker EMotion is inching ever-closer to reality. Fisker Inc. has just released three new teaser images of the 2019 production vehicle and, as you can see above and below, these pictures show a vehicle that’s noticeably different from the EMotion prototype that was teased last October.

A smaller grille, less “concept-y” headlights, and some totally outlandish turn signals define the new front end. There’s a secret in that aluminum front end, too, with hidden tech that promises at least some level of autonomous driving assistance.

Designer Henrik Fisker said on Twitter that the car has, “Eyes like a panther and front design with integrated LIDAR in the black center bright piece.”

Pricing of the EMotion is stated to start at $129,900 – and if that number sounds kinda familiar, it is $100 cheaper than the pricing of the “new” Karma Revero (formerly the Fisker Karma), which just started deliveries last month from $130,000 even.

Fisker EMotion Teaser

Moving on to the front fenders, they’ve been toned down from the earlier vehicle but still have that pronounced Fisker curve.

The charge port you can see there likely houses what Fisker is calling its proprietary “UltraCharger” technology, which will be able to charge the battery with over 100 miles of range in just nine minutes, according to the press release below. Overall, the EMotion’s battery should be good for 400 miles and a top speed of 161 miles per hour.

Fisker EMotion Teaser 3

We expect to see the full car on August 17th.

Press Release:

Fisker Inc. Unveils First Official Teaser Photos of the All-Electric 400 mile-plus EV Range Fisker EMotion

Fisker EMotion to Start at $129,900 With Ultra Large Battery Pack

Los Angeles, CA (June 6, 2017)— Fisker Inc. today released the design specifications and teaser photos of their 2019 production vehicle, the Fisker EMotion. The EMotion delivers an astounding over 400-mile electric range and a top speed of 161 mph.

The new EMotion is a clean sheet design from the inside out, utilizing a carbon fiber and aluminum structure to redefine the proportions of an electric vehicle. The vehicle’s design gives greater consideration than ever before to its passengers’ safety, comfort, and convenience. Fisker’s patented frontal crash structure exceeds current standards to protect all occupants. The cabin features a luxurious, spacious interior with superior rear legroom. Large ultra-light carbon fiber and aluminum wheels, developed in conjunction with Dymag, reduce rotational mass by 40%, further improving electric range.

The Fisker EMotion has been proportioned to accommodate an advanced high-energy density, patent-pending battery pack and cooling system. It can be charged through the vehicle’s proprietary UltraCharger™ technology, charging over 100 miles in nine minutes.

The EMotion seamlessly combines technology into the design of the vehicle. The front end’s bright aluminum centerpiece houses a LIDAR system behind a tinted screen.  Side mirrors conceal two cameras, which enable panoramic, 360-degree views to the driver.

The world of racing inspired some of the EMotions more daring elements.  Extreme aerodynamics include frontal, side, and rear carbon aero elements, as well as a low hood line surrounded by sculptural front fenders and a tapered green house with large sculptural rear fenders. The side DLO (Daylight Opening) is finished with a signature EMotion double-polished aluminum window molding. The rear end has a dramatic section with thin taillights, and an integrated lower carbon diffuser.

The vehicle will be sold directly through Fisker Inc.’s website and forthcoming experience centers. The EMotion will be serviced through The Hybrid Shop (THS), a joint venture between Fisker Inc. and THS.

Fisker Service will provide its customers with a one-of-a-kind, white glove concierge service, providing Fisker owners a seamless day “free of interruption” for routine maintenance and servicing.

The company will be revealing additional information throughout June 2017.  Pre-orders for the vehicle will officially begin June 30th at fiskerinc.com.


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Let’s see how it goes this time. Words are easy.

“UltraCharger technology is obviously a challenge to Tesla.”

Only if someone buying such a car can actually find an “UltraCharger” to hook his car up to when he needs it.

Tesla’s SuperCharger network is superior not primarily because it charges at a faster rate than virtually all other DC fast chargers, but rather primarily because there is a network of such chargers located to enable long-distance driving, nationwide in the “Lower 48” United States, and continent-wide in Europe.

Will Fisker match that? There’s not a snowball’s chance in Hades of that happening.

I guess you bought Tesla stock when it was at $30! Well, good for you to have the foresight to know who will succeed and who won’t.

Also, 100 miles in 9 minutes is pretty fast, but it’s not *that* impressive.

To get a ballpark number, assume it needs to supply 27 kWh for those 100 miles of range.

9/60 hours * x kW = 27 kWh
=> x = 27*60/9 = 180 kW.

It’s high, but about half of the 350 kW CCS standards we’ve been hearing about for a year or more, and they only need to manage it for nine minutes.

I hope it doesn’t catch fire as easily as the Bad Karma did, because fire is generally incompatible with high charging rates.

An untappered 180KW sounds about right. Fisker isn’t alone in talking up the rumor that charge rates are about to leap. It would be great to see that vapor demonstrated.

Then, there’s the taper. Tesla can do >130 miles in 30 minutes because it has “a ton” of batteries, all charging at once. It can soak >115KW, but even that rate begins to fall after 10-15 minutes. What Fisker, and others, are claiming is not just that a given battery cell can charge faster, but faster by a multiple which also has to overcome how much smaller these batteries are. Mission E is to be 90KWh (again vapor), so it won’t have this problem if its chemistry is changed, but Fisker’s battery is growing up from ~18KWh not 85 or 90. So, more fodder to question claims.

I like the new design. Actually making faces with LEDs seems the next logical step 😉

18 kWh???? You don’t even have to read their press release – just the headline which says “400 mile plus electric range” and “Ultra Large Battery”.

Probably 120 kWh.

From what I’ve heard none of his battery tech claims are true (the man he supposedly is working with for the battery is a fraudster in multiple fields with no evidence that his battery works as claimed, & if it did he’d be selling it to all automakers).

Clearly Fisker is just trying to steal money from investors (using these BS claims to justify asking for more ‘funding’) as well as the customer deposits that consumers put down for ‘preorders’. Just like he got free government money before his previous company went belly up.

Also he claimed to have autonomous driving and then just said he’d have it as soon as a vendor can make it, so basically he has nothing.

Not to mention the lack of ‘Ultracharger’ network

Wow! I wonder if such slanderous unsubstiated claims open this website to a lawsuit?

The only unsubtantiated claims are Fisker’s

What else have you heard from the voices in your head?