Fisker eMotion Gets Clayed


From Photoshop to full-size clay…

Fisker eMotion

Fisker eMotion

Henrik Fisker’s eMotion electric car is inching closer to reality as it now takes a physical shape, at least as a full-size clay model.

Fisker stated:

“Fisker EMotion taking shape in full size clay. Lot of emotional sculpture. My favorite part of developing a car!”

No new details were released, so we’ll recap what we already know:

  • Working prototype to be revealed in mid 2017
  • Delivery timeline announced mid next year
  • Estimated 400 miles of range
  • 161 MPH top speed
  • Graphene battery
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum construction

We wish Fisker luck in bringing his second plug-in vehicle to market, but we tend to believe eMotion is more a design exercise than an actual attempt at breaking into the segment. Guess we’ll find out next year when/if the working car is revealed.

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At first I thought it said “Delayed”. LOL

Too bad Henrik Fisker doesn’t just focus on designing captivating shapes vs.entire cars. Design is admittedly his passion and it shows.

Could he work alongside Franz von Holzhausen at Tesla? Who knows if they would clash. But Fisker does know how to pen a captivating shape that is aerodynamic and epic.

While he can wax on about a sustainable wood found at the bottom of the Dead Sea in his interiors or somesuch – he’s not so into the details of engineering and manufacturing it seemed to me. Fiskers had panel gaps of a Soviet people’s car and pesky habits of catching on fire.

Fisker already worked for Tesla.. It didn’t work out well so Fisker started his own car company and that also did not work out well.. Wonder if it will work out this time for him?

Henrik Fisker never worked at Tesla.

Tesla hired his consultancy company Fisker Coachbuild under contract to design the exterior of Model S.

…and then Tesla sued Fisker, claiming that (1) Fisker kept his “best” style designs for his own company, and (2) stole technology from Tesla.

Not saying that either was true, mind you. As I recall, Tesla lost in court. Personally, I find the design of the Fisker Karma to be garish and exaggerated, but some people like it.

Yea, he was there to HOLD BACK Tesla Designs By Submitting Crappy Drawings to Retard Tesla EV Progress and Steal New EV technology secrets from Tesla for His Own Use..THEY GOT RID OF HIM ! A self Promoting Scammer ..He is!

I think if Model S had looked like the Karma it wouldn’t have sold in anywhere near the same sort of numbers. Karma has pretty extreme looks not everybody cares for and whole lot of form over function going on resulting in subcompact interior space in a very large, very heavy, very inefficient car.

No electric car needs such a long front hood sticking out past the front wheels… Not like there is an engine up there!

The Tesla M3 “nose” took me a couple days to get used to, but I appreciate the simplicity and lack of a grille.

Yes, they do. It is known as crush-space. A nice long front hood that is backed up with strong chassis metal is what you want up there when you crash into something at high speed.

You can always find uses for that front hood space such as batteries, power steering, front motor, frunk, AC system, etc.

Many cars do shorten the front hood but it does come at risk of some reduced safety.

Unfortunately their graphene battery also only exists in Clay too. They only started their collaborative development effort in the summer.

Fisker is all Self Promoting “BS” Just Like Bricklin, DeLorean were etc: They Promise the world, grab money from unsuspecting investors, Line Their Pockets Real Good & then Fail ..They Always Win While Investors Lose .

I heard tesla is looking for a design guy….ha