Fisker EMotion To Be Fully Unveiled August 17 – New Images

Fisker EMotion


Fisker EMotion

Fisker EMotion

Though we already had some early information on Henrik Fisker’s new Fisker EMotion, now a formal unveiling is on the calendar for August 17, 2017.

Henrik Fisker is a well-known name when it comes to automotive design, but his most recent electric car venture, the Fisker Karma, didn’t work out so well.

Well, he’s back at it again, dropping various hints and photos, and now making solid public plans to reveal the upcoming Fisker EMotion.

Months back, we reported that the car took shape in the form of a full-size clay model. Like a few of the previous pieces of news, there was really no new information, and still, nothing new besides the date, a few pictures on Twitter, and talk of an “extremely low hood.” We will again reiterate what we know thus far:

  • Working prototype to be revealed in mid 2017
  • Delivery timeline announced mid next year
  • Estimated 400 miles of range
  • 161 MPH top speed
  • Graphene Supercapacitors (no lithium-ion battery)
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum construction

Fisker has also mentioned along the way that the EMotion will have self-driving hardware, and it will be priced similar to an upper level Tesla Model S. Also following in the ways of Tesla, Fisker is touting a second, more affordable vehicle to follow.

Fisker EMotion

Fisker EMotion

Fisker is responsible for designing prized luxury cars for the likes of BMW, Aston Martin, and others. He designed the world’s first luxury plug-in hybrid, the Fisker Karma, with his original EV startup, Fisker Automotive, which went bankrupt in 2013. Fisker Inc. is his new company, and he will be sharing production with his other company, Fisker Nanotech, to supply the supercapacitors and the powertrain.

This new graphene supercapacitor and powertrain technology is said to be years ahead of anything that we have seen to date. According to Henrik Fisker, it allows for substantially greater range and faster charging. It will surely be interesting to see it in reality.

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I hope this is true. Capacitors are traditionally very bulky (compared to batteries) but relatively light weight. Capacitors also should last the life of the car, no worries about battery degradation. If they really have figured out how to package 400 miles worth of capacitors into the car then this is a major breakthrough!

Light weight !!?!?! Look up how much 1Kwh of supercapacitor weighs nowadays.

I should have said relatively low density. That is low weight to volume, not low weight to energy. I might even be wrong about that as I really don’t know anything about these new graphene capacitors.

Caps are power dense not energy dense. They can provide a lot of power for a short period of time.

I wish Fiskar would stick to what he is good at- styling beautiful cars- but stay away from what he is bad at, leading engineers.

I hope these capacitors don’t require their own proprietary charging network, because that would be a significant negative vs competitors with many thousands of chargers already in the wild.

If Fisker commercializes a car with carbon supercapacitors by next year, I will actualy eat my shoes, served with a mushroom and peppercorn sauce, on a bed of roast patatoes and long beans… Yummy! My shoes are safe…

He definitely knows how to craft a sexy design. Not sure about executing a delivered product, tho.

In the pic, we can see a long bonnet, big wheels and a short trunk which means this will not be a functional car.

Please don’t compare this with Model-S.

I think this will compete with some upscale cars like BMW M Series, Benz AMG series and so on.

And using the supercapacitor seems to be dubious given the fact that its not even used in Hybrids.

It wouldn’t be used in anything if this is new technology or a new way to use existing technology. They are hardly going to want to give away their advantage of it is real.

Henry penned the Tesla Model S I think we might have to compare regardless.

Henrik Fisker did not design the Model S.

Tesla hired him to do initial design work.

Elon Musk thought his design work was subpar and that Henrik agreed to work for Tesla in order to steal trade secrets to use at Fisker Automotive. Tesla sued Henrik Fisker.

Franz von Holzhausen designed what we now know as Model S.

I said… Henry “Penned” the Model S, and it is true he did !

The professor at UCLA and his team that came up with these new supercaps did not approach Toyota, VW,GM,Nissan nor Tesla.

They made an exclusive deal for automotive use with Henrik Fisker.

LOL exactly!

Rob, I must have missed the article stating an exclusive agreement. Would you please provide.

Graphene supercapacitors for the Fisker power source is interesting, possibly game changing.

I found an article from 4 years ago talking about the breakthrough they made at UCLA. Cheap and easy to manufacture stood out.

2 years ago, there’s an article stating they had achieved lead acid battery capacity. That’s impressive.

They’re financially backed by Maxwell Technologies Inc. so there’s a global manufacturing presence. I wasn’t very interested in the new Fisker. Now, I’m looking forward to the Aug. reveal.

It looks grotesque! That huge front wheel covering almost the entire front, it looks really bad. Also, the use of supercapacitors instead of batteries is a no-go. Forget about it! Supercapacitors can be beneficial to capture regen power but for storing power long-ish term they are terrible with their huge current leak (relative to batteries that is), not to mention their relatively low energy density.

Don’t get so E-motional. 😀