Report: Fisker To Be Renamed Elux; Higher Priced Karma To Launch In 2016

FEB 23 2015 BY JAY COLE 30

Coming Soon (like in a year or two):  The Opportunity To Buy A 7 Year Design For 20% More...New Name Free Of Charge

Coming Soon (like in a year or two): The Opportunity To Buy A 7 Year Design For 20% More…New Name Free Of Charge

What a mess. 

Really, what else can you say?

Elux Karma?  Sounds Like Something That Will Never Get Built To Us

Elux Karma?

Reports have surfaced that Fisker Automotive’s parent, Wanxiang has decided to rebrand the extended range car maker as “Elux”which kind of sounds like an electric reclining chair, or vacuum cleaner from the 80s to us.

Not only that, but the Fisker Karma, that was set to re-launch in early 2015 has been delayed significantly.

Which isn’t a big surprise to us (or to anyone following the company’s progress) considering Valmet Automotive dismantled the assembly line for the car in December due to the lack of progress hashing out a new production deal with Wanxiang.  Tricky to relaunch a car without any assembly facilities.

The new date?  Mid 2016.

But wait, it gets better. 

A Reuter’s exclusive says that the re-launched Karma will be priced 20% higher than it was when it was last being produced in 2012, at around $135,000.

As for any hope of a refreshed package as part of the new Karma, that seems unlikely, as one of the “sources” told Reuter’s that “the revived Fisker car likely would be based heavily on Henrik Fisker’s original Karma design,” but that Wanxiang is spending “millions” to update the car’s hardware to enable it to better compete with newer vehicles.

Unfortunately in automotive terms, “millions” invested  in catch-up/development money is basically equal nickels in loose change.


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Great news, not.

To be fair, Elux sounds a bit better than a homophone of a scissor brand.

If Wanxiang can make the car perform like a 400hp car should, fix the awful quality assembly quality, and update the touchscreen, then the price premium may be worth it for the niche that rule out a Tesla.

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry with this story. Ended up doing both :\

The Karma is a beautiful car. There is no need to change its looks. Fixing its internal deficiencies, and restarting production, will take a lot more than a few millions.

The Karma has good proportions but I never liked the details, thought they ruined an otherwise good design.

In the front, the moustache grille is hideous to me, and the diamond shaped fake exhaust ports in the bumper ruin the look of an otherwise svelte rear.

After only a few years, I think people are starting to realize that maybe they don’t want to have the nose of their expensive car to have a douchebag hipster fashion element.

Lipstick ain’t gonna help dat piggy…

Sounds like it will be aimed for Chinese market.

Higher the price, the more perceived luxury brand it is.

By increasing the price, more people will buy it.

Yes, Rich Chinese buyers are that stupid.

Then why not sell them at $1 Million a piece?

You could make profit by selling only one, for 1 billion… 😉

Elux sounds like a shortened Elon Musk

By the time this gets to market, the more practical P85D will probably offer 300 more horsepower and a 400 mile range.

I can’t imagine why this article takes such a negative tone. “Elux” sounds perfectly fine as the brand for a luxury electric car, and the Karma’s engineering is only a few years old. It’s no more “outdated” than the Tesla Model S. I personally don’t care for the body style, but I know there are plenty of people who love it.

It could use newer batteries, of course.

If Fisker had been backed by Elon Musk’s billions, instead of Tesla, then it may well be that Fisker would now be leading the EV revolution, instead of Tesla.

Elon Musk’s billions? He didn’t have billions back then. And he nearly went bankrupt. He only has paper billions now because Tesla and SpaceX have succeeded.

Very well, then:

If Fisker had been backed by Elon Musk’s fund-raising, instead of Tesla, then it may well be that Fisker would now be leading the EV revolution, instead of Tesla.

And I don’t see your point about Musk nearly going bankrupt. That happened — according to his own account — because he sunk all of his available funds, and then some, into Tesla to keep it afloat despite massive cost overruns. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t mention that much or perhaps most of those overruns were due to his own failure to control costs.


I recently encountered a Karma live in person. It is still a contemporary ride which can compete with anything existing. So exclusive it is legendary.


I don’t think the name is so bad. It is kinda like ‘Deluxe’ but with an ‘E’ since it is an electric car. Or it is short for E-Luxury. E-Lux.

But the same car for a higher price? Meh. And that drivetrain sucks.

Fisker got sold to the East side. Now the price is “Movin’ on up! Movin on up. To an E-lux price that’s sky high, high, high”

I don’t doubt Wanxiang’s ability to resurrect the Karma for a minute. This is the company that now owns A123. Its parent is a huge automotive supplier. The COO was formerly the CEO of Cirrus, the leading-edge general aviation aircraft manufacturer.

These guys have the chops.

Uber Chops to Wanxiang and here’s why-

Links Go To Wanxiang EV Business Plan And Coming Attractions and the CEO’s 2nd Best Global Electric Fueled Vehicle quote of the year, 2014. ( Best EV Quote of 2014 – #AllOurPatentsAreBelongToYou )


Thomas J. Thias


Moving ahead with the Atlantic would seem to make a lot more sense..

I agree completely. I could care less about a $100K+ car. The Atlantic was the only real reason to save Fisker.

How many upvotes do you want? I totally agree.

As a wise man once told me, “Given sufficient thrust, pigs fly quite well.” I’ll paraphrase that by rehashing a known truth… If you throw enough money at a product, you can bring it to market. (Econ professors, feel free to quote me) The problems are obvious, if “Elux” wants to bring the Karma (or whatever they choose to call it) what is it going to take to make it profitable? Or do they care about profitability? Then again, with what we’ve heard about Chinese companies like Foxconn, profitability is possible at the expense of the employees. My opinion, the Karma is a striking car, but not beautiful. When I first saw a Tesla S in person, three words came to mind, “Dead Solid Sexy”. When I first saw a Karma in person, my thought was “They’re trying too hard”. Looking in my Crystal Ball, I can see Karmas rolling off an assembly line, and patriotic Chinese officials clamoring to get them. But ten years down the line, what will be higher demand, a ten year old Karma, or a ten year old Tesla? By the way, Elux reminds me of Electrolux, a vacuum cleaner. Does that mean it will… Read more »

And they thought attempting to pull a Tesla was easy… Ain’t Karma a bitch? ;oP

Drives me crazy when I hear people bloviate: “Anybody can do what Tesla is doing…So easy for companies to do what they are doing”…etc.

Look, if it were easy, this Eluxe thing would take right off, right?

And it would be! But the Karma is a different concept, it is a range extended EV, or in other words the batteries don’t bring enough power to the motor and the amount of parts to go wrong doubles. So what to do to compete with the Tesla? Double the build quality and buy batteries with higher power density. So if you can’t sell the car for less than 100k without getting bankrupt and customers weren’t that happy about the drivetrain, building a new Karma that competes and is profitable is in fact a hard task.

If the Delux is now the Elux is the Atlantic now going to be the China Sea?

At least with the Detroit Electric (which, incidentally, I’ve read no-where this tiny fact but have gotten it from a Lotus dealer, that it cannot be sold in the states since it is based on the Exige), you’ll pay $135,000 for supposedly a better car.

Unless you mean better in the sense that the fan motor won’t any longer catch fire.

wow, just wow.. this car is so DOA..