First ZelectricBug Up For Sale At $45,000 – Video

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The California-based Zelectric Motors recently presented the ZelectricBug, which is a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle converted to electric drive with some help from EV West.

According to Zelectric Motors, the car is in perfect shape and “No metal is cut – nothing welded on“.

It has a 50 kW induction motor (HPEVS AC-50) for over 100 mph top speed, 20 kWh battery pack with range of 80 miles and a price tag of $45,000.

” Zelectric Motors has completed its electric 1966 Volkswagen Beetle rebuild, and has put it up for sale. The ’66 ZelectricBug, as it’s called, is powered by a 50-kW electric motor and 20-kWh battery pack, and offers 120 pound-feet of torque. It has a range of 80 miles, and is capable of at least 100 mph. The stock transmission has been rebuilt. It also has some new goodies like high-performance sway bars, custom shocks, and LED lighting. The ’66 ZelectricBug is priced at $45,000.”

Detailed description of vehicle up for sale:

“++ For a complete list of features click “SHOW MORE” below ++
– Maintenance-free 100% electric 3-phase 50KW AC motor
– 80 mile range
– Double+ the original horsepower
– No metal is cut – nothing welded on
– $45,000

– 120 foot-pounds of instant torque
– top speed 100+ MPH (so far)
– 20 kWh battery pack (37 160Ah cells)
– Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries
– Battery life: 160,000+ miles – 10–15+ years

– American-made electrical components
– Fast! Weighs 1000 lbs lighter than Nissan Leaf
– 6061 Aluminium Battery Boxes
– Heavy Duty Clutch & Lightened Flywheel
– J1772 Charge Port – Charge it anywhere

– No oil. No gas. Zero emissions.
– No valves to adjust
– Huge VW parts network worldwide
– VW mechanics everywhere

– White wall radial tires
– Front Disc Brakes
– Sound Deadening throughout
– Stock (rebuilt) transmission
– Heavy duty shocks

– Digital eFuel Gauge
– Electric Ceramic Heater
– LED Head/Tail lights + 3rd brake light
– Spare tire with Jack

Motor differences
– no maintenance
– no valves to adjust
– no carburetors to adjust
– no fuel, oil, air filters to replace
– no belts or mufflers to replace
– no spark plugs/wire
– no oil
– no gas
– made in america
– way more effective use of energy
– uses american made energy
– 85% of new power plants are using green energy

Driving differences
– shifting — less
– braking — less
– HP — double
– torque — instant
– motor maintenance — none
– no warm up
– this is a city car — 80mi range

– plugin at night – ready in the morning
– solar power ready
– charge anywhere 110/220v household outlet or 220 public charger

Included additional items – The Zelectric build
– disc brakes
– sway bars
– radial tires
– rebuilt transmission
– LED headlamps
– LED lights – bright and safe
– 3rd brake lamp bright and safe
– Seat belts
– HD clutch and related parts
– HD custom shocks

What’s important in a classic car that we keep stock
– stock height
– nothing cut – unmolested dash
– period correct interior
– can be converted back to gas
– white wall tires
– spare tire
– manual transmission
– car is going up in value

Everything works and is in great shape
We test the car 500+ miles before releasing it
Everything is tested – what needs replacing we replace

Cool items in this car
– NEW single VW logo key for 4 locks incl motor bay
– Radio delete
– unmolested dash
– vinyl steering wheels cover
– German bumpers
– rebuilt speedometer
– stereo w usb
– New WW running boards
– New 2-tone powder-caot smoothy rims
– 1300 badge 66 only
– White wall radials new
– 66 hazard lights
– 66 wing window latches
– Clean tight headiner
– Red coco mats
– New front beam
– No paint scuffs on door jams
– Painted well w everything removed
– Color sanded / smooth
– Black CA plate
– Detachable antenna
– Porsche style headlight glass

– La Jolla Concours 2014 Best in Class
– Steve McQueen 2014 Chairmans Award
– Steve McQueen 2014 Best VW Award
– San Diego Car Show on the Bay 2014 Import Award 2nd Place
– Pacific Grove Little Car Show 2014 Big Green Zucchini Award

Options (not included)
– electric ceramic heater
– Black powder coated roof rack
– tire/wheel options

Contact: david @ ZelectricMotors (dot) com”

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Nice job on this one!

Nice looking car and great conversion.

But $45K for an 80 mile range EV with a 50KW motor? No, thanks.

Ah, someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Spec, he did say that the 80 mile range is going at a steady 55-65 MPH.It should be able to break 100 miles in-city.

You realize that a perfect ICE beetle isn’t very cheap. Right? Plus this is something that you buy because it’s cool, not because you want to daily it. It’s a weekend car for the Tesla owner.

So is this still a 6 volt electric system? I couldn’t tell for sure since he’s substituted LED lighting for many items, however there is still that 6 volt wiper motor.

Interesting about the 2.5 kw charger. People complain about the standard Leaf (and VOlt) 3.3 kw charger all the time.

Nice that he used the standardized j1772.

He’s only mistaken about 2 things:

My 1964 model had a turn signal headlight dimmer, so its not ‘new for ’66’.

The gas gauge in the ’64 was totally accurate and reliable.

One little thing: the windshield washer runs off the spare tire pressure and I didn’t see it connected… Why not?

I wonder why they didn’t mount the J1772 under the gas filler flap since they obviously don’t need a gas cap for the non-existent gas tank. Even a 6.6kw charger would only need 2 10 gauge wires (the gnd could be immediately attached to the chassis so it wouldn’t have to run in the car).

At the plug-in-america (‘drive electric’) event this year in rochester, ny, an older gentleman converted a ‘junk’ 1974 beetle (a 12 volt system by then so he didn’t have any issues that way) to a Lead-Acid Series-Wound brush type 7 horsepower (!!!) 40 mile range vehicle.

He said the electric conversion was trivially easy. DBW gas pedal, (in the boot), and a PWM DC controller, and that was it. Opening up the gas flap, you saw 2 cords, one for the main lead acid charger (1800 watts) (15 amps at 120 volts, or thereabouts), and a trickle charger for another plain 12 volt battery which ran all the 1974 beetle stuff. It also ran the main contactor for the main battery so he told me that was the critical battery to keep charged, and not to run the radio or lights too much.

I asked him how much he spent on the whole job, and he said ‘around $4,500’. I guess he was basically given the junk beetle, since it was maybe worth $50, and he said the vast majority of hours were spent unseizing all the wheels and making the car driveable, but that again, the 7 hp electric conversion he said was trivially easy, and he says he knows next to nothing about electricity..

I’ll say this, for a person who claims to know nothing, he’s got a nice 40 mile range vehicle for $4500. And nice and quiet.

I’d like more range: make it a 300 mile range model for $70,000 and he’s got a sale.

Nice effort, but I wish on a ‘classic’ they’d stop worrying about changing the light bulbs (its a trivial amount of juice anyway), and put a decent battery in the thing so that I can drive somewhere.

I’d be a bit concerned about sending twice as much horsepower through the original drivetrain. As far as a wish list, I’d much prefer a 35 kw electric drive motor, and, with a 300 mile battery that I’d take on trips, since it wouldn’t cost that much more, a 6.6 (or thereabouts) kw charger so that I wouldn’t have to spend an ungodly amount of time at the public chargers.

The home charge rate can be anything, but I need something a bit faster , like 6600 watts, on trips.

I would buy a new 200 mile range New Beetle EV with DCFC…

Electric Car Guest Drive

I’ve personally seen this car and it is show-car quality. Easily one of the nicest EV conversions I’ve ever seen.

if there’s anything that make me feel old quick, it’s that everything remotely cool starts at ~$50k.
I didn’t pay $50k for my first 3BR brick house.