First US BMW i3 REx Delivered to Tom Moloughney


It’s now official.

The first US BMW i3 REx has been delivered to none other than Tom Moloughney, InsideEVs contributor, former Mini E lessee, BMW ActiveE lessee, Plug In America director, longtime electric vehicle advocate and so on.

The hand off occurred at JMK BMW in New Jersey where BMW senior client advisor Manny Antunes (perhaps the most knowledgeable BMW i client advisor in all of the US) happily tossed the keys to Moloughney.

Moloughney With Manny Antunes

Moloughney With Manny Antunes

For Moloughney, this marks the start of a new chapter in electric mobility.

For InsideEVs, this day is the beginning of what will evolve into a series of BMW i3 REx related articles from Moloughney, in which he will attempt to explore/discuss details unique to the i3.  This will include several road-trip journeys in which Moloughney pushes the boundaries of the i3 in an attempt to see just how capable BMW’s latest electric vehicle truly is.

Tom's i3 REx

Tom’s i3 REx

All across the country, BMW i3 REx plug ins will be delivered from ports to dealerships and then to lessees/buyers.  There are hundreds waiting to be delivered.  Now that the EPA window sticker is available for the i3 REx, these deliveries will occur immediately.

Tom's i3 REx

Tom’s i3 REx

Interior Of Tom's i3 REx

Interior Of Tom’s i3 REx

Frunk Shot

Frunk Shot

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George Bower

Go Tom.
I love the color of your i3!


Congrats Tom!
I too think this is the best i3 color I’ve seen.
Roadtrip to Boston?


I was going to say the same thing about the color, since, if I squint my eyes, it almost appears to be a single tone.


Tom Moloughney

Thanks. I do like this color combo too. However I want mine to look distinctive and I’m wrapping it all one color very soon.

The good thing about wraps is when you take them off in a year or so, you get a new car again!


Congrats, Tom! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures!


Yes, this is going to be a very popular series! That color makes the car a bit more subtle.


You got a nice looking one, enjoy!

David Murray

Great news! And I’m glad to see somebody who is such a staunch EV advocate going for the Rex version. It seems like so many people think a range extender is like a taboo in the EV world.


Only the crazy/extreme purist would think that.

Luckily for the EV community, most don’t think that way…


There definitely are some. And they can be annoying. I prefer the simplicity of a pure electric. But I appreciate the need for PHEVs for people that regularly do long distance driving.

John Goreham

Congrats Tom. Good photos.


looking forward to seeing these on the monthly sales report. Are you guys going to seperate REx sales from BEV? I’m also looking forward to seeing what the take rate will be on the REx.

Jay Cole

…no, it’s hard enough already, (=

Although we will sporadically do updates on the splits from time to time.


I didn’t know it had a frunk. Cool.


I test drove an i3 (non-ReX) yesterday and had a look at the Frunk. It’s about the size of a very large glove compartment. And oddly it’s not fully protected from water. About half of it is taken up with the gel/compressor for handling a flat (there’s no spare tire). But it’s cool to have that in its own space.


Call me a purist, I like the quick charge, electric, gas free model better, would rather see those stories.

George Bower

You’ll get both.




Congrats Tom. I am happy for you. Now Insideevs posters, how many miles will Tom drive it this year?

George Bower

Quite a few.
It’s a longer trip to the Restaurante than you think.


That is one way for BMW to make sure Tom doesn’t blog about any more delivery delays….


George Bower

double grin on that!

Rick Danger

WOOT Tom, congratulations on getting the 1st REx. I have to say you deserve it.


Congratulations Tom! Well deserved.


Looking good Tom! Congratulations!
Stop by for a vist don’t be shy!

Tom Moloughney

Thanks for the kind words everyone! I’ll be posting frequently here so please let me know what kind of information you would like to know about. I’ll be doing a lot of long range driving to test the REx performance in all conditions which I’m sure a lot of people are curious about. Thanks again and stay tuned! 🙂

Jay Cole

Big congrats Tom! I have to say I am a little saddened today that I pulled out of getting an i3 REx….I do love new car smell, (=


Tom – congrats, great car. Now I know why Manny was a bit slow today answering my e-mails 🙂 Indeed, like mentioned above, a very knowledgeable advisor. Few weeks until mine will be build and shipped, so looking fwd to your reviews.
I found there is not much of a new car smell for the i3s due to their recycled materials, natural wood or olive tinted leather – so not much off-gassing from stuff. Which is great and a reason I like the i3.


So how many plug-ins do you have now? Did one get retired due to the new i3?


I think BMW took back all the ActiveEs.


Your impressions of the REx would be great. See how it handles high speeds & hills when the battery is gone. I think it is fine if it is a little slow at such a time.

And let us know what it is like if you try the Jerry can shuffle. (Bring a 5 gallon gas tank and keep filling it up when empty.)


Hi Tom, Congratulations! Kind of boring, but I would REALLY like to know exactly how many miles the i3 REx will travel at a constant 60mph in eco pro+ mode before the engine kicks in. If you have time, I will be forever indebted!

Peder Norby

Sweet rides my friend!
On the BEV vs REX issue, I say pick the best one for you… long as it has a plug!


Any word on the miev? with the i3 hitting the deck I was wondering if US sales could breach the 10k mark this month.

The 1500 gap last month is a bit big for the i3 to close on its own although I am sure it will be helped by the ELR dealer cash….. ok if the miev isn’t in lets hope we have a repeat of the March sales plus a mega May from BMW.

Jay Cole

Yes, the 2014 i-MiEV is now being sold in the US, although it won’t help out May sales much. First shipments have been really, really small.

Despite the low price, I think it is going to take a little while for Mitsu to regain the confidence of its dealers and/or get a bunch a cars on a boat and then railed straight into Georgia. If I was a betting person, I don’t think you will see volume sales of any significance until later this summer.


Maybe you could cover the new website incl. a few words from mitsu?

Dan Gallagher

I agree. Like before they are going to try and sell to those who had been “waiting” for the 2014 iMiev to come out and there won’t be any discounts on the MSRP. Then, as those people are satisfied (or they don’t show up) they’ll probably work deals and discounts to encourage sales.


The coming soon page has now been replaced by the official 2014 imiev representation by the way.


Congrats Tom – I wrote and begged and local dealer did the same, but couldn’t get NA to allow me an active-E away from ‘designated areas’, I then ordered an i3 like yours on Feb 1st and went thru (*&^$*$) interesting things again and I, too, bailed out.
I’ll race you with my Model X in (I am guessing) late 2015 if you get to the midwest..
(christmas snow dash!)


That really looks great, inside and out. Maybe I saw it in the wrong colors before. Yours looks very nice.

MTN Ranger

Tom, use it in good health!


Congratulations Tom! Looking forward to reading your about your experiences with the car.


Now, if we on my knew what color Tom was getting it wrapped in…

Tony Williams

I’d like you to take it on a little drive at 62mph ground speed under specific guidelines… interested?

Tom Moloughney

Yes, of course Tony!


Super, now we will finnaly have a reliable source of Rex pictures.


This is just brilliant! Congradulations, Tom!


Congrats, Tom. Can’t wait for the road-trip reports. Question – does your i3 set up with an SAE combo FCDC charge port? Any indication that BMW will be doing anything to expand the FCDC network like Tesla and Nissan are doing?

Tom Moloughney

Yes, it has the CCS DCFC option. No there is no word on what, if anything BMW will do to support the deployment. I would be shocked if they even approach what Tesla and Nissan are doing, but I do expect them to get involved at some level. The do have am infrastructure team working on it now so something is coming for sure, I just don’t know what.


Well, BMW USA is based in Jersey so if they do any CCS deployment, it should be in your state.

Tom Moloughney

Yes, I’m hoping for that. They have about 6 CCS DC fast chargers at their HQ already but they are not in an area accessible to the public.

Victor Aung

Nice article. Had test drive the i3. Like it, love it, want it. Concern is the charging station. Do not have 220 volt in my garage. Heard it will cost around 4,5 grand to install. Any thoughts?