BMW i3 BEV Deliveries Now Officially Underway


The first US BMW i3 BEV arrived yesterday at JMK BMW in New Jersey.

First BMW i3 BEV


This particular BMW i3 is an Electronaut Edition, meaning its reserved for a BMW ActiveE Electronaut.

According to BMW Blog:

“The Limited Edition “Electronaut Edition” i3 was announced back in December, 2013.”

“BMW i3 Electronaut Edition (ZEE) equipped vehicles adds options worth $1,750 and is free of charge to the Electronaut.”

This particular i3 is Ionic Silver and optioned with 20-inch wheels.

Here’s a look at the price on this i3:

BMW i3 Price

BMW i3 Price

The base price of the 2014 BMW i3 starts at $41,350, but as you can see this example tops $50,000.

Here are some additional pictures of this Electronaut Edition BMW i3 that we believe will be delivered to the actual buyers this weekend after the vehicle has completed prep.

Dealers throughout the US are now in the process of prepping BMW i3s and delivering those vehicles to customers.  The BMW i3 REx is, for the time being, held up at port, so those vehicles won’t be delivered until cleared for release.

First BMW i3 BEV












Hat tip to Manny Antunes!!!

Source: BMW Blog

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$50k for an i3. Amazing. You get to drive around looking silly, and everyone will know you paid a lot for the opportunity.

I’d pay a little more and settle for a 60kw Model S.

I’d pay much less and trade up to a Volt.

Umm, the Volt doesn’t even come close to the performance of an i3. I mean if you want to credit the volt for having an engine twice as big as the i3rex, that’s a factor. But for many of us, having an ICE in the first place is not wanted. In that case, the i3 can drive twice as far as the Volt on battery power. Plus it’s faster and much more exclusive.

The i3’s interior is also worlds better than the Volt. The BMW is a more luxurious package, which makes the Volt a downgrade to all but a select few.

That said, I still think the Volt is an overall better VALUE – a little less luxury / performance for a lot less dough.

As a Volt owner, I agree. I did the test drive last week and the interior room in the front is much more spacious than my Volt. The rear is almost the same legroom but much more headroom. Overall very open feeling and not claustrophobic like the Volt.

Volt is definitely not claustrophobic although i dont have claustrophobia so maybe all of you do then?!!

And i’ll sacrifice headroom for a more sloped/sleek roofline any day.

Yeah. I’m 5’3″ and I kept hitting my head getting in and out of a Volt. Even warned my GF and she still hit her head. The Volt and i3 REx are almost exactly what I need for a 1 car solution. I wanted 80-100 mi BEV range, flat trunk load floor, hatchback. If I could somehow get the i3 REx and Volt to have offspring I might get the perfect car (for me). Anyway, so I’m going with i3 BEV and keeping my petrol car.

Oops.. was talking about the back seats. Getting in and out of front was fine.

Here is a photo of the front seat of the BMW i-3 I rode in during the Test Drive

The car was nice to drive and I liked the way the insides looked and the way it felt when it had to get up to speed.

The only awkward thing about it was when my brother had to get out of the back seat of it. And we were parked close to another car next door. But over all I liked it better then the leaf.

Thats just too much money for what it is.

My Volt gets 52 miles starting range per charge so thats about 30 less than an i3’s full charge. Barely has more range and your paying $20k+. So not worth it. Plus i can go 300+ miles on gas if i need to.

And for that type of money i’d just spend a little more and get a tesla (which i plan on doing once my lease is up)

If you can get 52 out of a Volt you could probably get 100 out of an i3

More like 110

With some hypermiling in LA traffic and extensive use of the ECO+ drive mode, I am expecting my wife to get 120 miles of range.

Last time I checked, $71k Model S 60 or $81k Model S 80 is a lot more than $42k i3 or $45k i3 REx.

I like that they are rewarding the consumers that went first with their earliest BMW electrics. Nissan leaves their first adopters out in the cold when it comes to upgrades and things they offer new owners like free charging etc. I love my Leaf but I really wonder if they think that builds brand loyalty.