For First Time Ever, Tesla Listed in Top 10 Most Valuable Car Brands


Tesla Enters Top Ten Most Valuable Car Brands

Tesla Enters Top Ten Most Valuable Car Brands

2017 Toyota Prius Prime

2017 Toyota Prius Prime

Market research firm Millward Brown of Global BrandZ released a report today entitled “BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands”.

If we examine the Top 100, and zone in only on the automotive companies listed, then we see that Toyota is the most valuable automotive brand. No surprise there, as Toyota has been listed #1 nine times in the past 11 years that this ranking report has been released.

But there is a surprising entry further down the list.

For the first time ever, Tesla Motors made the top ten list of most valuable automotive brands.

As Peter Walshe Global BrandZ director at Millward Brown, states:

“Tesla is something completely different as a luxury brand, and as we know from our BrandZ results, that difference makes the difference. After reinventing the electric car and fighting against suspicion in the luxury market, its announcement of a mass-market model has only boosted consumers’ desire to try the brand. It has grown like an Apple and a Facebook, which is enormous.”



Automotive News adds:

“Tesla, which has a brand value of $4.4 billion, overtook Lexus for the No. 10 spot among automotive brands. It was helped by widening its portfolio with the introduction of its affordable $35,000 Tesla 3, Walshe said.”

Most of the other top ten automakers (aside from Porsche and Land Rover) are the regular, big players. Here’s a look at the list:

1. Toyota $29.5 (28) +2
2. BMW $26.8 (33) +2
3. Mercedes-Benz $22.7 (39) +4
4. Honda $13.2 (74) -1
5. Ford $13.1 (75) 0
6. Nissan $11.5 (92) +1
7. Audi $9.5 (*) -6
8. Land Rover $4.7 (*) -5
9. Porsche $4.4 (*) (**)
10. Tesla $4.4 (*) (**)
(*) Did not rank in the top 100 global brands
(**) Did not rank in the top 10 most valuable car brands in 2015

And here are a few notes on the study/report.

The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands was developed by Millward Brown’s Optimor division. The study combines measures of brand equity based on interviews with more than 2 million consumers globally using data from Bloomberg and Kantar Worldpanel.

Source: Automotive News

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Go Tesla!

But I take this report with a pinch of salt. All too many of the “market research” firms just put out “studies” that support whatever stocks they’re currently trying to push.

We can hope that a report from Global BrandZ means significantly more than the “A tree died for this?” rubbish from Pike Research and Lux Research.

Forget GM

Yeah, they should be near the top of the list, no?

I guess you don’t read comments here often, do you? LOL.

Just look at how much hate is there toward GM on comment section, you would have known how damaged the brand GM is.

If the Bolt/Volt is a Toyota branded car, it will easily outsell Prius by now! People are that stupid.

According to sales and revenue, yes.

forget Volkswagon?

I heard BMW was one of the most profitable luxury car manufacturers. At this point, I’m not sure what kind of profits TESLA is turning. It can only get better in the future though.

Well since Tesla is the number one model cross-shopped to BMW and the Model S has taken tremendous market share from the Mercedes S class is proof that those companies have the most to lose in regards to value and profits to Tesla.

Funny, Doesn’t Tesla have 8Billion in assets on it’s balance sheet? But, that includes the Gigafactory.

It should be one of the most valuable BRANDS although not the most valuable company.

What other car company could get 115,000 pre-orders for a car SIGHT-UNSEEN.

I wouldn’t do that for pretty much any other makers.


If it is NON-refundable, then I seriously doubt it would have gotten half of that before the car was seen…

Pretty sure the first Mars Buggy will be a Tesla. 😉

That’s Brand cachet that is out of this world! 😉

In the movie “The Martian” I remember Matt Demon using a pressurized rover with…falcon doors (!), so maybe Elon Musk is already thinking about a Tesla Mars manned “buggy”.

Surprised that Mazda and Subaru didn’t make the list..

Yeah, ask Elizabeth Holmes about market valuation…