BREAKING: For First Time Ever, Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Eclipse 100,000 In One Year In U.S.


In updating our monthly EV sales chart with the latest data for November 2014, we noticed a 6-digit number that we’d never before seen in a single calendar year.

That number, 100,000, represents a first for the U.S.

With November data now fully reported, plug-in electric vehicle sales in the U.S. already check in at a estimated 106,834 units for 2014.  That bests the 2013 mark of 97,507 by a substantial margin and there’s still a full month of sales left before 2014 is officially in the books.

Tell your EV-loving buddies.  Plug-in electric vehicles sales are up.  A major sales milestone of 100,000 units in a year was just surpassed.  Heck, tell the world.  This news is worth sharing with everyone.

You can follow all the plug-in sales (as well as a write-up on each model’s progress individually) in real time as they are made available on our “Monthly Scorecard”, which can be found here.

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A first not just for the US, but for the world. Right?

Thanks for stopping to point this out!

Of course…even Japan can’t match us. So, a world’s first!!!

Correction: Not even China can match that. 😉 This year at least. 😛

I was in Shanghai last week and I saw a Tesla driving around.

Nice 🙂 And you most likely saw many many thousands other electric vehicles too. 🙂
(well mayby not if you spent your time in and around the Bund and the central financial districts)

Way to crunch those numbers IEV’s!!



In Sept 2014, China sold more PEVs than the U.S. for the first time. (no details for Oct, Nov)

For 2015 the odds of over 250,000 PEVs being delivered globally is extremely likely.

Since the numbers for 2014 is about 260k so far and will be somewhere around 320k for the full year of 2014 I do really hope that global numbers for 2015 are way higher than 250k. 😉

woot! And it was almost a year ago that the haters were saying that EV’s won’t make up 1% of US sales until 2020! We’re on track to beating that in 2015!

Great news!!!

I’m OK with Saudi Arabia undercutting Putin’s Oil Dynasty, as a form of economic warfare. But I worry the lower pump price could set back transitioning to EVs.

Hope EVs continue their momentum, globally…


Most civilized countries have high taxes on petrol so that the oil price isn’t the deciding factor for the price anyway.

This is the US we’re talking about!

Apologies guys, European humour.

From the looks of the sales stats I really don’t think the lower oil prices are hurting EV sales too much. In that Nissan has set another sales record.

I do think though that the lack of DC Quick chargers in a lot of areas along with the low ranges of the existing EV’s is hurting them more then the cheap oil prices.

In terms of cheap oil the biggest thing that is going to happen is all the oil using cattle are going run out and big the biggest gas guzzling truck or SUV they can find right now due to cheap oil prices.

And when gas does go back to $4. plus, the people that have EV’s will be laughing all the way to the bank!

Wonderful! But, this year really isn’t that impressive. Since 2011, annula plug-in sales doubled then tripled. This year wouldn’t be too impressive in comparison to last.
Trust GM and Toyota to not bother picking themselves up!

Anyway, pretty sad to see the Accourd PHEV outselling the i-MiEV.

Another first … over 50,000 BEVs delivered in a year! 🙂

Adding lowest 2014 monthly number for each BEV model as a December placeholder confirms 50,000+.

Really?! Would it be a majority or minority share for EVs?

With more convenient and safe places to charge we will blow gas cars out of the water. I would pass a law that requires all gas stations to have at least 3 fast chargers on their property. Then charging would worry free. No more range angst.

I’ll settle for 1 fast-charger right now.

How many expected 50% growth for this year over 2013? Looks like my early year prediction of 30% will not happen and it will be 20-25% total year over year.

I am definitely disappointed in the growth curve. With all the news and hype and savings of EVs over gas cars, the spread of companies offering plug in cars growing, the total sales growth should be rising. The PiP and Volt seem to be the base cause of Year over Year issues.

The PiP is a joke with just 11 miles of EV range while the Volt is suffering from all the advanced hype for the next model even though it is not yet available. Next year should be better at least for the new Volt.
Best regards.

Meh, you are being kind, doglap! LOL

Toyota Prius PI, 11 miles of All Electric Range(EV Mode)?

The Toyota Prius web says this in its disclaimer, as of 5:54 pm, December 3rd, 2014. Footnote #22-

“[…]Prius Plug-in EV Mode is a blended operation of electricity and gas and can work under certain conditions up to 11 miles on a full charge. Quick acceleration and braking, road and vehicle conditions, or climate control use may prevent or limit usage or effectiveness of EV Mode.[…]”

EPA has rated the Prius Plug-in even worse!

11 miles Elec + Gas
All Elec:0-6 mi

Link Goes To Fuel Economy Dot Gov – Compare Side By Side-

As I have exceeded 54+ miles on a full charge with zero gas used, often, in my Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle, rated by The EPA at 38 miles, know that some Prius Pi owners have done better then 0-6 miles all electric.

Still, after the novelty of more then a few blocks electric wears off for Prius Plug in owners not sure one would bother plugging in…why?


Thomas J. Thias


Thanks for generating this monthly report!

How about splitting the chart between true EVs and gas powered EVs (hybrids like the Volt, Prius, etc.)? Seems sort of strange to lump them all together for an EV centric site.

Hi Frank,

Here is the logic to the Inside EVs Sales Report.

In just the last 36 months as the Chevy Volt EREV and Nissan LEAF left tight, limited beta sales U.S. and National Sales began, over 275,324+ Electric Fueled vehicles have been sold in the United States.

Link Goes To Plug In America Dot Org, See EV Ticker-

This has been an astounding run of sales of vehicles that can run considerable distance on electric fuel alone.

Even the Toyota Prius PI, if refueled/charged every 6 or so miles could pull off 60+ miles of almost all electric in a day.

The Chevy Volt Extended Range EV with the owner refueling at work in warm climates can easily handle a round trip daily commute of 80+ miles a day!

This is pure EV territory, Mr.

Speaking of (Hash Tag) #WorkPlaceCharging get a load of the Feds’ Department of Energy report on “EV’s Everywhere- Workplace Charging Challenge – Progress update 2014 – Employers Take Charge”

Link Goes To DoE Report – pdf-


Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.