First Tesla Supercharging Station Goes Live, Plus First Model X Registered In Russia

APR 25 2016 BY JAY COLE 37

Map Of Operation Tesla Superchargers Today (more or less)

Map Of Operation Tesla Superchargers Today (more or less)

If you have a look at Tesla’s current Supercharging map for Europe, you can’t help but notice the complete void of infrastructure any place east of Slovakia….but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Opened just a few days ago, as reported by, suburban golf club “Skolkovo” in Moscow has the country’s first station.  A closer inspection indicates was via request from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich (who owns the course), so we imagine Mr. Abramovich picked up the tab on unit.

First Tesla Supercharging Station In Moscow, Russia (via

First Tesla Supercharging Station In Moscow, Russia (via

Just acquiring a Tesla is not all that easy in Russia, yet there are still some ~150 Tesla EVs registered in the country through the end of 2015, with just under a 100 of those finding a home in or around Moscow.

Update (May 3):  Thanks to reader Stefan we can report that the 4 stall unit featured 3 EU and 1 US protocol receptacles.

Also appearing at the brand new Supercharging station this week is the first Tesla Model X just registered in the country!

First #TeslaModelX in #Moscow. First #Tesla #SuperCharger in #Russia ?????? #MoscowTeslaClub

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Russia does factor significantly into Tesla’s Supercharging infrastructure expansion plans for 2016, as 5 locations are planned by the end of 2016.

Tesla Supercharger Plans For Europe And Parts East By The End Of 2016 (note 5 Russian locations)

Tesla Supercharger Plans For Europe And Parts East By The End Of 2016 (note 5 Russian locations), Hat tip to Vadim K!

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The only thing stopping mass uptake of EV’s in Europe isn’t the charging infrastructure as such, it’s purely the cost & mileage of them,

By 2020 with any luck if the gigafactory has the desired effect on battery prices, it could begin the end of the ICE car for sure.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Saudi Aramco lists a lot more than 5% of it’s shares by that time !

What outlet is it on that supercharger?
I have hard to believe that a Model X for the Europeien market is already shipt Russia when I haven’t read that anyone else in Europe is close get there car but at the same time, it would be very strange if they put up a Supercharger with the amarican outlet I Russia.
Is there anyone here who can see what cennector it is?

I would assume the standard European Tesla/Type2 port.

In Soviet Russia, Government charge you!

(Eh . . . I got nuthin’)

Came here for this.

I’m surprised they allow any EV. Don’t they make tons of money from oil? Why would they allow product that goes against large part of their bread and butter?

In addition, global warming will warm parts of Russia that’s too cold at the moment. Why promote technology that’s contrary to their future?

I guess same could be said about Canada, but Canada isn’t run by Putin as oily-garchy.

Russia, like Norway, wants to export as much oil as it can in exchange for U.S. currency (Petrodollars), rather than sell it domestically for Rubles, which BTW has been lost much of its value as a result of sanctions imposed on Russia after it invaded Crimea and eastern Ukraine, and annexed Crimea. Exporting oil brings valuable foreign currency into Russia that Putin, his cronies, and oligarchs can plunder and stash into secret foreign off-shore bank accounts to finance their lavish lifestyle.

Many credit the 1980’s collapse in oil prices for the demise of the Soviet Union. History repeats.

Don’t you think that perhaps, there happen to be normal, well intended, people there too, that just think it is better and nicer to drive an ev car, especially a Tesla. Putin controls a lot but I don’t think he controls what car people want to have and buy. Beside the Koch brothers are the ones that invest millions of dollars against ev and US dealers that oppose the Tesla direct sale. There is nothing like that in Russia at contrary they passed a law requiring ev chargers in petrol stations.

Putin controls which cheeses are imported into Russia or not.

He can do the same with vehicles.

I do think that there are normal, well intended people in Russia, but they ain’t in power and ain’t ever gonna be in power, unless there is a bloody revolution. If these normal, well intended people do speak up against the status quo, bad things happen to them. 🙁

It’s fine here in Russia. Not Europe of course but the country is really 25 years old. Also it’s a fact that in european and american news russia is portaited as some evil empire)) Just do not watch TV. Any TV. Ever.

Russia is not an evil empire. But Putin does seem quite corrupt and his critics have a magical ability to die in mysterious ways.

We in the USA generally don’t fear or hate Russia, we more feel sorry for a Russian populace not served well by a corrupt government and endlessly fed conspiracy theories by a controlled media.

I find your comment antipatriotic as you well know; Crimea was annexe by his own will after democratic election.

Вся моя любовь к России

Those polite “little green men” in army uniforms with insignia removed and holding machine guns while standing outside of polling booths not only intimidated the ethnic Ukrainian and indigenous Muslim Tartar population to avoid casting their votes in the referendum, but they also detained, kidnapped, and killed some of those Ukrainians and Muslim Tartars who dared to speak out against annexation.

After the annexation, Putin admitted that the polite “little green men” were in fact Russian soldiers, and that they were there “to ensure the referendum on the region’s status would be carried out peacefully.” Yeah, sure. . .

The indigenous Muslim Tartars were ethnically cleansed from Crimea 1n 1944 when Stalin deported the entire population to Siberia en masse. A large number returned to Crimea after the fall of communism. These returned Tartars strongly opposed annexation by Russia and wanted Crimea to stay part of Ukraine, because they feared repression under Russian authority. And that’s exactly what happened; after annexation, Russia stripped the Tartars of the autonomy that they enjoyed under Ukrainian rule and began harassing the Tartar community. And for good measure Russia also confiscated/nationalized successful businesses owned by Tartars, Ukrainians, and even Russians. Plunder is good!

Global warming / Climate change causes weather extremes. This isn’t good for anybody.

Extreme weather won’t impact everywhere equally. Some places will benefit from warming. For example, there were times in the past when all the glaciers and polar ice had melted and ocean temperature was about 35 degree C. Plants and animals thrived for millions of years under that condition.

Climate change is not all gloom and doom, especially with modern genetic engineering. If Siberia can have temperature of SoCal, I might move there.

Of course humans did not exist then and it would not be a good planet for supporting the 7+ billion humans around now.

But we will reap what we sow.

SparkEV asked:

“I’m surprised they allow any EV. Don’t they make tons of money from oil? Why would they allow product that goes against large part of their bread and butter?”

This isn’t about what the Russian government, or even Putin, wants. This is about one of the rich oligarchs who support Putin being able to do whatever the heck he wants to.

Note this Supercharger isn’t on public property; it’s at a golf club, and was apparently installed for the convenience of the millionaire club owner, who paid for the installation.

Don’t assume that just because it’s a Supercharger, it’s open to the public. This wouldn’t be the first Supercharger on private property.

Canada has its own situation and is ruled by its own olies garchy of the catastrophic Alberta sand exploitation that even managed to get the country to retract from its Kyoto protocol engagements. Alaska, Russia, Canada and above all Greenland are indeed gaining new agriculture land with the temperature increase but on the other end they will also be affected by ocean acidification, more severe flooding and storms. They are also under threat of sea level rise on all their coastal cities like Anchorage, Sint-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Nuuk. Sint-Pertersburg is particularly low and in a similar situation as Venice or Amsterdam with many historic sites, monuments, museums and palaces that are impossible to relocate to higher grounds. So promoting ev is not contrary to their future but a good way to have a better control on how far they want to let go.

Russian oligarchs really like shiny expensive toys from the west.
The charger will probably not be accessible for the general public..

That looks to me like the North American TSL02 plug on the X and SuperCharger. It is totally illogical due to the land connection to continental Europe, but I think some of the “swimmer” Teslas in Russia are North American spec. Longer term, this will cause trouble for Tesla and those owners who imported cars on their own.

There is not that much different inside the car as far as chargers between Euro and US spec.

Gas stations all across Russia have been ordered to adapt their facilities to provide chargers for the country’s electric vehicles.

I tried to google but didn’t find anyting: Does russia have fast charging standards at all?

Russia has no standards.


Looks like it’s not official. And the plug is probably american. I live in Russia btw

Maybe some are the TSL-02 and some are the Mennekes type 2 to accommodate cars sourced from the US and Europe. There are now more moderately priced second-hand Model S cars on the market in Western Europe that are finding their way east.

Head of MoscowTeslaClub says this SC is unique. It probably means it has both eu & us plugs

Electric toy for rich.

Model X, I has it.

You got to start somewhere and Elon said the Roadster, the Model S and the Model X are the cars that make the Model 3 possible. No Model S for the rich, no Model 3 for the less rich. Up to now that trickle down strategy has been working and is starting to induce reaction from the standard car manufacturers as well.

Arrrrgh, I’m going nuts. No one can tell me whether this Supercharger has EU or US connector or both.

Reply to self: Tesla Club Moscow finally answered. There are 3 EU and 1 US connector!