First Tesla Supercharger In UK Now Online In London


London Supercharger Info

London Supercharger Info

Prior to the BIG key-handing-over ceremony in the UK, Tesla Motors positioned (at least temporarily) its first Supercharger in the UK at the following location:

London, Great Britain

Tidal Basin Rd

London, E16 1GB

First UK Supercharger Now Open

First UK Supercharger Now Open

This site features only 2 charging stalls, but both Type 2 AC and CHAdeMO are on site too.

Here’s a look at the additional Superchargers “coming soon” and in the near future to the UK from some Tesla maps we recently uncovered.

UK & Ireland Supercharger coverage by Sept 2014

UK & Ireland Supercharger coverage by Sept 2014

UK & Ireland Supercharger coverage by Dec 2014

UK & Ireland Supercharger coverage by Dec 2014

UK & Ireland Supercharger coverage by Dec 2015

UK & Ireland Supercharger coverage by Dec 2015

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Interestingly, shows two more (or rather two different) SCs under construction north-west of London.
So, probably at least 4 are coming soon.
Tesla’s “Coming soon” map (for Europe) is not that exhaustive, since SCs not in that map keep on coming online.
Like the one who came online yesterday in Norway, the 7th there, and the 24th in Europe.
What matters most… is they keep on coming!!

… not 4, but 5, at least, are probably coming soon in England (3+2).

I don’t think they will resolve the problems with the 2 “under construction” for a long time. So consider them not coming until settlements or whatever needed with Ecotricity is done.

So it’s down to 3 coming soon.

Oh yeah.
Or rather… oh no!!
Ah ah

I know Elon has told his employees to spend as much money as fast as they can, but I just don’t see them opening all the charging stations they show by the end of 2014. In the US, it’s almost double what they have now. There’s only 6 months left this year.

Christopher Allessi II

Don’t underestimate them. In November, their were none in Wisconsin, By end of December, we had 3, by end of January, we had 5. And thats all the while we had the coldest winter in over 20 years, and temps reaching -30 some days. They still pulled it off with frozen ground, nearly impossible to pull super thick wiring.

I think that push was to get the coast-to-coast network completed. I don’t see that sense of urgency anymore.

I think so too. Also it is a question of focus.
There are just resources they can bring to bare at any one time. It’s like you have 5 teenagers and you are trying to keep them all interested. You can’t pay too much attention to any one child, or the others get upset. So you focus intently on one for a bit and then jump to another to see what they are up too. You love them all and tell them that’s their desires will soon be met, if only they are patient, then you go back to building superchargers.
Btw that spending money as fast though efficiently as possible was made about China.
Putting out brush fires would another analogy for the playbook they seem to be following.

He’s said it a few times, regarding spending the $. I think it’s a blanket statement for all their operations.

What I find interesting is that Elon keeps expressing some concern over the Gigafactory site not being ready due to the hold-ups from the state that gets selected. If he’s that worried that the Gen3 car will be ready before the Gigafactory, then why keep dilly-dallying on a location. Just start building it already.

Yeah I was sort of wondering that too. They have so many irons in the fire at the moment, but the breaking of ground on the gigafactory seems to be the hottest. So yeah get going on it. Probably just regulatory red-tape is holding things up.

But a lot of the irons in the fire right now are pretty simple. I mean, leading a super charger outroll is pretty simple, almost any idiot could do that. Ehum…maybe not idiot but any decently qualified engineer/economist/strategic planer of non-Elon super powers.

It’s the finishing of the Model X and building start of the Gigafactory that needs focus. Then when the factory is started it will be a non-focus for Elon for a while.

Then it will be the all-mighty Gen 3 that will preoccupy Elon and his engineering team.

Interesting that this location is in a large city. In the US the locations are between cities. Why the difference in phylosophy?

Maybe he’s thinking people in London will have trouble installing home chargers, so this would allow them to charge once a week at a public charger? Or there’s enough public chargers in London, so those travelling to the city will have a destination charger.

But really, I don’t know why it’s near a major city center. There’s a few like this in the US too. Check out NYC & LA.

^ not enough public chargers in London.