First Tesla Supercharger Now Online in Austria

DEC 20 2013 BY MARK KANE 11

Tesla Model s Supercharger

Model S Gets Charged!

Another day passes, another country gets its first Supercharging station.

The latest red dot to show up on Tesla’s Supercharger map is in Austria:

St. Anton, AustriaArlbergstrasse 73
St. Anton am Arlberg, 6580

This station is in close proximity to two stations in Germany. But the one in Austria has just two charging spots (at least for now).

“Our Supercharger team has been hard at work energising Supercharger stations throughout mainland Europe this month.  The new network of Superchargers stretches from the Netherlands, through Germany, Switzerland and Austria and will allow Model S owners to drive from Amsterdam to Geneva and back without ever needing to stop for fuel again.”

Superchargers can recharge 80% of the capacity of Model S in as little as 30-40 minutes and are strategically placed to allow owners the ability to drive from station to station while minimizing stops. Superchargers are conveniently located off major highways near cafes, shopping centres and travel plazas.”

Tesla’s European Supercharger count now stands at 14.

Google Maps position

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Looks like Europe will be a piece of cake to supercharge compared to the vast distances of the USA.


Great. They mention it’s a top ski resort… Wonderful place.
If you google “St. Anton am Arlberg”…

There are also 3 new SC in US (last two days!):
– Mitchell, SD
– Vacaville, CA
– Lusk, WY (most likely this one is the third new one. No doubt about the other two)
Total US: 44
Total World: 58

Tesla doesn’t want the (very unofficial – LOL) motto “A Supercharger a day keeps gasoline away” turn false…
(Seen you mentioned it already, Eric. Nice. But I like it so much…)

For those who don’t know it yet, the second website has a wonderful zoomable map where you can draw circles of a radius of your choice around the SC locations, or any other location you might want to add to the map (your house, …).
It also has some routing tool, and other stuff to play with.
Also, it indicates many known locations where SC are under construction.
Great work by a Tesla fan (and owner, I believe).

I guess “great job” is a more correct expression, in this case…

You should look at their map again. Wyoming just got added too!


Yes. That’s Lusk, WY.

We are connected!!! Finally.
Fantastic. We are waiting for more to come.

Best Regards from Austria.

I’m thinking InsideEVs should just have a Friday week-in-superchargers round-up of all the supercharger openings that week, considering so many are opening so often now.

Since I’m following the openings for my joy, I can share this data:

Last week: 3 in US, 1 in Switzerland, 4 in Germany. Total: 8.
This week (till now): 4 in US, 1 in Austria. Total: 5

Total in US: 44
Total in Europe: 14
Total Worldwide: 58

At least 22 under construction in US alone.

I go skiing ther now and then, awsome ofpist, and amazing afterskii 🙂
Now all i need is a model s, a skii box and another SC between basel and st anton and i am sett 😉