First Tesla Supercharger In Netherlands is Now ON (w/video)


Netherlands is now the second country (Norway was the first) in Europe to get a Supercharging station from Tesla.

The first Supercharger in the Netherlands has 8 charging points and is located in Oosterhout on the A27 highway.

Given the small size of the Netherlands, this lone Supercharger, along with its range circle, basically covers the entire country.

Soon, a few more Superchargers in Europe will be operational.

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Hi there,

Thanks to teslawiki !!!!!!!!!

On Tesla website no red dot for SD, MI, Europe…!!
Why???? Who sleep??? ;-))


I don’t know what the hell the guy was saying in the video, but he was clearly super excited.

He was basically saying he heard the Supercharger opened and decided to check it out, then the asian-looking guy explained how to use the Supercharger and that it was free and the other man told him how he found out about the Supercharger.
P.S about the being excited part i think you will find dutch people to be really excited about a lot of stuff…don’t get me wrong i think he was genuinely excited about the Superchargers but they tend to have some over-excitement in their voices.

Second Supercharger in Netherlands (Zevenaar) also activated by today!

Tesla Press Release:

And currently minimum 3 under construction in Germany and the first one spotted in Switzerland (Estavayer-le-Lac):