First Tesla Supercharger Comes Online in Switzerland

DEC 16 2013 BY MARK KANE 15

Tesla Gets Supercharger Site Approval at Savannah Airport in Georgia

Tesla Gets Another Supercharger in Europe

Switzerland is now the third country in Europe to get a Supercharger.

The 9th unit on this side of the ocean is located at:

  • Lully, Switzerland Restoroute 1470 Lully FR

Soon, Germany should add few points to the Supercharger on the map.  At least on we see four in Germany listed as “under-construction.” (*Editor’s note: Turns out those 4 units are already online…more info to come soon, map updated)

Through the end of October, Tesla sold in Switzerland 129 Model S EVs (one of these days we should find out the results for November). For comparison, Renault sold 240 ZOEs, Nissan sold 150 LEAFs and Mitsubishi 99 i-MiEVs.

Hat Tip to Alok, who hunts these Superchargers done faster than the speed of light!!!

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You need to update your article and map. The Tesla website already shows four Superchargers in Germany,

At first I thought you were trolling the editors, but no you’re right! Tesla is opening superchargers faster than InsideEVs can publish articles about them!

Och well… I think article waited just too long in queue 🙂 (or Tesla building too fast).

I take the blame. Wish we could publish 20 articles a day to keep up with the fast pace of the plug-in segment.

Don’t worry. 🙂

I also blame Eric, (=

…actually I just popped by to say that we’ve updated the map above to reflect current Supercharging stations

Hey Mark!
Now the 4 Superchargers in Germany are also online!
Total Europe: 13
Total US: 41
Total World: 54

One Supercharger a day… keeps gasoline away!!!

Usual links:

My tip was from 3 days ago…

Noted: Thanks…we’ll get around to those Germany Superchargers ASAP – Tesla moves too fast these days

Yes! Very nice “problem” to have!

Free supercharging in a place where gas is easily $10.00 a gallon is quite good thing all those other luxury gas guzzlers better watch out.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

So, is Tesla planning on shorter distances (and indicated radii) for their German Superchargers? 200km/h runs can do a number on your range 🙂

And now people start to understand why EV’s make soooo much sense in the EU. Range is so not an issue with a Tesla in the EU, with 13 superchargers you have already covered Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Luxemburg. Plus big chunks of France, Germany and Norway. You put 40 Superchargers in and you’ll cover pretty much the whole of the EU, and all that just in case someone wants to drive from Athens to London…… who would drive from Athens to London?

Who would want to drive coast to coast in the US? Or from Canada to Mexico/Florida?

The Europe SuperCharger map already looks pretty substantial!

And this is just the beginning.