First Tesla Model X P100D Arrives In Vietnam


Vietnam now has its first Tesla Model X P100D.

It’s not sold in Vietnam yet, so HC Auto had to handle importing the electric SUV into the nation at a price unknown to us.

First Model X Backs Out Of Shipping Container In Vietnam

The owner of the electric SUV will quickly find out that servicing the X will be difficult, considering there’s not even one single Tesla service center within Vietnam.

Charging may be difficult too, as Vietnam isn’t known for its public charging stations.

Video description:

“Vietnam’s first Tesla Model X made its way into Da Nang port early Tuesday morning after a Hanoi man commissioned a local car dealership to import Tesla’s flashy electric crossover SUV.”

“The following video was captured via cell phone showing a fully loaded Ludicrous Model X P100D being unloaded from a shipping container.”

Source: Teslarati

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Teslas require almost no servicing. My 2016 model S only had windshield wipers and cabin air filter changed at annual service (18,000 miles in my case).

Charging is easily accomplished anywhere there is electricity. It may not be fast charging, but it is workable.

Yep. Unless something goes cahoot. Like the drivetrain randomly failing which can happen but other than those fluke incidents the car requires literally nothing.

Needs daily romantic cleaning care. Become intimate with your Tesla and feel the body and curves while wiping it down with a smooth micro fiber towel.

With US sales stagnating in advance of the 3 we’ll see a lot more foreign hardscrabble going forward. It’s a lot of work to move into podunk countries, but there are a few sales here and there. Tesla will eventually reach Vietnam officially.

Stagnating? How badly?

A grain of salt, more like a tablespoon, is what should be taken with every comment from him.

Just spent a week in Hong Kong and was astounded by the number of Tesla that are there. That would be the closest place to Hanoi if you had to get it serviced. You would just have to put it on a truck and deal with Chinese customs, but if you can afford to buy it and ship it to Hanoi I don’t think that would be an issue. Also a spotted a fair number in Shanghai but Hong Kong lead by a mile.

The 1 st of 5 per year. Congratz