First Tesla Model X In Oregon – #118 Caught On Video


First Tesla Model X In Oregon

First Tesla Model X In Oregon

Tesla Model X P90DL Signature Series are popping up in more and more places these days.

Here is video with apparently the first Model X in Oregon – number #118. Signature Red looks sweet and attracts a lot of attention.

“Footage from the Portland Cars & Coffee weekly meet located at the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, OR. Here we have a Model X Signature Series from Tesla. According to the owner this is the first Model X to the state of Oregon. First we have some shots of it parked including the operation of the Falcon Wing Doors and finally departing the meet. Also in the video at the end is two modified Toyota Supra’s. Enjoy!! Shot 1/2/16”

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17 responses to "First Tesla Model X In Oregon – #118 Caught On Video"
  1. Clive says:


    No Bueno !

  2. Three Electrics says:

    Those 22s look like a harsh ride, but perhaps the air suspension works out the bumps.

    1. pjwood1 says:

      Air and Coil Teslas are all nicely softer, even with 21’s (and 22s?), since the early P85Ds. The sways, ball jointed arms (now instead of squishy rubber) both help keep lateral movement firm. Of course, when you add that to the weight being so low in these cars, there isn’t much body roll to pitch a Tesla around. ….so, relatively soft springs/dampers do the accommodation without a whole lot of need for multi-valving, IMO.

  3. Nick says:

    What a slick looking car.

    Pretty cool!

  4. Call me crazy but the X is rather ugly. I am sure it is tech perfect but the style missed the mark. The small Porsche Crossover looks way better.

    1. James says:

      Spoken like a man who loves to visit gas stations and breathe carbon monoxide.

    2. James says:

      Seems Porches parts departments love such talk. Over 400 moving parts in all thier oily, dirty, greasy glory and thier mufflers, thermostats, cat convertors, mandated emissions checks….Oh how one moving part in an electric motor powered by 100% American energy…and in Oregon, likely clean hydropower…Funny how details like these escape guys like Bob…Kinda makes the Tesla more and more beautiful every minute you think of it, doesn’t it?

    3. James says:

      And on top of uber-expensive Porsche parts and service…The Tesla is oh, so much quicker! 100% awesome torque from 0 mph is something that complex gas-burning, fume-spewing Cayenne will never know.

    4. kdawg says:

      I’d like to see the nose of an X on the front of an S. The X looks like a pregnant S to me.

      1. Anon says:

        Yes, the X is ‘prego’ compared to its sedan counterpart. What crossover isn’t?

        The X snoot, might be part of the Model S refresh…

    5. andre says:

      beautiful,elegant design(for us)

    6. E says:

      He just said he doesn’t like the styling that’s all.
      To each his own I guess.
      I think the Model X is great.
      The best part is the non-grille and the headlights.

  5. Koenigsegg says:

    X has a clean design but its not that attractive being a crossover meaning there is more excess/height compared to the S which is a low/sleek sedan

    which is why the S is so appealing/attractive

    which is why cars that are lower are more appealing/eye catching in general

  6. Dev Ops says:

    The owner looks about 80; hope he appreciates and understand the tech.

  7. martinwinlow says:

    @Dev Ops – Your comment… ?! How do know he isn’t a retired rocket scientist? A bit condescending.

    As for the video, I am not a great fan of the shape generally; a disappointment after the success of the S – the only really good looking american car I have seen since the 60’s, if then (my opinion!).

    The last few seconds of the video show – if it needs showing – why we should all be driving EVs. MW

    1. E says:

      I’m not sure you’ve been looking at any American car in 40 years!

  8. KB says:

    It’s not my favorite-looking SUV, nowhere near as sexy as my Model S, but it’s good enough and I only drive electric now.