First Tesla Model X Delivered In Canada


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

In Canada, Tesla Model X reservation holders have waited nearly four years to take delivery of their vehicles. The time has come. It has been reported that a few weeks ago some customers noticed the VIN numbers for their cars popping up on their MyTesla login pages.

Musk's Response To The Tweet Regarding Pricing

Musk’s Response To The Tweet Regarding Pricing

There have been reports that the first of the long-awaited crossover vehicles were shipped to the Tesla store in Vancouver, British Columbia. These first deliveries are sure to be Signature models.

Tesla fanatics, Silke and Rolf, are providing some free advertising for the company. The couple took delivery of their Model X and are planning a trip across Canada which they will document and share on

Pricing for the Model X has been an issue all along and was recently corrected and confirmed on Twitter by CEO Elon Musk. The price was not verified initially and then once it was, it dropped later, after orders were placed. There was a discrepancy ranging from $1,000-$15,000, between 2012 initial orders and recent orders.

Correct pricing is $106,000 CAD ($81,700 USD) for the Model X75D and up to $197,650 CAD ($152,300 USD) for the fully loaded P90D.

Tesla Motors Club is reporting 1,400 Model X reservations from the opening of reservations through September 2015. Of the 1,400, 71 Signature models were reserved. At this point the total number is likely to be closer to 2,000.

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Good for them. If they have the money and times what’s not to like going across Canada enjoying beautiful country and efficient vehicle.

It’s only around 65 hours of continuous driving. I hope they find places to charge. Maybe Tesla can have them scout potential sites for fast chargers. And then they can do it again in the winter.

Saw a truck load heading north on I-5 north of Seattle last Friday. Only store north of Seattle is Van BC right?

That’s odd… I definitely saw a red Model X in Vancouver, with British Columbia plates, at least a month ago. Maybe they got tired of waiting and imported one?

Don’t think so. I just recently asked about importing a Model S to Canada from the US, and the tesla store associate said no way. Something about seat belts and “some other things”.

100% positive it was an X, and it definitely had BC plates. I see a dozen or so MSs every day around town, so I’m very familiar with how they look. Almost gave myself whiplash trying to see the back as it went past in the opposite direction (I was stopped).

I probably still have footage of it on my dash cam somewhere….

Well, i wish them good luck cause there aint no superchargers between Edmonton (all the way in the West) and Toronto (all the way to the East).
Destination chargers are a bit common but still scarse.
A lot of planning will have to be done before departure, a lot.

If you’re leisurely, you can use Sun Country Highway’s network of 240 volt 70 amp chargers, which is the same speed as Tesla’s Destination Chargers.

It is not a race, they have plenty of time …. by the sound of it.

The BC superchargers are set basically set up to get you to the ski resorts and the national parks. The charger that’s in the town of Squamish, north of Vancouver, gets you up to the world class Ski Resort at Whistler. The other super chargers take you to Banff and Jasper National Parks on Canada 1 and on through to Calgary, and finally Edmonton. Nothing near coast to coast coverage just yet.

The link below is to Teslarati super charger map. I clearly remember when they hit 500. Things have progressed since then.

Here is their website if you are interested in how they plan to do it. They are very experienced in Tesla travelling throughout the USA and both are exceptional open ocean sailors (trip planners)

the tesla already has an app that puts red dots on the google maps display so it always knows where you can charge the car.
when i saw him open up the map there were 10’s of of thousands of red dots all over the map i was surprised at how many places you can charge this car at

It’s impossible to import a Tesla from US to Canada. Tesla block it, they tell Trasport Canada that Tesla service centers can’t update the car to Canadian regulations. This is pure BS. My volt takes 5 seconds to change metric to US. Chevy software beat Tesla?!? Yhea sure. Tesla fulminate against anti direct sale law, but they serve us the same medecine. On that point Tesla sucks.

Will take mine with extra back-bacon, and poutine, please. 😉

I live in Vancouver, and this is the reason I didn’t stand in line to plunk down a reservation for the Model 3:

“In Canada, Tesla Model X reservation holders have waited nearly four years to take delivery of their vehicles.”

I think I’ll even wait until they’re done their backlog before even considering one. By then, even Ford should have something new on their showroom floor.