First Tesla Model S Deliveries Now Underway in the Netherlands


Spotting a Tesla Model S in the Netherlands is now possible as deliveries of Tesla’s electric sedan are officially underway there.

As Tesla’s Facebook post states:

“Welkom to the Netherlands, Model S! Dutch deliveries began and doors opened at our new Assembly Plant in Tilburg today!”

Deliveries of the Model S are now underway in at least 3 European countries (Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands).  Deliveries to European Union member states will begin next month.

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2 responses to "First Tesla Model S Deliveries Now Underway in the Netherlands"
  1. drpawansharma says:

    I wonder what the sales figure for UK would be, does rest of europe drive on the right just like the UK?

  2. David Stone says:

    No. Only Ireland.
    Everywhere else we drive on the left.

    Which I did at the weekend in a model s.
    It was just a test drive, unfortunately…

    Awsome car!