UPDATE: First Tesla Model S Coast-to-Coast Road Trip Almost Complete


Tesla Supercharger Map

Tesla Supercharger Map

Electric vehicles aren’t designed for cross-country road trips, right?

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S


The Tesla Model S with its extensive Supercharger has dispelled the notion that EVs are not road-trippers.

Here to prove that is Tesla Motors Forum member MyFastLady, a 62 year-old Model S owner from Kentucky.

MyFastLady headed to NYC to pick up his daughter for this epic journey.  MyFastLady departed the JFK Supercharger in New York on January 21 at 9:45 am.

With his 26 year-old daughter as co-pilot, MyFastLady hit the road en route for California.

The first couple of legs of the journey were somewhat problematic.  As MyFirstLady posted:

“Drove from Kentucky to New York last week to pick up my daughter in Hoboken for my co- pilot. As I was exiting the freeway for JFK, I hit something in the road that blew out a tire and bent the rim. Called Tesla service at 7:am Monday morning. They had a new tire and rim on by 9 am. Left JFK supercharger at 9:45. Stopped in Hoboken and on to Newark, De. Full range charge and left with 258 miles. Pulled into Somerset SC with 11 miles rang left. Somerset to Macedonia in 3 hrs. It was snowing, so the leg to Maumee, Ohio was slow. Got in at 2:30 am and couldn’t get to the Supercharger because of the snow that hadn’t been plowed. Went to a Hampton inn 1/2 mile away and called Tesla. The guy told me to get some sleep and he would see what he could do. I went back to the SC at 8 am and it was clear. Are these guys the best or what! Headed out to Mishawaka with temp at 6 degrees.”

As of this writing, MyFastLady is somewhere between Murdo, South Dakota and California.  Since those first couple of difficult legs, the journey seems to have become easier.

We’re almost certain that MyFastLady will become the first to drive cross country in a Model S using only Superchargers, beating even Elon Musk.

You can follow this epic adventure (with occasional updates from MyFastLady) here.

*UPDATE: The cross-country trek is expected to be completed later today!!!!

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I still find only one Supercharger in Pennsylvania rather troublesome.

There past that already. Looks to be smooth sailing from here on out.

Wow they made it to Somerset in one shot, in this cold weather.

Yeah, that says something (but they could have been going at 40mph! 😉

Imagine being with General Motors when the news of gas free coast to coast travel on the Supercharger network goes public. They have no competing car or charging network. Now that will be ‘rather troublesome’.

Time for GM to give up and close up shop. However, their Volt EREV can do this trip in a heartbeat. How many people buy their EV today to drive cross country? I like to fly.

True, but if you are going to drive cross-country, it is because the trip is the destination. I’m going to fly if I want to actually get across the country the same day.

However, if the trip is the destination, you’re probably interested in taking some excursions from the shortest route between superchargers, which could jeopardize the supercharger-only trip, no? I agree with Bonaire: if the getting across a large distance is your destination, fly. If the journey is the destination, you can do it in an EV, but you’ll need to do some non-SC charging for now.

True, but I can take my Telsa from Chicago to the Detroit suburbs for 3 or 4 conferences I attend each year. Same thing for Cleveland, Milwaukee or Indianapolis. It’s a straight line for me.

Christopher Allessi II
I do, I hate flying. So far, and I’m not even Middle Eastern, I’ve been “randomly selected” for additional screening every flight in the last 12 years. I’m done with that bullshit. So, get to the airport 1-2 hrs early, board plane, taxi the plane, take off, then flight, then land, wait to taxi to the gate, wait for baggage, arrange some sort of transportation to destination. so maybe from Milwaukee to Vegas that total is 8 to 10 hours right their, lots of hassle and headaches, and if their is bad weather, tough crap. I drive. I can drive Milwaukee to Vegas in 25 hours, and have my own vehicle to buzz around in. Not to mention cost savings. Plane ticket from Milwaukee to Vegas is at minimum $300 for one person. shoot, I can fit 7 people in my Tesla. But I have a family of 5, Myself, 2 kids, grandma and grandpa, so lets see, 5x$300= $1,500. So we drive, even including 2 stops to eat, thats still going to be at minimum $1,400 saved by taking my Model S and using the Supercharger network. and like I said, I still have my own vehicle to buzz… Read more »

Wow, hooray for MFL and his daughter! And for the ordinary citizen scooping out the mega-celebrity! Tesla and Musk will celebrate a well-earned victory anyway, but it’s nice to have a new and not-famous hero to cheer for.

Crossing my fingers for them… thanks for the story and the link!


When he hit that road “debris” (infamous word now), MFL was probably saying FML.

Christopher Allessi II


“MyFastLady headed to NYC to pick up his daughter.” That challenged my notions of gender for a minute 😉

Elon should meet her in LA and present her with some award!

MyFastLady is the handle, likely referring to the Model S.. The 62 year old driver is actually a male.

It’s California, there’s more ambiguity around these things out there.

It’d be good if he/she was transgender as it would really challenge the conventional sports car stereo-type… I suppose he lets his daughter drive the car.

who the heck would name their car that

The driver used to train horses, MyFastLady was one of his better horses.

Agreed, Anthony!

Shhh, Sheriff Buford T. Justice might just be listening.

haha +3 for old times sake

Thanks for the link!
I’ve just read the whole thread. So exciting and fun!
After having looked at the SC map all the past weeks, the whole thing sort of became alive with their experiences and recount. Going from Supercharger to Supercharger.
Really an adventure, with snow and temps down to -22!
Beautiful. Historic.

They won’t be the first to go cross-country in a Model S, as it has been done using hotel charging and RV parks, but they will be the first to do it on only supercharger power and will no doubt shatter the record time to go cross-country in an EV.

And let’s not forget a driver to GM’s’ EV1 across the US in the late 90’s.


Dang, wonder if I gave them the idea?

Congrats MyFastLady!

Woo Hoo!!!

I would like to see the trip from Miami to Vancouver…

Per the most recent post they are in Cheyenne charging for the long uphill to Silverthorne, and hoping to arrive there around 8:00-8:30 (MST?) tonight.

Did Montréal (QC) – San Franscisco (ÇA) this summer without the supercharger. It took us 12 day each way. I can imagine it much more easier now. However cold temperatures could make it a little bit harder. Have a nice trip!

Seeing their reports on the effects of cold weather would be most enlightening!

This is huge for electric car buffs. This will change car history. He is the Lindberg of electric cars.

Lets not forget Eberhardt

Just in from To-no-yoga press:

“61 year old horse trainer completes transcontinental ride in a electic car; takes along mental health councilor to combat range anxiety.”

Jill, after all your research into the subject, what is the best treatment for range anxiety?

They made it! They arrived at the Hawthorne supercharger at 5:35 pm today. More than 3600 miles, in 6 days.