Watch First Tesla Model 3 Delivery In Texas (UPDATE 3 WITH VIDEO)

Tesla Model 3


Nothing quite like watching an actual in-store delivery of the Tesla Model 3

And … as we said, the delivery floodgates are almost open. Be ready to soon be inundated with videos all over the internet as people begin to take delivery of the Tesla Model 3. There won’t really be many unanswered questions for much longer. Although we still don’t know actual battery sizes and we are learning that perhaps there are some important details that are still not in place; like no FM or AM radio, no streaming music, no heated rear seats, and no intermittent wipers … at least not yet. But it’s hard to say if any of this is 100-percent true.

If one has trouble viewing the video (or it goes offline again), check out this link here to also watch.

*Update: We were about to post this video when the first delivery in Texas surfaced, but strangely the video was immediately pulled. Now, we’ve found it posted again, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.  Update 2: And perhaps not surprisingly, it’s down again. Update 3: And here it is again, thanks to one of our readers. Let’s see if we can have this one up long enough for everyone to enjoy this time.

Tesla Model 3

Model 3 – Tesla-stamped brake calipers

This video shows the first delivery at the Tesla store in Austin, Texas, but as Matt Holm points out (Matt was the original poster of the video that took it down in the first place), it may be the first Model 3 delivery outside of California. As you can see, they spend a considerable amount of time dealing with the touchscreen, which is to be expected. It’s also one detail that we have yet to see up close and crystal clear.

We also get a pretty good look around the interior and they go through some other interior-related details. Other notable details include the Model 3 cameras and Tesla-stamped brake calipers. We can’t wait for more videos to surface so that we can learn more each day and start to figure out true details. Hopefully, Tesla is moving quickly to get all of the missing pieces in place, if, in fact, there are still loose ends.

Hat tip to Brian R!

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Tesla must really not want that video out there. If there was a video that showed a “production ready” car lacking AM/FM radio, Bluetooth music streaming, or intermittent wipers, or the fact you can’t turn on the wipers aside from a 1 time wipe with the horrible UI, I might feel the same way too.
NDA must still be in effect. For a car DELIVERED 2 months ago. Ridiculous.

Funny thing is I bet we’ll gain AM/FM radio, Bluetooth music streaming, and intermittent wipers in the production models…

Gee, we’ve all been told this car *is* in production.

In the video it did show the radio stations all with names, the comment from the hand-over guy said he did not know how to find the stations but then they found them later in the vid.
Don’t you wish you made a copy of the video.

Those weren’t local FM stations. They were stations listed via Slacker radio. 1 local stations happened to be one of the listening options.

For those of you that like to listen to local sports games, too bad if you get an early Model 3, as local games are usually blacked out on internet radio.

Actually, those would have been stations available via TuneIn radio, which broadcasts FM radio stations over the Internet. But agree with you that the ‘local’ radio station was definitely not using FM frequencies.

The Model 3 must have an FM radio though, right? You can see the copper wiring in the rear windshield – I just don’t know if that is all for the defroster, or if it also serves as the FM radio. Any antenna experts out there?

Wait, all this is about the radio stations being delivered digitally instead of through an analog antenna? And the worst case scenario is that the single digit percent of people who listen to live local sports events that might be blacked out, will have to use their cell phone radio app instead?

And best case is that Tesla does an OTA update and this instantly becomes a complete non-issue?

Yea, I predict that bro will post about this on every single Tesla story, no matter what the story is about, like Sven and his panel gap BS that he intentionally used to derail every conversation he could.

Wait, all this is about the radio stations being delivered digitally instead of through an analog antenna? And the worst case scenario is that the single digit percent of people who listen to live local sports events that might be blacked out, will have to use their cell phone radio app instead?

And best case is that Tesla does an OTA update and this instantly becomes a complete non-issue?

Yea, I predict that bro will post about this on every single Tesla story, no matter what the story is about, like the troll who used to post panel gap BS that he intentionally used to derail every conversation he could.

Cell phones don’t have radio capability much anymore. They only had FM before and when you don’t have wired headphones you have no FM antenna. So as bluetooth headphones come in, FM away on phones.

You should perhaps stick to what you know when describing the “worst case”.

Best case is that Tesla does turn this on later. No idea if it would work well. If it’s designed to receive FM from the start it should work well. It’s unclear if this is the case since I would have thought that would entail actually turning the feature on too.

Best case for other companies would be they make the car work before selling it.

Well, I’ve got FM radio on my cell phone, and yes it does require a headphone. The last I knew, even the iPhone supported plug in headphones through the power plug. If that is not the case, I will freely admit that I’m not a cell phone expert.

Two things going on, my view:
-Tesla doesn’t believe in paying for services (Pandora, or perhaps XM in Model 3, etc)
-They believe they can develop around things, delivering cars before the development is finished (intermittent wipes, autopilot)

If something isn’t on a Tesla at delivery, don’t count on it showing up within a year. Be fair.

Most Galaxy phones have FM Stereo radio.
No data charges, but yes, the headphones are the antennae.
Works for me.

Nix. While not technically a panel gap, this huge crack in the A-pillar sheet metal of a Model S is more of a panel crack that looks like a panel gap. How can a such a huge and obvious fit and finish defect as this be missed by Tesla quality control? It’s as if Elon has eliminated the entire quality control step in the manufacturing process at the Fremont factory.

You’d never see such a glaring defect on the most inexpensive car sold by Toyota at one of its evil stealerships, yet none of the employees at Freemont factory or the company owned Tesla store that prepped and delivered this Model S saw this huge crack? Or did they see this glaring defect and just not care, since many a Tesla are delivered with fit and finish issues that Tesla expects their customers to fix by bringing their cars to a Tesla Service Center to fix after delivery.

Apparently, the Model 3 suffers from the same quality control issues as does the Model S and Model X as shown in the news story below that details the build quality issues that Tesla owners are experiencing.

I see you really have to scrape the bottom in order to find something on the web that is bad about the Model 3. Are you driven by jealousy or just a need to try to put out something negative?

You find me something DIRECTLY, and not from the Cramer moron, that has negative experience posts about the Model 3. You won’t find them. Why? Because there is a NDA signed by early buyers. Why? Because so idiots don’t post stupid comments about the Model 3 and how poor the quality is.

And as I predicted, Trolls went crazy on this issue, and it is a complete non-issue:

“Tesla confirmed to Jalopnik that the current crop of Model 3s do not have FM radio enabled. However, the company also confirmed that feature, and Bluetooth audio streaming, will be made available soon via an over-the-air software update.”

I will be waiting to hear word from Tesla before I accept this as fact. I find it hard to believe they would make this decision. I need my Cowboys and Rangers games!


Smart call. It is fake news.

“Mark” posted this to another discussion thread here at InsideEVs, September 23, 2017 at 1:41 pm

The anti-Tesla FUDster known as bro1999 posted 8 comments in the same thread. Two were posted hours after Mark posted the photo above.

In other words, when the troll who calls himself “bro1999” hijacked this discussion to post his anti-Tesla FUD as the first comment, he knew he was lying when he said “the fact you can’t turn on the wipers aside from a 1 time wipe with the horrible UI…”

Too bad that lying FUDsters and trolls like him don’t get banned.

Push it’s been 2 months already, is this a production car or not, let’s see if it’s a good car or not. It’s like the wizard of oz with this car

You can do a one-time swipe/spray and swipe with the stalk, but you NEED to use the center display to actually turn the wipers ON. Which is ridiculous you can’t permanently turn on the wipers with the left stalk. Or having no intermittent setting.

Who’s spreading FUD now?

Exagerate much? Turn them on to auto, that’s what i do to all my cars.

FUD, or not, this is the dreadful crap Tesla pulls. Updates add screen taps, to use functions that previously required less (The map takeover of the controls, for example). Being deaf to complaints about how little sense it makes to have seat memory under a menu, within a center screen, is another (Key memory really flakey).

There’s enough to ergonomically complain about, but techno fan’dom and being too cheap to break out some switches keeps these types of stunts coming.

I’d be less critical, if it wasn’t self-inflicted.

You drive an EV. Why are you chomping at the bit to see the foremost EV manufacturer cut down?

It makes very little sense.

If you love the Bolt, you should be rooting for Tesla!

I love Tesla, and I’m rooting for the Bolt and Volt. All my complaints are related to GM not pushing them hard enough, or supporting them.

I’m rooting for Tesla to make a good car.

Not foist off incomplete prototypes as cars.

Tesla FUDing other EVs by pretending their car is ready when it isn’t is not good for EVs.

I don’t approve of Tesla’s shady/slimy business tactics, which seem aimed at protecting TSLA valuation first, everything else second. The products themselves are mostly fine, but the behavior of the CEO and the corporate culture is not cool. How hard is it to be honest with customers are say the Model 3 simply isn’t ready? Why go through the sham of the dog and pony July deliveries? To protect that inflated TSLA stock value.

You don’t approve of Tesla’s “shady/slimy business tactics” and the “behavior of the CEO and the corporate culture” but you DO approve of GM?

That smoke you’re smelling is from my now-broken Hypocrisy Meter.

Where can I get one of these hypocrisy meters? Is there a beta version available that is being passed off as final?

No beta needed for you as yours is the industry standard.

The difference is that only Elon Musk is out there claiming that he’s not in this for the money, and he just wants to save the world. He’s a con man.

I think Tesla is a great company, and I want to see them succeed as they fill a role that no one else in the world does. But Elon is a shady huckster who pulls the wool over peoples’ eyes to try to inspire fanatic devotion. And it works.

Maybe it was just overloaded.

“I don’t approve of Tesla’s shady/slimy business tactics, which seem aimed at protecting TSLA valuation first, everything else second.”

Ehhh then I suggest you not look deeply into the business dealings of any major publically traded corporation. Including GM.

Stay especially far away from insurance companies or prescription drug and medical device companies. You will not be able to handle it lol.

bro1999 is just mad because he is paying $653/mo for his Bolt, at 2.99% interest for 72 months, and if he would have gotten a TM3 220 with his choice of paint color and the premium package, he could be paying only approx. $600/mo with Tesla’s 0.99% interest for 72 months.

From the link he posts with his name every time he posts:

I paid $1k under MSRP. $1k more discount than what any Model 3 reservation holder will get. Lol

Thanks for the free plug, btw. Still hoping Elon reaches out to me for advice. 🙂

$1K under MSRP, and yet due to the interest rates, you will pay approx $50/mo MORE for your car each month than a Model 3 buyer would pay for a similarly priced car.

That is $3,600 over the life of your loan. All because GM Finance is pocketing thousands of dollars more on the back-end of the loan that Tesla doesn’t over-charge their customers for.

You are so focused on the fake MSRP that you “beat” by $1K, that you have completely failed to see the approx $3.5K in additional $$$ that you are paying over the life of the loan in additional profits to GM over what Tesla is charging due to the difference in interest rates.

Sorry you aren’t good at math.

Let me know when the first base $35k Model 3 is delivered (bonus for working AM/FM radio and bluetooth streaming). I won’t hold my breath.

Yo, Trollalot, the car has streaming why waste your phone streaming? Are you lonely this morning?

bro, let me get this straight. You think it is great that the Bolt doesn’t have integrated GPS, and it relies upon BYO GPS supplied by your cell phone.

But IF Tesla (still unconfirmed) relies upon you supplying your own FM/AM on your own cell phone, that is somehow the end of the world?

And Tesla may do an OTA to change it, when is GM going to OTA update the Bolt with GPS instead of BYO?

That detector just broke again.

Thanks for pointing out that the Model 3 (and all Tesla vehicles) don’t even have Android Auto and Apple Carplay, which is offered in even a lowly manual transmission base gas Chevy Spark has. Cutting edge tech indeed.

And even a base gas Spark has AM/FM radio. Lol

heck, the base Bolt doesn’t even have DC charging, much less anything like Supercharger access. But I guess you will have fun playing with your apple while you sit in some mall parking lot slow charging.

bro — I hope you really enjoy that radio for the additional $50 bucks a month you are paying for your Bolt vs. a TM3 220 with premium package and your choice of paint. It sure is an expensive radio. Especially when this all turns out to be troll bait, and it turns out Tesla does have radio in the Model 3….

That explains alot.

That’s a rip-off, they offered me one at 1 %0, all I had to do was pay like $2,500 down.
I told they could keep the $7,500, since they were going to do that anyway.

current national offer from GM Finance is actually worse than he paid, at 3.9%

.99% interest rates are only available for the S and X. The low priced model 3 you describe exists only in the mind of Elon Musk currently. We will see if the $35k M3 ever ships, or gets cancelled due to “low demand.”

Speaking of shady/slimy business tactics:

“SolarCity, a company Tesla acquired in Nov. 2016, has agreed to pay $29.5 million to resolve allegations that it lied to the government by submitting inflated claims to cash in on a solar stimulus program, the Department of Justice announced Friday.”

Wasn’t Elon Musk the Chairman of the Board of Solar City when these shenanigans were going on?

Rather than shady business tactics of spending marketing money on TV commercials to persuade people to buy pick-ups instead of cars, while simultaneously lobbying the US government to weaken fuel economy targets because people want to buy pick-ups instead of cars?

Yeah, it’s just sooooooo much worse than actively encouraging a change in behavior that produces more pollution and so results in more illness and death.

Agreed. Completely ridiculous, but of course the Tesla faithful don’t really care if the car is in production now, or months from now. All that matters to them is that it will be produced someday. They eagerly await judgement day for the auto industry. They all sincerely believe that the legacy automakers will crumble and fall like the walls of Jericho once the wrath of the mighty Model 3 is unleashed.

Once again, Tesla is behind schedule. Not really a surprise.

Your argument is relative. You can click your heels and sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, many times. There will soon be plenty of Model 3’s around, while the rest are behind the curtain.

Just ignore the troll!

NDA to keep visual details of a released production car secret is ridiculous!

If Tesla keeps this up, they should call it a pre-release, beta, production pilot, release candidate or whatever software milestone they’d like to use.

Trumping that it is a legally approved production model then preventing owners from even posting a video is silly. At this point, there isn’t anything to hide.

We’ve seen the screen, trunk, frunk, full interior/exterior. Heck even the bodywork repair guide and first responder do-not-cuit guides were shown. What can a little walkthrough video hurt?????

I don’t know how it’s legal to require your customers to sign NDAs for a *production* vehicle.

Seems like an abridgement of one’s right to free speech. There is no intellectual property to protect, no further ‘concept’ details to work out, right Tesla??

Tesla should have been more honest about the status of these cars. I’m becoming less confident that I really want one. Owning a Bolt might be much less dramatic, but the Tesla attraction remains strong….

“Seems like an abridgement of one’s right to free speech.”

And it would be an abridgement of Tesla’s rights to tell Tesla they have to sell cars without the customer signing an NDA.

It’s a two-way street, and nobody is putting a gun to the head of those very early buyers and telling them they have to sign an NDA. They could choose to wait until the embargo is over, if they want to buy one without signing any NDA.

What part of this is difficult to grasp? I don’t think we need to be lawyers to understand the value of a contract, to both parties!

Signing any NDA is a voluntary abridgement of one’s rights of free speech. In fact, I think one could argue that signing any contract in some way limits your rights. But businesses wouldn’t be able to function without enforceable contracts, so thank goodness our legal system allows them!

Yup, it’s perfectly legal.

But hey, if you want me to buy your car and you tell me I can’t post pictures or a video of a simple walkthrough, then I’d tell you to piss off.

It’s not like you’re selling some custom gig and you want to keep it secret.

Tesla Model 3, the EV for the masses – as claimed by Elon himself. It was publicly released in a fancy event. You telling me it was all a sham? It’s released but the masses can’t see it? That owners can’t share it?

I don’t own any stock. I have 3 BEVs and I want to buy the Model 3. These sort of NDAs are in poor taste. I actually understand what Tesla is trying to do here. They are better off putting language in the NDA that since you are early access customer, you will not post material online criticizing the quality or feature of the vehicle without giving Tesla a chance to fix them. Everything else like simple delivery, owner walkthroughs should be allowed – it helps build the buzz for the vehicle.

They aren’t asking YOU to buy their car under those conditions. When they go general release to the public, there won’t be any NDA.

I’m not sure where all this outrage is coming from for people willingly entering into a private contract agreement in exchange for getting an early delivery slot. What they have decided to do has nothing to do with what deliveries to the general public will be like.

If the Model 3 still hasn’t been released to the “general public,” then people should stop pretending that it is for sale.

It is as many have been saying for weeks: the July 28 event was a sham held solely for the benefit of investors. The car still isn’t finished and is not ready to be released to the “general public.” Elon Musk had a big “delivery day” party for what is essentially a closed beta.

There is no “if” about it. Tesla said from the start long before they even delivered the first one that employees would get the first ones. And that the public release would be later. That was reported BEFORE they began taking reservations in 2016. We learned about that around the same time we found out current owners got priority slots too.

Why so whiny about something we’ve known about for over a year and a half?

I’ve already covered the benefits of Tesla doing their release this way. You can whine about it all you want, but it is a huge benefit for Tesla’s business model.

But keep complaining about it for another month. Get it all out while you can. It makes no difference in the long term.

The car isn’t finished yet and isn’t ready for sale to the public. The July 28 event was a dog-and-pony show for the investors. More smoke and mirrors from Elon.

Part of the government’s job is to abridge “companies’ rights” to help out the consumer. Magnuson-Moss is an abridgment of companies’ rights. Anti-bundling is an abridgment of companies’ rights. Lemon laws are an abridgment of companies’ rights.

It is not ridiculous to state that a company shouldn’t be allowed to do something like this because it is against the best interests of consumers to not be able to know anything about cars until after they buy it because the company in question signed all previous recipients up to secrecy.

If gov’t job is consumer protection, they would’ve banned all psychics. Fact is, all “consumer protection” is done for the benefit of some company to make money and/or stifle competition by paying off politicians. If politicians don’t get paid, they don’t give a rat’s arse about “consumer protection”.

All rights are a balance of interests and are conditional. You have right to free speech, but not to yell fire in a theater. No rights are absolute, even under the constitution.

All of your examples are legislation that has been passed. IF you can name legislation that bans NDA’s in private contracts, go ahead and post that law.

Sorry Matlock, but violating an NDA is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. Therefore the distinction is not whether the NDA is constitutional/unconstitutional or legal/illegal, but whether the NDA is enforceable/unenforceable in a civil lawsuit.

IIRC, the Florida Attoney General said that Tesla’s NDA with regards to Lemon Law claims was enenforceable in Florida. Tesla was trying to silence customers making lemon law claims from speaking out about their Tesla cars with the threat of a civil lawsuit and a huge monetary penalty for violating an unenforceable NDA agreement.

“Therefore the distinction is not whether the NDA is constitutional/unconstitutional ”

That’s my exact point. There is NO constitutional question at all here. Nor is there any legal question here.

Go tell that to the folks who keep claiming there is some sort of constitutional first amendment question here. There isn’t. This is purely an issue of contract law, and NDA’s are both legal and constitutional to write into any private contract.

“nobody is putting a gun to the head”

Wow, PuPu, I am impressed. You are well on your way to Liberty-ism.

Most of them are skipping their turn in line. Notice how the “off the hook” employee orders are now moving to the east coast?

Only a complete idiot would want one of these alpha testers.

Many are waiting for AWD or 220’s. Just like lots of other customers. Tesla has employees in nearly every state, so why do you ASSume there are no more employees in CA who are buying one?

Merry, we’ve already covered this in detail multiple times. Do I really have to repeat myself over and over before it sinks into your head that NDA’s are normal, legal, and binding constructs that are legal to add to private contracts? That is why the exist.

If you have any evidence that NDA’s are unconstitutional in private contracts, post it. Otherwise stop repeating the same nonsense over and over.

A non-disclosure agreement usually protects one party against disclosure of trade secrets and other proprietary information.

But you’re telling me they can be used as a gag order against criticism. I guess it doesn’t trouble you that seemingly obvious and public information about say, windshield wiper function, is prohibited?

If GM pulled such stunts with the Bolt EV, insideevs posters would be screaming bloody murder.

bro1999 and Spider-Dan are correct: The car isn’t finished, and the July 28 event was merely a show for the investors. In reality, this car is *not* in production, and the ones we see are merely rough beta testers.

again, if you have ANY source at all that there is any sort of constitutional problem with NDA’s, go ahead and POST IT!!!

Funny how you are now trying to quibble about the terms of the NDA now that you have been called on your falsehoods about there being some sort of constitutional issue.

IF you want to for once and all admit that there is no constitutional issue, and that was all just BS on your behalf, I would be happy to discuss the legal limitations of their NDA. But no way while you still pretend there is some fake constitutional issue.

I think the difference is this video was apparently filmed by an employee and that might have violated some employment contract. Also from what I read the owner did not give permission for the filming either.

Yeah, it now seems pretty clear Tesla’s embargo is still in effect. So my guess about that, in a previous discussion thread, was wrong.

Apparently Tesla can’t enforce their embargo against the OCDetailing shop, presumably because nobody at that shop signed Tesla’s NDA.

It is so sickening all these companies playing this see me see me not promotional games! Who cares! Just drive your old lovely car and let them make no money!

Lol… employees are under NDA, not the general public. Employees get first dibs this time around because it is the first tesla affordable to the masses as a result of hard work for years. It’s the culmination of the not-so-secret master plan from 10 years ago. Patience, we will soon all get one, November is what I am thinking for us.

Thank you.

It’s getting pretty annoying reading all the whiny posts — and not just from Tesla haters — from people who aren’t getting instant gratification for their desire to see and learn everything there is to know about the Tesla Model 3.

And kudos to Tesla for generating sufficient interest in its new car that people with no patience are getting frustrated over Tesla keeping some things hidden!

Absolutely! Too many crybabies! If they don’t want to buy the car….GOOD, then I can get mine sooner.

Let’s see if this post gets posted. The last four I tried didn’t.

Yep, once again several serial anti-Tesla trolls (Bro-troll)care copy-cat mass posting their whiney FUD while weakly posing as “concern trolls”.

Sorry for my english (french),

I think the biggest problem for Tesla with this vid’s are they really anti-sell the Model S.
Probably Tesla try push to max the true thing about Model 3. If you have seen this vid, only if you need really a bigger car, there is no reason to paid twice for a Model S.
Model 3 long rang in this vid as the same range of a Model S 90kwh! Charge is fast as the 100kwh pack and that Tesla says.
When you see Trunk and frunk, cube announced by Tesla in compare with Model S are under estimate….
What do you think?

Also with the Model S, you get buttons & switches (a few) & a HUD, to name a few of the other differences.

ylgmac I think you are right in many ways. They are stuck with still limited production and yet the trunk and head room are pretty good. Size has been one big argument for the Model S and most people would see that video and say – the 3 is big enough. Sure the S has a lot going for it – AWD, super acceleration, SAS. But a lot of the buyers for an S don’t really care about all that – or at least not enough to pay a lot for it. I leased a 70D 2.5 years ago. If I re-lease, I would get a 3 without question. Sure I would really miss AWD, but not $30k miss (or $300 a month or whatever). Now – I might purchase at lease end and then lease a 3 giving the S to my wife. But boy that is might be tricky to time. Hey – any Tesla owner knows the software isn’t perfect and I am sure Tesla doesn’t want negative articles about FM radio either. So while I can’t have it both ways, I do think they don’t want negative or positive press on the 3. Please keep ordering… Read more »

Back from the dead!

At the beginning of the video, the Tesla rep says there’s still a “12 volt” issue and says to keep it (the car) charged. Not only unfinished UI, but potential safety issues with a faulty 12 volt battery issue too. This is deplorable.

I think the issue where the Bolt dies *while in motion* from a single bad battery cell is just a bit worse.

Tesla is willingly shipping these 3’s with a known potential defect. GM didn’t ship the Bolts knowing the batteries were faulty. Slight difference there.

And tesla is not using Slimy practices “lobbying” to keep competitors out (see Mi, TX, etc).
Slight difference here too.

I thought that was the Bolt.

All Tesla cars have the same issue and can get faulty readings from the BMS, leaving the car dead while displaying a charge. The less than 100 Bolt’s affected have all been taken care of.

The Austin Tesla store is about 5 miles from my house so I will be on the lookout for a Model 3 plying the streets. Exciting times.

The voice controls better be good because fooling with that interface doesn’t look fun while driving. Software still looks a bit beta. Over the air updates indeed.

The light grey background with the slightly darker grey soft buttons for the wipers don’t sound like a good idea? Lol

Also hilarious how it took 4/5 taps to expand the display for the music screen.

You’re right. This is a deal breaker for me.

And the SC network is a stupid futile gimmick compared to GM’s charging network!


It ‘appears’ Tesla has the right to have employees and their families who received early production Model 3 vehicles to agree to not post Tesla Model 3 content to social media.

One has to wonder could all of this pent-up want for Model 3 information been addressed by Tesla producing a 15 minute video walkthrough of the vehicle and features?

Cadillac Super Cruise

The first delivery in Minnesota was the middle of last week. Texas is behind! Family member of an employee.

It’s pretty obvious that the M3s Tesla delivered in July were Alpha/Beta pre-production units.

That doesn’t really bother me since I doubt any of the people who took delivery of those M3s paid for them, or they paid a token amount ($1). And, I think it’s very likely they’ll be able to trade their pre-production M3s for actual production models at some point in the future if they can’t be fixed OTA. So, no one is getting hurt by Tesla stretching the truth.

I also understand that Tesla had to pretend that the car was ready for sale in July to keep Wall Street happy, and allow them to do their bond issue at an extremely favorable rate. That’s just how the game it played and what Musk needed to do in order the keep the company alive.

Elon was the one that imposed the July deadline for deliveries on Tesla, not outside forces. If he had just said “pre-production units will be delivered to employees starting in July, and testing will commence to shake bugs out, while final customer deliveries are still on schedule for the end of the year”, he could have avoided this NDA nonsense. He had towed the “by end of 2017” line for a while till he suddenly decided July ’17 would be when the first “deliveries” would be made.

I have a feeling this sham July delivery scheme will actually end up causing Tesla more headache than an announcement of a delay in REAL customer deliveries would have.

Elon Musk is on hold for you on Line One….

He appears to read InsideEVs and Tesla Motor Club during his ‘downtime’.

Seriously, I think we forget how difficult it is for a relatively new company to grow and prosper. The ‘market’ tends to punish the stock price of a company if they miss deadlines (self initiated or otherwise).

Tesla has to now demonstrate they can produce cars at volume, without major quality lapses, AND continue sales growth of the Model X and S.

He can reach out to me on my blog if he wants. I’ll lend him an ear. 🙂

Tesla knew when they would need financing, so Musk announced M3 deliveries around that time. The market accepted the dog-and-pony show, giving Tesla their cash infusion. No reason to be mad about. Most companies play these games.

Now the question is can they deliver reasonably complete vehicles before the end of the year? They need to do that to keep Wall Street happy. If that video is a recent production M3, then they still have some work to do.

VIN # ended in 259, and there have been few VINs reported higher than that. So probably one of the more recent deliveries.

Supposedly, non-Tesla customer deliveries are supposed to start as soon as…..6 days (Oct), but I have a feeling that won’t happen. Especially when customers can’t even configure their 3 yet.

“Supposedly, non-Tesla customer deliveries are supposed to start as soon as…..6 days (Oct), but I have a feeling that won’t happen.””

I see bro1999 is already setting up for his false strawman posts for October, where he is going to falsely claim that Tesla said that deliveries to the general public would begin the first day of October. That is a lie.

I can already see that bro is going to whine like a fool for every day he possibly can before being proven wrong. Heck, he still hasn’t admitted that he was wrong about deliveries not beginning until 2019, so of course he is going to whine endlessly about Tesla delivering in 2017 instead of 2019.

So go ahead bro, get all the crying and moaning out while you still can, bro. I suggest venting your rage at least 5-10 times a day while you still can before Tesla releases to the general public.

The reality is you’ve been wrong over and over about Tesla, and what you are really mad about is Tesla PROVING you wrong over and over. It just rips you to the core that they prove you wrong over and over.

You still want to bet that Model 3 deliveries will outpace Bolt sales this year? I’ll gladly put money down on that one. 🙂

You’ve changed the subject. Anybody can tell that. Nobody said that M3 would exceed the pitiful Bolt’s deliveries for 2017 ( for GM’s size yes, that is the word: pitiful).

But again you’ve changed the subject instead of honestly answering .

1) Yes, Tesla will outpace the Bolt delivery rate before the end of the year. Tesla is targeting 5,000 units per week, and GM shows no signs of hitting that pace in any month, much less in a week.

2) If you are talking about total units of cars delivered in 2017, and not pace, who actually cares? If you want to hang on to some sort of “victory” by GM possibly selling more cars in 1 full year than Tesla sells in half a year, with only one quarter of a year being sales to the public, then go for it. Grasp tightly to whatever redefinition of victory that makes you happy. I hope the Bolt sells well and you find some sort of odd joy out of it.

Elon claimed he would deliver several hundred thousand Model 3s in 2017, and now you’re talking about delivery rates in week 52? Damning with faint praise, there.

If the Model 3 is going to be selling “5000 per week” and the Bolt is on target for ~20k sales in 2017, then the M3 should blow past the Bolt in one month of sales. So why are you hedging with this “delivery rate” stuff?

I didn’t start the “outpace” terminology, bro did. I guess you don’t understand what “pace” means either in a manufacturing context?

Like I said before, I don’t really care about 2017 yearly delivery numbers with an arbitrary cutoff date right as they are going through their S-curve of ramp-up, vs. a car that has already gone through ramp-up? Like I said, if you find some twisted joy in the Bolt possibly building more cars in a full year than Tesla does in half a year or a quarter of a year, go have all the fun with that as you want if it happens. It is meaningless.

If you want to make valid comparison, why not comparing first full year of Bolt sales vs. first full year of Model 3 sales? How much money you want to put on that bet?

“A quarter of a year” multiplied by 5000 cars per week is 65,000 cars, which is three times more than the Bolt will sell this year. So one quarter of Model 3 sales should be more than enough, according to Elon.

The only arbitrary targets people are holding Tesla to are the multiple whimsical, fantasy claims Elon has been making. Hundreds of thousands of Model 3s in 2017, 5000 per week… all just BS designed to fluff the investor class.

Spider-dan — Then put your money where your mouth is if you think Tesla will have a production problem.

Here are the direct comparables for the first year of production for each car:

GM: Volt sales between Nov 2016 and Nov 2017 (first full month of production).


Tesla: Model 3 sales between July 2017 and July 2018 (first full month of production).

I’ll even give you that first week of Oct. 2016 GM Volt production as a gimme, and not count it.

What is your bet that Tesla is so bad that they will do worse than the GM Bolt? Enough of the whining delusion and double standard that somehow Tesla has a problem if they don’t do in 6 months, what it will take GM a year to do.

You appear to believe that I am criticizing Tesla’s manufacturing capability; I am not.

I am criticizing Elon Musk’s disregard for the truth and his willingness to make ridiculous claims based purely in fantasy, which his apologists rationalize away after they are quickly shown to be as false as they initially appeared.

So if we are to make comparisons, let us compare when GM said they would make production Bolts available for purchase, and what they expected their delivery rate to be. Next, we can compare that to when Elon said production Model 3s would be available for purchaseand what he expected the delivery rate to be. From that comparison, we can tell which company’s management was giving their shareholders reasonable expectations, and which one was intentionally peddling BS to fluff up investors.

I’m pretty certain they will be producing them at a faster rate (units per week) than GM by the end of the year. So it’s certain they’ll greatly outsell the Bolt in 2018.

But given the Model 3 line spent so much of the year not making any cars or making them very slowly it’s quite possible they are making Model 3s much faster than GM but still have made fewer than GM in the calendar year.

I’m not sure where you are getting that Tesla has a slower ramp-up than GM with the Bolt. GM started Bolt production in the last week of Oct. 2016. One month later, they had zero sales. After the the first month of production, Tesla had 30 sales. By the end of 10 weeks of production, GM had 579 cars sold. Tesla just finished their 10th week of sales, and while we don’t have sales figures yet, we’ve seen VIN numbers well into the 200’s. In the next month, GM made 1,162 in sales (by the end of week 14.) While Tesla’s plan is to exceed 1,500 in production in Sept, which should result in 1,500+ in additional sales by the end of week 14 for them. Tesla and GM basically swap back and forth for their first 3 months of production. The difference will be in month 4 and 5 and beyond. But where they are at this point is practically a mirror of GM, and yet somehow there is endless whining as if there is some kind of slow roll-out for Tesla. The only difference is that instead of putting their cars in the hands of employees starting in… Read more »

They’ll be neck-and-neck. If things go as they appear.

I wouldn’t bet against Tesla because hell, if they’re willing to sell a car that isn’t even finished to make an arbitrary deadline they sure as heck wouldn’t be against punching out some half-broken cars to make sure they produce a couple more units than GM so Musk can brag about it.

Alex, I will take the “punched out, half-broken car, for $50 thousand”, Please!

Tesla is playing Double Jeopardy with their multiple launch strategies, intended and unintended.

I am wondering if investors are lightening up on Tesla shares this week?

Tesla Model 3 goes viral…

clever marketing… clever car company.

Buy a big bag of popcorn and sit back… many more videos to come.

Watch a single car launch disrupt the entire automotive industry… as originally planned.

I don’t think a 40k car will shake up the industry especially if they can’t produce thier 20k cars a month goal

@Will said: “I don’t think a 40k car will shake up the industry especially if they can’t produce thier 20k cars a month goal”

Toyota Corolla the most popular car by volume with 2016 global sales of ~1.3M has not “shaken up” the automotive industry.

The Tesla Model 3 with over 500k paid reservations will profoundly disrupt the automotive industry irrespective if it takes 6 months or 3 years to reach production of 20k/month.

Elon, please activate model 3 am/fm radio (I like to hear what’s happening in town) also Bluetooth streaming and intermittent wipers if it does not have them. Leave wheel covers in trunk.

I hope the refine the UI, it looks very un-engaging and basic.

Please be beware of making powerpacks off the youtube videos with wooden boxes with Tesla logos on top which can be made for a few hundred bucks.

Those aged cells picked off battery packs can short out and become an hazard. Home built packs don’t have monitoring hardware/software like commercially available packs which would shut off the power pack when an anomaly is detected. Moreover commercial pack cells are of better grade which can withstand lot of factors and last longer check warranties 10/20 years.

Lots of the major news outlets have no gotten a hold of the UI overview video Tesla tried to suppress.

It’s probably in their best interests to make some in-depth videos of their own now that the (unfinished) cat is out of the bag. 🙂

I realize you’re happy that it looks like you were right about the M3. And, no one should be surprised given Tesla’s history of being late and delivering incomplete initial units. But, you might want to take it easy.

If not for Tesla, GM & Nissan might not have gotten into the EV/PHEV business. So, all of us who like EVs owe them some gratitude. We should also wish Tesla well since they continue to force the legacy makers to compete in the space.

These initial “leaked” amateur Model 3 videos will serve to provide more marketing bang for Tesla than a Tesla published in-depth video.

If you believe in “any publicity is good publicity”.

The amateur Model 3 videos I’ve seen thus far (including the one on this article post) are a net positive for Tesla not because “any publicity is good publicity” but because these videos show that the Models 3 is a revolutionary car that actually exists *today*.. and not some fantasy “concept” car years away from production.

Well bro1999-troll posts has become the new sven as he continues to carpet-bomb his whining FUD all the tesla threads with 14 of his serial anti-Tesla posts on this thread alone.

Congratulations madbro, you have copied another longtime loser troll (sven) with your anti-tesla efforts here.

I’m not sure why you would look at an article about a hastily-scrubbed video showing a clearly incomplete product and be surprised to see negative comments. As surprising as it may seem, sometimes negative comments are warranted.

If you are seeing negative comments on a positive article, then yes, I agree with you: haters gonna hate. But the video just reinforces what many critics have been saying all along: that Tesla is making a show of forcing out incomplete beta products just to tell the investors that the car “made the deadline.”

Sometimes “I told you so” is justified.

Well nice to see my name exempt from that… this time. Maybe you realized that I worry about grand scheme things such as long term reliability instead of picking out every single fault to try and purposely make Tesla look bad, like am/fm radio chips. Dunno.
Just pointing out the difference between a ‘concern troll’ and a concerned prospective buyer. Seeing as bro is making it so easy.

The video doesn’t work?

It’s back again…it’s like an ongoing battle with an invisible hand, (=

Is this a legitimate delivery or a “delivery” ::wink::?

Interesting video. It might be that no one really knows that much about this car yet, so they can’t show all the features because they don’t actually know all the features yet. In my Leaf you can hold the button that opens the display (to assess the CD drive) for a few seconds and then the display will tilt. There are 4 tilt positions. Not everyone knows this but it is still there. How many people are going to know all the features of the Tesla Model 3 right from the start? I found the video a bit hard to hear, I can’t recall if the person asked “is there an AM/FM radio?” and the other person say “No”. Sorry if I missed that. Maybe there is AM/FM radio but Tesla knows in this day and age most people just stream their music so the radio is pushed to the background. I don’t think my grand parents, or even my parents, are going to buy this car. Interesting that some posters claim the things are not there, maybe they work for Tesla and have more knowledge than us, or maybe they jumped to the conclusion from an obvious position where… Read more »

+1. I suspect you set the speed on the screen and can turn hem on by pushing on the button on the stalk. I noticed he held down the wash and i didn’t wash. So maybe that needs to be done on stalk only for now? Dunno. Like you said.. lots yet to be revealed. I also suspect a decent sized update soon. Since they are now delivering out of Cali. And I will surmise that the cars are doing ok with actual breakdowns since they are selling outside of Cali. Otherwise I would think they would keep deliveries close to home.

Anywho, thanks for a post that invites actual conversation. It’s becoming a rarity around here.

Seems this is still a pre-production model.

While interesting, the first sales to non-employees of ‘regular 3’s ‘ will be more interesting since then we’ll see precisely what is included in the base price. A full-fact window label would help.

I suppose it depends on which town you are in, but advertisers claim plain old broadcast am/fm radio reaches more people in a week than ANY other media form or social network. SO to prevent purchasers from having this without an internet subscription service , or satelight at this point and time I don’t think is going to fly, and Tesla will have to include it, at least as an optional extra, on real production models.

Perhaps we should wait until some things are ACTUALLY confirmed before we lash out at the ‘evil’ Tesla? Besides, I don’t want to waste my energy jumping to conclusions, while we still have all these heavy goalposts to move around!


Sadly, the trolls prefer to make hay while they can, and then whine and complain endlessly as it if were Tesla’s fault when the trolls are proven wrong….

“Tesla confirmed to Jalopnik that the current crop of Model 3s do not have FM radio enabled. However, the company also confirmed that feature, and Bluetooth audio streaming, will be made available soon via an over-the-air software update.”

Get ready for some outrageous whining from the trolls about how evil Tesla is for making them look bad because they prematurely jumped on an issue hardcore, before bothering to confirm anything.