Watch As First Tesla Model 3 Is Delivered In Canada

MAY 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

The first Tesla Model 3 was delivered in Canada this week, at a Tesla store in Toronto.

The event was documented by the Model 3 Owners Club. As you can see in the video and photos, there were more Model 3s in the store, so it won’t be the only Model 3 on the road.

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You can see photos of the the Toronto Electric Vehicle Association, which hopefully will test drive the cars soon and present us with video of the drive.

For now, it’s not clear whether or not Tesla will send a big number of Model 3s to Canada to avoid hitting 200,000 plug-in car deliveries in U.S. too early, which would trigger federal tax credit limit.

First one delivered!

Posted by Toronto Electric Vehicle Association on Friday, May 11, 2018

Model 3 Canada first

Posted by Toronto Electric Vehicle Association on Friday, May 11, 2018

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There are a lot of Canadians who will be happy, as the Ontario $14,000 tax incentive is likely to be killed after upcoming elections. Tesla will sell a ton of these there, even before AWD is available.

For sure. just in time Tesla’s planned transCanada supercharger network is hopefully opening soon per Electrek.
(It looks like quite the proverbial hike all the way to the west coast, even in an ICE)

That is pretty crazy to hit another fire truck…

Higher profile vehicles and/ or vehicles near or on the side of the road, seem to be missed. Also true of the two truck accidents involving a Tesla. Still, human operators are almost always at fault.

iPad sofa on the wheels…

It may be possible, altho the figures indicate it’s unlikely, that Tesla can put off hitting 200,000 plug-in car deliveries in U.S. past the end of the current quarter by shifting most Model S and Model X deliveries to Canada and overseas. But as I understand it, the Canadian Model 3 reservations are too few to have an impact on that.

I’m glad to see our Canadian “cousins” getting some Model 3 love, but it’s not going to help us Americans get more Federal income tax rebates for Tesla cars.

can they send some to Asia markets or European

Expand to Mexico? I would imagine that there are some orders from them too, but the EV-sphere in North America tends to forget about there third member of NAFTA.

Wonder if Tesla will tell us just how many are reserved in Canada.