First Tesla Model 3 Delivered To Regular Customer – Video


Tesla has reportedly confirmed that this is the first Model 3 delivered to a regular customer, meaning a non-employee of Tesla or SpaceX.

This fits in line with our previous exclusive report on first non-employee deliveries before Christmas.

Additionally, social media has been a buzz with Model 3 ordering and delivery confirmation activity, so we expect to see lots of regular customers getting their Model 3s before the new Year.,

Video description:

Woohoo! Our Model 3 was delivered yesterday morning! Tesla let us know that we had the honor of being the very first regular customers to take delivery. My significant other and I are thrilled beyond belief and we’re just blown away by the car and company. Folks on Reddit asked for a video, so here it is!

With Model 3, Tesla has made a masterpiece. I still love the S an X, but the Model 3 is the car that just put every other car manufacturer on notice.

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I guess no more NDAs?

I don’t think of Tesla owners as “Regular Customers”. Maybe I should, but I think all of us first-timers are the “Regular Customers”. That’s when delivery will start getting exciting.

I didn’t ever think it was realistic to believe that customers with no relationship to Tesla would be asked (or forced) to sign an NDA to buy the car.

On the other hand, my guess — and this is only a guess — is that the NDA for employees and friends will continue for awhile; possibly a few more months before those are lifted.

Congratulations! I hope the Model 3 ramp-up proceeds well from here on.

We all need a strong Tesla Model 3, to accelerate the path to electrification of the auto market.

After viewing this clip, I wonder how many labor hours it will take per model 3 sold in customer training? This can become a very expensive cost for Tesla when 10,000 20,000 vehicles are delivered per month.

They deliver 12-15k in the final month of the quarter already. Also, Model 3 is supposed to have a more streamlined customer delivery experience (they just say “use the touchpad for that” a couple dozen times :-).

They haven’t delivered 12-15k model 3s, total, never mind in this quarter.

After I take delivery I will be happy to show mine off to my friends and future customers.

I understand that the Tesla delivery centers will eventually be set up to allow customers a place to come to pick up their car. I can easily imagine that they would have orientation courses at pre-set times which would have just one “teacher” and many “students” in the “class”. So if, let’s say, there were 20 “students” in a class, then that would cut the number of employee hours per car to 5% of what it takes for a one-on-one delivery session.

Of course not all customers will be picking up their car in that manner; I’m sure Tesla will continue to schedule deliveries to homes and work places as necessary. But the delivery centers could certainly mitigate a lot of that extra expense for Tesla.

Besides, the idea that delivering a lot of cars would take a lot of man-hours would definitely be a case for Tesla of “crying all the way to the bank!” Every one of those time-consuming delivery sessions represents a sale for Tesla.

This screams of an attempt to meet arbitrary deadlines for PR purposes. I can’t believe of Tesla, SolsrCity and SpaceX have received all of their cars ordered with the initial configuration. Or, if so, that is worrying.

You are complaining that Tesla is trying to build and sell as many Model 3’s as they can before the end of the year– and you view this as a negative?

Wow. You so craycray.

Your pain and anxiety is very clear in this post. I’m sorry this hurts you so much. The next few months are going to be very rough on you as they ramp up production. I hope you find a constructive way to vent your grief.

@Six Electrics, ” I can’t believe of Tesla, SolsrCity and SpaceX have received all of their cars ordered with the initial configuration.”

The first batch is long range and luxury package. Employees of Tesla, SpaceX would get their cars that are produced in first batch first if they want long range and luxury package. Those who want standard range and/or steel roof must wait for next batch.

Back to customer beta testing.


“Six Electrics” said:

“This screams of an attempt to meet arbitrary deadlines for PR purposes”

Every EV supporter should be expressing enthusiastic thanks for Tesla finally shifting its Model 3 production into higher gear. So why do you keep posting “stages of grief” posts over Tesla’s growing success?

Obviously you are not really an EV supporter, despite your claim to own multiple EVs.

Sad, very sad that you can’t get over your obsession or your negativity.


This delivery was done on dec. 20th according to the video. That is the exact same day that the Tesla Factory Flyover video was taken.

A lot of folks asked what all those Model 3’s were doing in the parking lot that day. Now we know that they were there for the start of deliveries! That’s on top of all the ones being shipped off on the 9 truck transports seen in the video.

Tesla is definitely getting busy! Very good news for Tesla, and good news for the EV community in general.

Some of those stacked up cars may be ready for delivery. But some may be waiting for parts or software upgrades that may take days or weeks to arrive. We don’t know.
Though I think most of us hope that Model 3 deliveries will grow rapidly from here on out. The 3 is it when it comes to BEV’s that may actually sell in large numbers for the next year or so.
The Leaf is short legged and not that engaging, plus Nissan has ruined its reputation with the early problems with the Leaf packs losing range in hotter climates. The Bolt is a well designed but rather dorky looking small Chevy with an MSRP of $37k. That won’t go over well with a lot of buyers.
The 3 is already cooler, and may end up being cheaper, than the Bolt. If any BEV is going to break through and sell in reasonably good numbers here in the US next year (i.e. 50k US sales or more) it is the 3.
30k sales in the US is little more than has been done years ago by Nissan when they sold 30k Leafs in the US in 2014.

Good Job! Nice music and presentation.

That sounds good, but it means with 5 working days until year end, they will deliver 1000 units instead of planned 15,000 in 2017

I will be more than happy with their progress if they crack four digits this month. If so, I am confident that five digit deliveries per month will be right around the corner.

Fantastic, Magnificent, Excellent and there are many more good words to say.

I hope many who ordered will get their gift soon. There are many details and many nice features in Model 3 that are not in existing vehicles in that price range.

Frunk, Auto pilot, extending mirrors, etc.

Very nice to see a finished new car readied for Public Sales.

If the 1st sale to non-employee started on 12/20, then they have 12 days to year end, but exclude 2 Sundays for holiday and 1 Monday for Christmas, that leaves 9 days of sale.

Tesla predicted lesser sales of Model S/X for Q4 because of their focus on Model 3 ramp up.

I hope all this increase in Model 3 sales will take the total of Q4 beyond 25,000 and 2017 sales to 100,000. This will make the shareholders happy.

And in 2018-01, the ramp up will start to rise. My expectation for this month is 700-900 of Model 3.

I want to know how far I can go on one home charge from Vegas to Southern California 286 miles with tesla 3 doing 70 miles hour with air going any idea

I’ve seen a few model 3 on ebay already. Some are cars coming with a config in hand and some are the reservation.

I have a 1st day reservation and would not sell it for any amount. I’ll even config for the top end model so I don’t have to wait even longer.

You can’t transfer or sell your model 3 reservation but that won’t stop people from gaming the system LOL that’s why we have so many regulations in all aspects of modern life.