First Sighting Of Audi E-Tron Quattro Electric SUV


The cart this one tows might be a mobile battery or maybe not.

The Audi E-Tron Quattro electric crossover has been caught under development for the first time. The spy shots reveal a highly camouflaged example testing in Europe.

The body’s concealment hides the details of the design, but the general shape is quite similar to the 2015 E-Tron Quattro concept. The model’s face features ultra-narrow LED headlights and a broad grille between them. Aerodynamic mirrors stick out from sides. At the back, a raked rear hatch flows to the tailgate.

Audi E-Tron Quattro Electric SUV

This test mule tows a small trailer behind it. This could simply be for testing the vehicle’s ability to haul a load, or the possibility of this cart holding an auxiliary battery for the EV. If so, then Audi would conceivably be able to test the E-Tron Quattro in environments where chargers are not readily available.

The E-Tron Quattro uses a 95-kilowatt-hour battery that reportedly gives the EV a range of around 311 miles (500 kilometers). Judging from the concept, three electric motors – two at the rear and one in the front – generally produce 435 horsepower (320 kilowatts) and a boost function temporarily pushes the output to 503 hp (370 kW). The run to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) would take about 4.6 seconds.

Audi E-Tron Quattro Electric SUV

Audi will build the E-Tron Quattro at its plant in Brussels, Belgium, starting in 2018. The Four Rings is already taking reservations for the EV from customers in Norway that want to be the first to have one. In 2019, the brand intends to broaden the EV lineup by introducing a production version of the E-Tron Sportback. This CUV would share the same battery as its boxy sibling and would also come from the Belgian plant.

Audi E-Tron Quattro Electric SUV

Further in the future, the automaker intends to introduce an EV sedan and city car. Audi wants at least 30 percent of its volume to be fully or partially electric vehicles by 2025.

Audi E-Tron Quattro Electric SUV

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Well at least they’re putting the mule before the cart.


I see what you did there…


That was a good one.


Likely the best laugh I’ll have all day. Thanks!



Chris O

Except this is not a mule (=putting a random body on a platform for testing purposes), it’s a camouflaged prototype.

Okay, still pretty funny;)

El Fantastico

Oh, you party pooper! You just killed the moment! 😀

Judging by the thin gauge of the wires coming off the trailer hitch (at least the ones that I see in the picture), I would say that’s a dummy load and almost certainly not a battery.

MTN Ranger

The wires to the trailer are for the trailer’s brake/turning lights.

Texas FFE

There are two concepts for battery trailers, one allows continuous charging of your car while your driving and the other requires you to stop and charge your car from the trailer. I worry about continuous charging because the trailer batteries need to be “balanced” with the car batteries, not an easy task. The none connected trailer batteries, like the ones from, have DCFC charging capabilities so it’s not like you have to sit and wait for hours and hours for your car to charge.

I seriously doubt we’ll ever see battery trailers used.

Texas FFE

Ford is also planning a BEV SUV by 2020. The Ford’s BEV SUV probably won’t be near as fancy (or as pricey) as the Audi BEV SUV. All these BEV SUVs coming out does make me glad that I saved money on a certified 2017 FFE instead of going with larger financial commitment of the Bolt EV so I will be better able to pick up a real (and non-Tesla) BEV SUV with real towing capacity and 4-Wheel-Drive when they become available.


I’m also excited to see what Ford’s 300 mile SUV will be like.

Nice to see Audi testing their CUV EV with a trailer. A usable roof (sky box), some utility with the rear hatch, AWD, 95KWH, and no falcon doors makes this EV a real contender.


“Audi wants at least 30 percent of its volume to be 30 percent fully or partially electric vehicles by 2025.”

So 9% by 2025? 🙂
Sorry Chris, couldn’t resist!

Definitely not what Chris was going for, I’ll grab/fix that. Thanks RotP

Texas FFE

I really liked the looks of the E-Tron Quattro concept when it came out but the Bolt EV has really changed my perception of what a BEV SUV or any BEV for that matter should look like. The E-Tron Quattro has the elongated nose, based on the 100+ year old engine-in-front design, that that’s not required on a modern EV and adds very little if any value to the vehicle. I’m sure that “frunk” is for storage but that storage space would be much larger and much more useful if the cab was moved forward in the wheel base without reducing the length of the vehicle.


Long nose adds some deceleration distance in case of frontal crash.

Texas FFE

Bogus post. The Bolt EV has a very good crash rating and it doesn’t have the elongated nose. The Tesla Model S “frunk” crushes like it’s not even there and the MS doesn’t have any higher crash rating than the Bolt EV.

Rob Stark

Bogus Post. Physics is Physics. Longer crush zones equals safer car.

Tesla Model S doesn’t have a higher than 5 star safety rating because they don’t give a higher rating.

But Model S has a lower probability of injury.

Texas FFE

Engineering is Engineering! The trunk was designed to be light weight, not to absorb impacts. Useless frunk.

Martin Winlow

I really think you need to pop along to your nearest Tesla showroom and see what, in the way of structure, is actually in/around/under the frunk on a Model S.

You’re talking complete twaddle.

Texas FFE

I don’t need to, I’ve seen the crash test videos on the Model S. the trunk does NOT absorb the impact, the fire wall does.

Paul Stoller

Looks to have much more utility than a Model X, it should do well.


How do you get that from these shots? It’s about the size of the iPace which is roughly the size of the Model 3. It’s a 2 row CUV which is much smaller than an X.

Paul Stoller

I admit I could have misjudged the size, but it doesn’t have falcon wing doors, so that already gives it more utility.

Rob Stark

Not having 3rd row nor FWD gives it less utility.

Lower ground clearance to boot.

Like Bolt it is a wagon calling itself an SUV.


Only problem is, it will cost 4 times the Bolt.

john Doe

Being able to have a roof box is a plus in Norway.. for skis and what not.

I don’t think you will find a country with more trailer hitches either.

Model X would have sold a lot more without the doors…

While we wait for a cheaper (hopefully 4×4) EV with a trailer hitch.


Who makes the batteries?

Rob Stark

Both LG Chem and Samsung SDI have contracts with Audi to supply BEV battery cells.

Just like you can get a different supplier for tires,wheels, lead acid battery, and whatever else so it is with battery cells.


Which batteries do you mean, the ones on the trailer?


Regular front window – check
Regular rear doors – check
Foldable read seats – ?

High price tag – likely check

Looking nice though I have to say.


This is the standard testing trailer VW uses. Go look at other spy shots of the VW Atlas, or Q7, or Cayenne.

Rob Stark

Now that Audi is taking reservations did they get 373k deposits?


For a luxury SUV in two small European countries? Certainly not, but interest in Norway and Austria is very high (countries were reservations are open).


And if we are lucky in the US, Audi will also be forced to bold out charging infrastructure to make up for cheating on diesel emissions. Which apparently they did, so they could keep room for larger sound systems.


Shut up and take my money.