First Self-Driving Taxi Debuts In Singapore (w/video)

OCT 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

nuTonomy, founded in 2013, has launched the world’s first public trial of a self-driving taxi service in Singapore.

nuTonomy - Trial of self-driving car service

nuTonomy – Trial of self-driving car service

Internal tests got underway in April inside a 2.5-square-mile district. Today, six Reanult ZOEs and a Mitsubishi i-MiEV are available for getting around…free-of-charge.  By the end of the year fleet is said to double in size.

The vehicles are equipped with several lidars sensors and cameras to be sure that the on board software gets all the required data from the real world it needs.

As of today, nuTonomy still employs drivers to nanny the EVs, of whom take over control if something goes wrong, but essentially vehicles drive on their own.  We imagine this decision also is a big help when it comes to liability issues as well.

nuTonomy managed secure $16 million in series A funding in May, and the company also tests self-driving cars in Michigan and the United Kingdom.

nuTonomy - Trial of self-driving car service

nuTonomy – Trial of self-driving car service

Press blast:

nuTonomy - Trial of self-driving car service

nuTonomy – Trial of self-driving car service

nuTonomy Launches World’s First Public Trial of Self-Driving Car Service and Ride-Hailing App

Cambridge, MA and Singapore, August 25, 2016 — nuTonomy, the leading developer of state-of-the art software for self-driving cars, today launched the first-ever public trial of a robo-taxi service. The trial, which will continue on an on-going basis, is being held within Singapore’s one-north business district, where nuTonomy has been conducting daily autonomous vehicle (AV) testing since April.

Beginning today, select Singapore residents will be invited to use nuTonomy’s ride-hailing smartphone app to book a no-cost ride in a nuTonomy self-driving car that employs the company’s sophisticated software, which has been integrated with high-performance sensing and computing components. The rides will be provided in a Renault Zoe or Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric vehicle that nuTonomy has specially configured for autonomous driving. An engineer from nuTonomy will ride in the vehicle to observe system performance and assume control if needed to ensure passenger comfort and safety.

nuTonomy - Trial of self-driving car service

nuTonomy – Trial of self-driving car service

Throughout the trial, nuTonomy will collect and evaluate valuable data related to software system performance, vehicle routing efficiency, the vehicle booking process, and the overall passenger experience. This data will enable nuTonomy to refine its software in preparation for the launch of a widely-available commercial robo-taxi service in Singapore in 2018.

Earlier this month, nuTonomy was selected by the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) as an R&D partner, to support the development of a commercial AV service in Singapore. This trial represents the first, rapid result of this partnership. nuTonomy is the first, and to date only, private enterprise approved by the Singapore government to test AVs on public roads.

CEO and co-founder of nuTonomy, Karl Iagnemma, said, “nuTonomy’s first-in-the-world public trial is a direct reflection of the level of maturity that we have achieved with our AV software system. The trial represents an extraordinary opportunity to collect feedback from riders in a real-world setting, and this feedback will give nuTonomy a unique advantage as we work toward deployment of a self-driving vehicle fleet in 2018.”

nuTonomy - Trial of self-driving car service

nuTonomy – Trial of self-driving car service

In May of this year, nuTonomy completed a $16M Series A funding led by Highland Capital Partners that included participation from Fontinalis Partners, Signal Ventures, Samsung Ventures, and EDBI, the dedicated corporate investment arm of the Singapore Economic Development Board.

In addition to Singapore, nuTonomy is operating self-driving cars in Michigan and the United Kingdom, where it tests software in partnership with major automotive manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover.

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In the bottom picture, the car appears to be a little out of control. Or having trouble following lines.

It’s aggressively changing lanes, or it knew to line itself up for a marketing shot. 😉

I think it’s posing. I may have some emotional chip like Data’s.

Imiev, the safest autonomous car available


Public trail is misleading. The route is essentially a small, low traffic private track.

Singapore has been trying very hard to remain relevant in the EV world. Maybe too hard. Before this there was the miracle battery press release.

It’s public “trial” not “trail”.

Considering how dangerous it is to drive there it’s has got to be a serious improvement without a doubt.

When I was on a Taxi in Cozumel Mexico the Taxi itself was safe. The trouble was every clown on a moped and bike would stupidly go running into the Taxi’s path. And they did it with a passion.

Autonomous taxis will require networks to the central servers, IBM, HP, Oracle and Apple can provide that.