Update: First Ford Focus Electric Is Delivered

MAY 28 2012 BY MARC LEE 5

On Saturday evening, the first Focus Electric was delivered from Hassett Ford in Wantagh New York.

It would seem that Ford is continuing their low key approach to marketing the Focus Electric.  First Sales of both the Volt and Leaf were highly publicized events, whereas this car was delivered as if it were any other normal car, that just happens to have an electric motor as an option.

Ford community forum member  Whit (whitgallman), who apperently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina traveled well over 650 miles to Hassett Ford to be the first retail customer in the nation, and was kind enough to send these picture to the forum administrator.  The Focus Electric is not yet available in North Carolina.

Note his the customized message sprawled on his back window, “Out of Gas and LOVING it!”



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Looks nice, but Ford needs to make this a national rollout – be proud!

Congratulations Whit, best of luck!

+1 to Whit! He needs to make a bumper sticker for his slogan too.

He had to tow it home from the dealer… 650 miles would be a 5day trip for one of these at 75 miles per charge.