First Red Tesla Model 3 With Tinted Windows – Video


Ever wonder what a red Tesla Model 3 would look like with some tinted windows?

Wonder no more as the folks over at OCDetailing have just released video of such a vehicle.  Apparently, the company will be the sole source of live-feedback for the Tesla in the wild.

Also: Check out OCDetailing’s recent Tesla Model 3 test drive review here.

Video description:

3M Crystalline Window Tint Front Windshield

  • Top Strip Only 40%
  • Front 2 Windows 40%
  • Back 2 Windows  20%

And here’s what the finished product looks like:

Tinted Model 3

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7 Comments on "First Red Tesla Model 3 With Tinted Windows – Video"

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Looks like something is going on w/the rear passenger door. Check out the gaps around the 16 second mark.

New avatar kdawg?

As a reservation holder, I’m not worried about the panel gaps. We know Tesla makes large numbers of improvements weekly to their production lines / vehicles. I’ll start paying attention to stuff like this in Q1 next year. Until then *shrug*.

In the meantime, that Red with the dark tint looks good.

Same avatar, just in pumpkin form.

I’m kinda thinking the same thing (as a reservation holder). I don’t plan on taking delivery anytime soon, so hopefully they get all this stuff ironed out.

I’ve always been a black car person, but the silver seems to show the lines off better. Would be nice to see one in the flesh, but I doubt Tesla will be at the Detroit Auto Show … again.

People were paying 2x as much for the S and they are still seeing some instances of that type of gap differences.

Personally I won’t take ownership of the car if it’s like that.

Looks good. I tint all my cars to the maximum allowed. Tinting is like a one way mirror, it does little to stop you looking out, but a fair job of blocking people from looking in. There is no reason to drive around in a fishbowl.

Not being able to see where another driver is looking can be dangerous, especially for a pedestrian or cyclist.

was the rear window left stock?