First Pure Electric Volvo To Arrive As Standalone Hatchback In 2019


According to Volvo, its first-ever pure electric vehicle will be an all-new hatchback arriving in 2019. XC40 electric CUV will be next.

The production EV will be based on the 40.2 concept.

Volvo is already at the forefront of the hybrid race, together with a couple of other manufacturers, but the Swedish company is aiming high and is looking to expand its portfolio with a purely electric vehicle. This will happen in 2019, according to a new report from Autocar, when the brand’s first-ever EV will debut.

The British publication claims the electric car will be largely based on the 40.2 concept, which will morph into a production model with only a few design changes. The EV will take the shape of a coupe-like hatchback and will be positioned in the 40-badged model series of Volvo with a similar size to the S40 and V40.

Volvo Concept 40.2

Underpinning the new electric hatch will be the automaker’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), which is designed to accommodate all kinds of powertrains, including purely electric systems. Nothing is confirmed, but R&D boss Henrik Green hinted to Autocar it will offer a maximum range on single charge of about 310 miles (499 kilometers).

“That’s the area we’re aiming at,” Green told the magazine. “We’re in the middle of development and we are constantly chasing new steps. It’s quite different to developing a car compared to five or 10 years ago. You set a prerequisite three or four years before a car’s launch and you ran towards that target, and if you did that well, you came out with a competitive offer.”

Volvo 40.2 Concept

Green also revealed the new EV will use a modular battery system, which will allow it to be ordered in different power and range specifications. At this point, there’s no decision what the minimum range will be.

“We are building a modular system to meet different customer sectors, both in battery size and electric motor configuration,” Green added. “The goal is to address the broader population with cost-efficient solutions and then address a more premium segment with more motor power and longer range.”

Last year, Volvo announced plans to electrify its entire model lineup from 2019, when it will mark “the historic end of cars that have only an internal combustion engine.” By 2025, the Swedish manufacturer wants to have no less than one million electrified cars on the road.

Source: Autocar

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The potential Model Y competition is starting to show some nice progress. Good on Volvo to go after this semi hot hatch segment, as Tesla may be a bit late to the Hachback party when The Model Y arrives in 2020-21.

Second pure electric Volvo. The first one was the C30 used as rental car in Sweden.

Let’s hope the model Y has “regular” doors or it will have no market given all the competition it will face

Nice, I want a xc 40 EV aswell.

M3 - reserved -- Niro/Leaf 2.0/Outlander - TBD

If priced competitively; this will be a winner for the lux hatchback segment. Watch out Tesla. First the XC70 PHEV and now this. XC70 revamp probably with EV offer I would assume to be in the works and that’ll be a direct X competitor.

Wonder what sort of annual production numbers Volvo is looking for?

I’ll believe all this “2019” stuff when I actually see a pre production prototype. Computer renderings don’t cut it. If they were serious about releasing this car to the public next year, we should have already seen the pre production concepts at the shows and on the road in camo.

We have not.

The Chinese have learned a lot from Elon Musk and Tesla, that is to make big promises of a glorious future, talk a good game and through out some dates to get people excited. What they have failed to learn is the dog and pony show that includes *functioning prototypes*.

The 40.1 and 40.2 concepts were revealed at the same time in in May 2016. The 40.1 became the XC40 which started production in Nov 2017.

The first XC40 camo photos appeared within 12 months of the start of production. There are 23 months left to the end of 2019.

You got it wrong, it’s actually the other way around: Against China, Musk decided to combat fire with fire.

Glad to see this, if only from the usual “more options with plugs from more companies are better” viewpoint. (I’m always harping here about the importance of market psychology, and I think that a lot of plug-in cars of various form factors from different companies will go a long way toward convincing mainstream US consumers that EVs are “real cars”, they should consider buying/leasing one, etc.)

I really like the look of the rendered car, which likely guarantees that the actual car won’t look like that.

I’m very curious about what the actual price will be in the US when this goes on sale, and what the range and battery options (if there’s more than one) will be. If this is a “200 mile car”, I would be very surprised if the pre-incentive price is under $40k.

The render is actually a real concept car. There are videos of it, which I recommend looking up on YouTube.

While it’s possible a real concept car does exist, the first two pictures at the top of this article certainly are renders. I’m not sure about the third; possibly that’s an actual photo, and possibly not.

They are studio shots, not renders, released the same day in May 2016 when the actual concept cars (40.1 and 40.2) were revealed.

40.1 became the XC40, which is now in production, after only minor exterior design changes.

You can easily find videos of the presentation by Thomas Ingenlath on Youtube.

Here are my questions:
EPA range (or WLTP)??
Performance ?
Because currently most European EVs have shi**y top speed.

Today I checked out the new XC40 in Vienna, and yes, looks VERY acceptable.

Another Euro point of view

Considering that Volvo ownership is Chinese and considering the Chinese are bound to be the larger li-ion battery cells producer before long (CATL production ramp up for example etc..) this is an interesting information. Also, I understood the Chinese anticipated this electrification process well before other countries thus securing their access to raw materials well on time as opposed to others.

Another useless fake grill, geez. If anyone, Volvo with is sparse purposeful Scandinavian design roots, should follow the form follows function rule! Please..That being said, I would love to see a real Medium priced BEV CUV hit the road. The Rav 4 electric was a long time ago and so short lived.

The Chinese love huge grilles. If any of this car’s production is to go to China, then the wonder is that the faux grille isn’t even bigger!

The 40.2 can be seen IF one search on the brandname and the model numbre. Choose the web page. IF you scroll down, you can se the concept car. The other night on my way home, another sister car , the Lynk & co model 02, just stopped in a crossing to let me by. Insteed I waited so it passed me, and I also it from the side and rear. It looked very close to a production car I can tell. But what year 2019 is, is a bit unclear. Normaly SOP is in week 20 or week 49. So in May or Decembre. The price tag is starting at $40K, then one should expect the smaller battaryconfiguration. In the article the maximum ranch was 350 km or the 200 Miles ranch. Now this seems to be the same as with the model S development, it seems to be more interesting to develop longer ranch and to skip the short ranch versions. But Volvo Cars is aiming for the mass production / volume segment which is around $35-40K price. So do not expect any extra in terms of autonomeus driving or additional safety in that price of $40k.… Read more »

Very good, please call it X40 where X stands for crossover. I am sure this vehicle has AWD trim and it qualifies for being a crossover.

Will it have Thermal Battery management so it can take the HEAT?
Many others from Cooler climates have a big miss on that important item.

Lol. Another EV with obsolete front grille. Next!