First Publicly Available ChargePoint DC Quick Charger Logs 1,000th Charging Session

SEP 16 2013 BY MARK KANE 10

Fuji Electric's 4th Generation 25kW DC Quick Charger, available for sale in North America from February 2013

Fuji Electric’s 4th Generation 25kW DC Quick Charger, available for sale in North America from February 2013

A 25-kW Fuji Electric DC quick charging station in San Juan Capistrano California was the first publicly available CHAdeMO station on the ChargePoint Network.

Now, after almost 10 months of use (November 2012 install), this charger, owned and operated by Evoasis, reached the 1000th charging session, which makes it  one of busiest on the West Coast.

Grace Miane, General Manager of Residence Inn Dana Point San Juan Capistrano, stated:

“The addition of Fuji Electric’s EV Charging Station was an exciting step for us, and we are pleased to see how quickly our guests and local travelers have embraced this new technology. With over 100 charging sessions each month, we look forward to the continued success of this station as we consider possible sites for additional DC Quick Chargers.”

On average, EV drivers are using this point over 100 times a month for approximately 20 minutes per session.

Fuji Electric Corp. of America seems satisfied with such results. Larry Butkovich, Fuji Electric’s General Manager of EV Systems stated:

“The traffic on this station has surpassed our expectations, and we are using the station data to educate other businesses on the benefits of installing EV Charging Stations at their sites. Average charging sessions are lasting about 20 minutes, making this an ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, retail and convenience stores.”

According to the press release, this particular device already delivered over 6 MWh of energy, which means that at average session is 6 kWh of electrical energy.  That’s not much – only about 25% of a Nissan LEAF battery pack or less than 40% Mitsubishi i-MiEV battery pack.

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The best thing about this station is that it charges by the minute, so you don’t worry about “getting your money’s worth” when you charge – you simply charge enough to get you to your next destination and charging point.

Because the station is limited to 25 kW (compared to the 50 kW typical CHAdeMO) the peak charging rate is a bit slower, so for a 20 minute session the maximum you might pull is just over 8 kWh. But because the LEAF/iMiEV start tapering the charge rate down from the maximum pretty quickly the effect of the slower maximum rate is not significant on a “full” QC session.

Would be nice if there were a L2 station or two for backup!

How about just another Fuji DC charger?

No – please don’t install more CHAdeMO stations.


That would be even better than J1772 stations!

Per-minute billing rocks indeed. Now, while I’m glad Chargepoint provides a quick-charger, I remain puzzled as to why it didn’t install more (one in CA, two in AZ… and that’s it??), and I still think it’s too bad it went with this underpowered Fuji hardware.

By Fuji’s own measurements, while on the i-MiEV the difference isn’t dramatic indeed, on a Leaf, below ~60% SOC, its 25kW QC (or is it an HQC, half-quick charger?) actually does result in about twice the charge time.

See page 7:

(The rest of the document is heavily biased towards Fuji’s 25kW offering, making ridiculous assumptions at times. It also completely ignores competitors such as Nissan/Sumitomo’s lighter, cheaper 44/50kW QC).

Chargepoint does not own this charger, Evoasis does.

Chargepoint only provides billing services, but will also provide (expensive) L2 hardware if desired.

Thanks Dave. My bad, I assumed that anything showing with a their “C” logo on the Chargepoint map was their own.

Still, why so few QCs (obviously there’s demand), why only 25 kW?..

Per minute charging option is great and helping drive usage vs. some competing DC EVSE providers offering only session based payment options. Only question for Fuji is why they are not installing more 25 kW/h chargers at additional locations if this one is so popular?

A note for EVoasis, (the station operator) please make your website, ( is mobile browser friendly by not requiring Flash plugin to view content.

Maybe you EV guys can help me out on this (I have a Volt).

I keep hearing that these charge stations for the most part go unused.

What is it about this one that makes it so popular.?? If we knew that, we could use that in decisions about future charger types and where to place them.

Well, what you heard is wrong. Quick-chargers are quite popular, pretty much everywhere.

You think the station mentioned here is used often? It’s actually just below average. The 20+ Blink QCs in the SF bay area see twice as many visits per month…

“What is it about this one that makes it so popular.”
Location, location, location. A QC charger adjacent to California’s major North/South freeway artery connecting the Los Angeles and San Diego sprawl makes this site irresistible.