First Production Tesla Model 3 Up Close & Personal – Video

JUL 10 2017 BY JAY COLE 59

Over the weekend, we got the confirmation that the very first production Tesla Model 3 had rolled off the company’s assembly line.

Tesla Model 3 SN#1

Then we heard that it would belong to CEO Elon Musk, and the two pictures of the car were officially released, proudly standing out front of Tesla’s Fremont assembly facility.

Thankfully, more than a few Tesla fans were in the vicinity at the time when the shots were being taken, and one of them – (Youtuber TehBestGamer505) took some high definition footage of Model 3 SN #0001.

“Got lucky to record a video for the first Model 3 to roll out of the production line”

The video features a real good look at the fit and finish of the car, as well as a peak inside…which basically confirms the production version has the identical interior configuration/steering wheel as the early release candidates.

Gallery (below):  A better look at the first Tesla Model 3 (via YT/TehBEstGamer505)

via nikeykid/TeslaMotorsClub/nikeykid

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Looking forward to delivery here in Sweden, but will gave to be patient.


Was I the only one yelling “pop the damn trunk!” During the video?

Also wondering if it will have rear seat cupholders. 🙂

sven ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was too busy yelling that the doors don’t close right/completely.

I hate to be the guy who points this out, but in the video the first time and third time that the guy closed the door, the door didn’t completely close and stayed ajar. Both times the guy gave the door a good strong tug and the door slammed with a thud, but it remained ajar.

The first pic in the gallery shows the door ajar the first time the guy closed the door. The third time the guy closed the door and it stayed ajar can be seen in the video starting at 1:30, with the best view of the door ajar at 1:48 into the video.

“I hate to be the guy who points this out…”
Really? You do, do you? I bet that the thing you actually hate the most about this post is you can’t find anything to criticize.

sven ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I criticized the Model 3 for having a door that doesn’t close completely and stays ajar when slammed shut. Instead of commenting on the Model 3 door that doesn’t close properly, you personally attacked me in an effort to deflect attention away from the Model 3’s balky door.

Paul Smith

Or maybe the guy was being too gentle with it. Any door will remain ajar if you don’t close it. It was only in your imagination that he slammed it.

It’s not “imagination”, it’s agenda. Serial trolls get called out around here. There are legit concerns about the car but you seem to somehow invent crap. I don’t need any reading comprehension to understand your crap, you are not that sophisticated. Why are you even here?

sven ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“. . . but you seem to somehow invent crap”

Dude, you’re in denial. The door closed shut then popped back open. You’re also a serial Tesla apologist and I’m calling you out on it. There’s something wrong with that Model 3’s door and it’s pretty obvious in the video. Admit that the door needs to be adjusted, the Tesla quality control missed it when they inspected the car before delivery, and move on. Don’t be like one of those Tesla fanboyz/shills who kept screaming up and down that the Model X had no fit and finish issues and quality control issues in the first couple of months in production, when it was obvious from many, many new Model X owner videos that Tesla had a problem putting the car together when it first came out. They lost all credibility in many peoples eyes by trying to suppress the truth.

Terry Lee

Sven, I watched the video, the door works fine – you are a troll.


Seems like he closed it hard enough to my eye/ear. It could have latched properly.



Oh god. Now we have speculation by ear of the amount of force applied when closing a door.

All for what MAY or MAY NOT be an issue at all, and can be as easily fixed as turning a couple of screws on a door striker, moving it 1 mm, and re-torquing the screws. AKA: EXACTLY THE KIND OF THING YOU WOULD EXPECT TO BE ADJUSTED ON THE VERY FIRST CAR OFF ANY ASSEMBLY LINE!!! THAT IS WHY THEY MAKE THE DOOR STRIKERS ADJUSTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy cow. The petty desire of you guys to whine endlessly about any little thing Tesla related is just mind-boggling.

Get a reality check.


Yes. We do. We already had it.

Who said anything about a fatal flaw or non-adjustability? Not me.

As to whether it seems like the kind of thing that seems like it should be adjusted on the first car off the assembly line, it does seem like one of those things. Wonder why it wasn’t adjusted before delivery to the customer (Musk)?

I didn’t know strikers are adjustable. I figured they just rehung the door (adjusted the hinges) to fix this kind of thing.

Brave Lil' Toaster

It’s almost like the entire reason that they are doing a slow rollout before ramping up production is so they can work out fit-and-finish issues like this.

philip d

How about that hood gap that everyone was complaining about in the betas/early production cars.

If you look right at the beginning of the video it looks like they fixed it.

Micke Larsson

Rear seat cup holders? Does it look like a white trash car?

No beverages in the back, period. Only possible exception is moderate use of a screw-cork half liter water bottle.

I’d pay extra to not have rear seat cup holders.

Hans Wurst


The trunk is probably going to be the thing keeping me from buying one (although I do not like the center display either.)

Josh Bryant

3 looks awesome in Black. I think Black it is for me.

My S2000 was black also. I had to wash it nonstop, but it looked sooo good.

Not a very good photo, but here is the one I can find of it on my phone.

Tom first car (late 80s) was a used 1976 Chevy Nova SS. Yellow and Black. It had a similar hatchback. A car that was a hatchback without admitting to be a hatchback.


It looks more dynamic than the Model S and X. Great car!


Looks way better than a Bolt or i3.
Plus it can Supercharge.
Can’t wait to get mine.


Yes That why they will sell so many ,but will lose à lot for no dash boards. Time will tell.

Scott Franco

Yea, No running boards or tail pipe ether.

Plus how are you going to start the car with no crank?



I wish Musk didn’t hitch this EV’s success to such an AV horse, but others have given him the room to define an EV interior. Sorry. Cough. Fail.

Eyes not for sale.

Someone out there

It looks inconvenient and the interior is terrible. I expect sales to be way lower than projected.

Martin Winlow

Well, the one thing this video did show (and forgive me if I missed this and everyone else on the planet knows already) but … no auto-extending door handles (thank goodness).


Does anyone find it weird that this is the first production car and we still don’t know the price of the thing. Musk should tweet how much his cost.


Are you frikkin` kidding me? Literally the first thing we knew about the car was the price, even before we even saw the prototype. Hell, the price was an integral part of the Tesla “secret master plan” from day 1.

It`s $35k. Period.

Now if mean options and trim pricing, that will come after the reveal party. The first 30 customers are VIPs and probably get to configure talking to their delivery specialist directly.


Haha. Tesla has never released a car at the promised price before. No reason to think they’ll start now. And doubly so for this one as it isn’t a base model. They’re going to all have similar configs for a while and you can be sure they won’t be the base model.

Mr T

Nice car


So, how about that big surprise spaceship cockpit that Elon has promised us?

Someone out there

Apparently space ships only have one central screen and a steering wheel.

Scott Franco

Actually, yes:

google link

That’s the Dragon space capsule.

I’m sorry, your point was?

Nom de Plume

But spaceships have lots of buttons that don’t do anything. I know this from science fiction movies. If I don’t have 47 gauges to distract me while I’m driving it’s not a real car!

Either they want the space ship to have a steering wheel or M3 dash to have more buttons and travel at high speeds through space. You can never please everyone.


I think you could look a little closer. Click the picture and scroll to the bottom to see the actual control panel.

Complete with buttons.


Wow, that parking lot must have been marked by idiots. Hope that is not an indication of the work going on inside.

Yes, it was Tesla engineers that painted the parking lot. They are doing the same thing inside the factory, painting lines randomly resulting in employees head on collisions. It’s a mad house in there. You have a very sharp eye and a sound logic!

IMHO, much as I love the exterior design and most of the interior, the dash design is a KO for many people. It certainly is for me. A single display integrated into the top of the center console would’ve worked for me, as a smaller landscape format version of the Model S screen. But this sticking out design looks like an All-in-one PC (think iMac) and is not for me. It is neither Tesla-sleek, nor does it appear especially safe. It also seems tro require looking a little downwards to see traffic information like speed, remaining range etc. While I’d prefer a display in front of the steering column for driving safety/easier orientation, or at least a head-up display, I would’ve made do with an integrated display. The Prius has it, and while not optically pleasing, it works OK, since it is much at the front of the car’s dash. The present design looks like a cost-saver (easy for RHD and LHD versions, only needs a software change) and I’m not interested in that. IMHO, even the Bolt has a nicer dash design. Never though I’d say that about a GM car… I really hope for Tesla that most of… Read more »

I know the dash is weird, but maybe we should test-drive it before we judge it?


That sounds way too rational….


How long the test drive reservation list will be? It was 2 weeks for the S.


Wow! you guys did good on the report


What kind of sensor is that on the B-pillar? Almost looks like a camera.


It’s probably a camera. That’s what Model S and X have there.

George Bower

It’s an AP camera.

boy that car has nice styling. Looks just a like a little Model S:)


Thanks, I had never seen that camera before. Is that AP2, or do all Teslas have these?

Mitesh Damania

The tires look much larger than what’s on other cars.

philip d

The announced they are coming with 18″ wheels with 19″ optional. Those are probably the 19s.


I have a reservation and am ok with the interior. I don’t mind the single center screen. I owned two Priuses, which didn’t have an instrument cluster behind the wheel either, and you get used to it very quickly. No problem.

What I do worry about is the apparent absence of adjustable air vents. If there really isn’t a way to point fresh air where you want it, that would seriously jeopardize my comfort. Much more than a screen or lack thereof.

philip d

I’m hoping that within that long slot there are recessed vanes that allow from some direction. The entire long slot also may not be open but have recessed inserts filling in a portion of the slot.


Don’t get it. What’s this craze about lacking dashboard. Why are you people so fixated? Liberate yourselves, try something new. This is a revolution not evolution. I don’t see why a huge display shouldn’t be better than dozens of knobs and buttons I’m always having tough time with.


It won’t be better because it isn’t better. Tactile knobs have a value when you are trying to use controls while keeping your eye on the road. Tactile controls provide feedback without having to look at them.

Musk will likely say you don’t need to keep your eye on the road because it has autopilot. Then again, autopilot is optional.


My current car has tactile controls. I always look at them when using them. If I tried to braille-read my way through my dasboard I’d probably be more distracted despite keeping my eyes on the road.


Now that we are beginning deliveries, do we have an official EPA range rating? What do I tell the public at EV car events? Still 215?


Wow, that charge door looks like cheap garbage (ahead of the driver’s taillight, surrounding the red marker light). Good thing the car is black because that hideous thing would be quite the visible wart on any other color car. It’s bad enough already.


I see your Tesla Derangement Syndrome is acting up again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the cover. In fact, unless you know it is a cover, 99% of people seeing this car for the first time won’t even know it is even there. And when shown, they would say: “That’s where you plug it in?? Cool! I didn’t even see it was there!!”

It is so much superior to having a faux gas tank flap looking silly on an EV that it isn’t even funny. Faux gas tank charging flaps on a pure EV is like having faux exhaust pipes. It says the car maker couldn’t be a tiny bit more creative than copying what gas cars have done for decades.


No. It isn’t my derangement that gives that a different finish and cheap look. I agree a large number of people could overlook it, but only on a black car. On any other color it will be even more obvious.

The cover does not have the same finish as the rest of the car. It looks like the car is supposed to have wraparound taillights and someone decided to put black window film over them to rice it up a bit. It looks terrible.

And no, it’s not superior to having a flap. Not sure why you think a charge cover flap is “faux” in any way. Are you saying it isn’t doing its job of covering something the designer wanted covered? That’s not true. It’d only be faux if it didn’t open or if when opened there were nothing behind it.

If they wanted to do it differently (and not obvious) they could have done it like Ford did with the Focus hatchback where it is painted the same as the body but hidden within the lines formed by the bumper fascia and taillight.


It is funny how desperate you maroons get when Tesla releases a new car. Every release the same thing. The idiot squad comes rolling in.

Then nobody cares what you think, and the cars outsell everything in their price class. It must hurt your poor feelings that nobody actually cares about the meaningless FUD you make up.

I almost feel sorry for you.