First of Three eVgo Quick-Charge Stations Opens in DC

JUL 21 2013 BY MARK KANE 6

A couple weeks back,  eVgo, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NRG Energy, opened its first CHAdeMO quick-charger station in Washington, D.C.

The eVgo quick-charge point, called Freedom Station, is located in Van Ness and features a Level 2 spot, too.

The charger, as you can see in the image above, comes from Nissan, which is partnering with NRG Energy to roll out charging infrastructure.

To date, eVgo was operating mainly in Texas and for some time preparing to build 200 stations in California.

Below is the map of Freedom Station installation plans in the DC metropolitan area:

eVgo plan for Washington, D.C.

eVgo’s Plans for Washington, D.C.


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The station in the photo looks considerably different than the eVgo stations we have here in Texas. Why does it look like there are 3 different charging stations? We usually just have an L3 and and L2 around here.

Look like maybe just the constraints of the location, along with the new Nissan-branded setup?

Random factoid if you happen to have an EV in the Washington D.C. area: you can sign up to test out their system/network with unlimited L2/fast charging for $5.95 for two months.

Might be worth it — you can hook that up here

I agree. It almost looks like they have the new Nissan CHAdeMO and an AV unit (to the left behind the Leaf). Could it be a SAE combo?

Not likely, no. First, AeroVironment QCs are taller and the top isn’t so slanted. That pillar on the left looks like it’s just “decorative” — to match other eVgo stations I guess?

Second, AV only produces CHAdeMO quick-chargers. Well, according to its brochures, it can support other standards… as long as they’re CAN-based.

eVgo’s move from AV to Nissan/Sumitomo QC is interesting btw, as it makes it even less likely that those units will ever be retrofitted to include another charging protocol.
Another nail in CCS’s coffin?

I’m glad they are putting in some level three chargers in this area in that it will now make it possible to go on a long trip with a EV though Washington DC to Pennsylvania or to Baltimore. I hope they start adding quick chargers south to Richmond VA and Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Hi there! Carly Kade from eVgo Communications here. I wanted to answer some of the questions posed in the comments for you. eVgo is technology agnostic so we release RFPs for the hardware we use at our Freedom Station sites. Through the RFP process for DC fast charging hardware, we selected AeroVironment in Texas and in Washington DC we use the Nissan hardware.

The station design in the Mid-Atlantic includes a CHAdeMO DC fast charger, a level 2 and the third tower you see is the “electronic control cabinet” although every Freedom Station is wired for the installation of a 2nd DC fast charger which can be done virtually overnight. Our goal is to meet the needs of all drivers & all plug-in vehicles! Are you eVgo-curious? You can check out our special offer of 2 full months of unlimited access for $5.95 in the greater Washington DC area here: Thank you!