First Nissan LEAF Taxi Arrives In Rome – Video


Nissan LEAF ready for rome!.. Or vise versa.

Nissan LEAF is ready for Rome!.. Or vice versa.

“Nissan LEAF has been in use as taxis across Europe in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Newcastle and Barcelona.”

States the video description.

We can now add Rome to the growing list of places where you can hail an electric LEAF taxi.

For now, Rome gets a few Nissan LEAF taxis. Of course, we can safely assume there will be a lot more added in the future.

In the brief video above, we learn that it appears that Rome has the charging situation covered.

How well do you think the LEAF will perform in an atmosphere like Rome?  More specifically, is the LEAF up the the taxi task in Rome? Let us know what you think in comments below.

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151 BEVs
At least 39 PHEVs/EREVs
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BEV (Elettriche) is a category on its own in the reports, while PHEVs/EREVs are included in the hybrids (Ibride).

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