First Mass-Produced Extended-Range Electric Van To Launch Late Next Year

MAY 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 34



According to Autocar, in September of 2017 Emerald Automotive will launch series production of the plug-in hybrid van T-001 in Coventry, UK.

Just two years ago, the company was acquired by Geely, which also owns the London Taxi Company and Volvo.

The Emerald T-001 will be produced alongside the plug-in hybrid taxi TX5 announced earlier by London Taxi Company.

Both models are based on the same chassis and powertrain.

In the case of the T-001, a 25 kWh battery is good for about 66 miles (106 km) of all-electric range. Payload stand at 1,400 kg (3,086 lbs) when arranged on three standard pallets. 0-60 mph takes 8.5 seconds.

The T-001 and TX5 project are part of a £250 million ($366 million) investment.

Emerald’s manufacturing facility is now being built-up to have an annual capacity of 36,000 cars, and will eventually create 1,000 new jobs.  Of the total production, 30,000 of those could be for the T-001.

There is also a U.S. chapter to this story, as Emerald Automotive is present in St Louis, Missouri today. Emerald is currently competing for upcoming electrification projects for the US Postal Service, and for its own share of the 170,000 of vehicles that are in need of replacement.

source: Autocar

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A right hand drive EV van sounds perfect for the US Postal Service.

You may be on to something.

Yeah, that certainly helps.

But I think there would be VERY strong pressure to buy American.

And besides, why not go pure EV?


Yeah, why not go pure EV?

That’s what Deutsche Post already does:

Cool! Germany should put all those EV postal vehicles on a V2G system so that they can act as grid storage elements during the night. They just need to be programmed to make sure they have enough power to handle their upcoming postal needs.


Yeah! That would be fine! Especially on sunny and windy weekends we have quite some problem with overproduction (as the big 3 refuse to use the regulating capacity of the gas turbine plants…)

Last weekend electricity prices at EPEX were quite low… Negative to be precise. (To be even more precice they (negatively) peaked at -130.09 €/MWh)

As there is no postal service on sunday that would be a perfect fit…

I wonder if someone at StreetScooter will do the math and find out if V2G could be an option… I think it all depends on how much they can earn by providing negative load…


Just one more thing. Many people still believe that electricity prices are the lowest at night. It’s a very common misbelief, because it was true some years ago. At least in germany this situation has changed quite a bit.

The price curve nowadays is more complex, with low prices during the night, but often even lower prices at noon. Especially on weekends… With an average renewable share of roughly one third and peak renewable share of roughly 80% you can imagine that prices also are influenced by the weather quite a bit…


And 3 years ago ( 😉 ) there was some coverage about it here on insideevs.

I expected it to be significantly better than the Nissan e-NV200 (24 kWh) but apparently not.

As it is a plug in hybrid, it does have a huge advantage over the e-NV200 as it is able to cover greater range.
This would make for a perfect camper van.

Yeah I suppose so. I read extended-range as long range but it’s actually range-extended.

So did I.
I hope they make a longer range BEV version.
We really need some reasonably priced EV vans, pickups as business would suck them up for lower running costs.

Post vans doesn’t do a lot of miles daily, they just go around locally. I own e-nv200 myself, my daily mileage 300-500 miles, 35k miles within 4 months since new, I’ve lost half of warranty already.

Holy smokes!?!? How do you do 300 to 500 miles daily on a 24KWH battery?!?!

Spec, I too would like to hear how.
At 60mile range between charging that is 5-8 charges a day.

Interesting coincidence, but I happened to have just been looking at PlugShare in the UK today and saw on quite a few fast charger listings in Central UK that a Nero driving an E-NV200 had checked in or commented. So he is most definitely active!! Amazing that I just saw that today and here he is saying something about doing all those miles. He must travel for work and fast charge a lot!!

Actually I just found out this: On the PlugShare app on the Leaderboard for number of check ins during the last 30 days, Nero e-nv200 is at the top with 180 check ins in the last 30 days!! In his profile he says that he is a private courier.

Wow! He should write up an article on how he has saved massive amounts of money on petrol and avoided congestion charges by driving an eNV-200 as a courier!

He’s a great example of EV usefulness!

Just sent a screenshot for Brandon via plugshare (replied over email, so Brandon please check), 407 miles today so far, 90 more to do (not charging every 60 miles, charging just to have enough to reach next charger; today it was 11-12 charges I think, not longer than 20mins, usually 10-15min to do not hog the charger).

Sir, I salute you, I hope Nissan replaces your van (with a 30kwh version) for free in order to have a real outlier to strip down.

You are officially an EV badass. You show what can be done with the proper quick charging network. I live in a spot with no quick charging network and I could never do that with my Leaf. But man I sure want to.

Around here the USPS already has L1 charging provision installed for winter block heaters… It seems like a very short putt to reach substantial reductions in vehicle operational costs.

Well, it’s certainly ugly enough to qualify for a postal vehicle…

Someone should do a photoshop with the USPS paint job on it.


normally I don’t think of vehicles in terms of “sexy” and “ugly”, but this time… Really it was my first thought…

Boy… that is one butt-ugly design.

And… they just slapped on some stamped-steel wheels that look like they came off of my 1985 Honda Civic.

If ugly was the goal… Good Job!

I think those headlights are just flashlights. 😉

I find the retro TX5 ugly … I kinda like the T-001 … no grille, aerodynamic on the front.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder 🙂

It is a Work-Horse Delivery Van that works and it does not have to look good to prove it’s worth.

The bonnet (hood) seems designed to crumple whenever you come near the vehicle in front

GLad to hear that postal vehicles are going electric… makes perfect sense.



And check out this:

I’ve seen lots of these already. More than Tesla, LEAF and the likes combined…

I would suggest a two option choice would be ideal for transport companies. 25kw and 50 – 60 kw batteries.. looking at it, the under floor might be able to handle a 50 kw or 60 kw battery pack. This would suit a lot of courier companies then as well.
Might snare more sales with just a battery size option for the customer.

For the Postal Service contract Emerald should partner with Lockheed or some other Gov. Co. Contractor that has pull in Washington. Plus there would be really good political optics from “we opened a new plant, providing x new american jobs, etc” from this whole thing.