First Look At Tesla’s Refreshed Mobile App – With Video Review



Tesla hasn't updated its mobile app in about four years, and this upcoming update doesn't seem to include anything monumental.

Tesla hasn’t updated its mobile app in about four years, and this current update doesn’t seem to include anything monumental.

The new Tesla mobile app shows the interior in all of its splendor, in exacting detail.

The new Tesla mobile app shows the interior in all of its splendor, in exacting detail.

While it is not yet clear when Tesla will release its new mobile app fleetwide, pictures of the user interface have been released.

Update: first release started a couple days ago

Prior to the first release, Tesla updated the app pictures on the Google Play Store. The company hasn’t done much of anything to the app for about four years, but we knew that eventually, something was coming.

Unfortunately, aside from the outstanding visuals and the welcome change to the user-friendly abilities of the app interface itself, there is really significant with the functionality. Tesla is known for being a cutting edge tech company, however, its mobile app, along with its internet browser, have never been a focal point.

The new works much quicker than the previous version and includes Touch ID support for iOS users and widget support, however, it is still based on an outdated iOS 6 interface. Via the app, Tesla owners can start and stop charging, set cabin temps, and access Summon mode (if the vehicles has Autopilot). All of these features were already available with the “old” app.

The new app’s refreshed graphic shows the interior in all of its splendor, in exacting detail. When you access the temp controls you actually see an overhead view of the interior, like you would if you were changing the settings on the touchscreen inside the vehicle.

The new app should marry nicely with the upcoming v8.1 update of the in-car operating system, and should be set up to sync accordingly. It appears that Tesla was trying to make the app look and operate much the same as what owners have become accustomed to using inside the vehicles.

Below, Marques Brownlee, provides us with an extensive video review of what he refers to as Tesla App v3.0:

See source link below for additional images of Tesla’s updated app.

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Omar Sultan

The app (v3.0 of the mobile app) was released a few days ago for iOS–I got my updates on the 10th.


I installed the new Tesla App a few days ago for my Model S…

+1 Big UI improvement
+1 Lags nearly eliminated
+1 Touch ID car start!

Car feels newer yet again…Thanks Tesla!

Feature requests:

Link in App to the Car Operating Manual & over-air update version notes.

Car sending random AI…ish App messages like:

“Miss you. Why have you not driven me lately?”

“I’m soon turning 20,000 , let’s party by driving with the music loud!”

“Thanks for updateing me again!”

“Just what do you think you’re doing, CDAVIS”


They need to control the seat heaters too! That would be nice 🙂



Get Real

Or how about, “Sorry, I can’t do that Dave.”!


I don’t see whats missing?

I love the new layout. Nothing else is needed.


My app updated but has disabled itself and now shows ‘Vehicle in service’. I am informed by Tesla its a bug and they are working on it. Meanwhile I have no app! Anyone else in this position? Rather have the old one that worked than some fancy pictures that don”t,


Fixed this morning early. Thanks Tesla. App. now working fine.I believe the VIS is to prevent use when in for servicing.