First Look At Tesla Semi In Motion, Plus New Roadster In Action – Video


Clearly the Tesla semi is the real deal as it can be seen in motion several times in this video shot by Bjorn Nyland.

Though Nyland’s focus is on the new Tesla Roadster (details here), the Tesla Semi (details here) is caught in motion multiple times during the course of Bjorn’s filming.

This leads us to believe that test drives or rides were being conducted last night, though we’ve yet to stumble upon video proof. For now, the best evidence of the semi being fully functional is found in this video.

If you happen to come across an in-semi video from last night’s debut, please share it with us in Comments below.

Tesla Roadster Next To Semi

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So it looks like from the video that Tesla was giving test rides in the production intent Tesla Semi… amazing!

200 kWh !!!!!


How can Tesla fit a 200 kWh in this Tesla Roadster, while the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X have a maximum of “only” a 100 kWh battery pack?

Is there some new kind of chemistry?

My best guess would be optimized battery cells. Very much so in fact. Or some new kind of battery structure. Excited to see the future of this.

Seems like they’d have to go away from Panasonic’s cylindrical cells, but who knows. Since it’s not due out until 2020, they could also be factoring in forecasted battery improvements that aren’t yet available.

There are many battery breakthroughs announced over the years. My favorite is which was 6 years ago. I believe this technology would be suitable for various shapes including cylindrical. If anyone has more up to date info on this I would like to know.

Nothing says this prototype had 200kWh battery, that could be an extrapolation into 2020 based on R&D they are doing at the moment. 3yrs is a long time in this field, especially with the really high focus battery tech is getting now.

Another Euro point of view (improved version)

Wow ! Awesome !


Another Euro point of view (improved version)

(and I also just bought the Brooklyn from someone I met on the street)

How about posting a video without an annoying soundtrack that masks almost everything we want to hear?

How about learning to read. The video clearly states that they had to add music due to copyrighted content (music playing during the show)

Compare these fully functional Roadster and Semi to the lane VW ID concept vehicles that could barely even drive. Chalk and Cheese! You bet those others are worried. If I was CEO of VW I’d be asking some really hard questions of my team “so we spent all this money and our concept can do 5mph? Ok, explain how this upstart Tesla can build a fully working vehicle when all we can do is build a shell?”
MB IQ design looks like 1980’s compared to these Tesla designs. Make you laugh if it wasn’t so sad 🙁