First Look At Hyundai Kona Electric – Autogefühl

MAR 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 22

The Hyundai Kona Electric – one of the hottest EV premiers in Geneva this year, in general feels like a complete and proper small car.

Hyundai Kona Electric

While we are awaiting first drive reviews prior to market launch later this year, here we have insights from an Autogefühl presentation.

The Kona Electric is in lots of ways different than the conventional version.

The interior is clean and fresh, though the infotainment system could be improved. There are a lot of plastics, but Autogefühl find it to look cheap inside.

There is not a whole lot of space in the rear, although Hyundai did everything possible to use all of the available space above the battery pack. The trunk is rather small, too.

We do believe that the Hyundai Kona Electric will fill the gap left in Europe due to the Opel Ampera-e’s very limited rollout.

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It’s a great EV model, but sadly Hyundai will not be producing a lot of them. Only 20,000 in 2018 I heard.

Maybe that’s because they won’t start production till Q3? I’m curious to see if they will ramp up production in 2019 with the full calendar year and large customer interest. I can easily see 20,000 units in the US alone.

…and how many in The US ??

It will sell well world wide, Hyundai is making the right moves.

Rumours say they won’t ship many to US. They expect the Kia Niro EV, which is bigger, to have a better reception in America. This will probably be late this year, and not in huge quantities.

We’ve heard it before – they tell you they will be producing 20k a month and after multiple delays, then they eke out a few thousand per quarter. In the meantime, they blame it on everything from the weather to Trump to the moon. Another EV promise waiting to be broken 🙂

I would love to see the cutaway in person. It looks pretty cool with the labels and lights.

They have already received more than 15000 pre-orders in Korea alone. Not to mention the huge interest around the world.

So, if you order it now, you’ll still have to wait for it nearly a year (that’s the case with the Hyundai Ioniq EV in some countries)… nearly the same as with the model 3 I guess. 🙂

Almost 20.000 pre-orders in Norway – and only 2.500 cars promised for 2018…

I will not be surprised if Hyundai will receive more than 100,000 pre-orders for the Hyundai Kona EV before they start production in H2 2018.

Compared to the Bolt EV, it really suffers from a cramped rear seat in terms of headroom and legroom. Like he says, OK for kids; not great for adults. Even front seat headroom seems lacking. Cargo space looks much smaller than the Bolt’s. So it has a more conventional small SUV appearance, but is not nearly as practical. Sorry Hyundai, but GM has a better design.

My 2013 Volt suffers from really cramped rear seats and I would like to replace it in the next couple years. Looks like the Kona is worse when it comes to passenger space. Maybe the Niro will be roomier, but there definitely isn’t going to be a Kona in my garage.
But I am starting to really like this “no car payment!” thing…

The seats up front have as much room as a Ford Escape SUV/CUV FYI.

I totally agree with the guy in the video, electric vehicles are growing up. It is no longer just a curiosity but a proper, full grown alternative to ICE vehicles. Yeah they are a bit more expensive still but you get a great driving experience in return. EVs are not just for enthusiasts and greenies anymore, this is going mainstream!

Given the low worldwide production level and the fact that the only version headed to the US has the 60 kWh pack, the Kona EV has all but been eliminated as a replacement for my 2013 Leaf. I can live with the cramped rear seat and small trunk in the KEV, but I can get by easily with the 40 kWh pack, and compared to a 2018 Leaf S, the KEV is at quite a price disadvantage. I hope sometime this year Nissan runs some good lease deals…

This was on my shopping list but its off now,seen a couple of similar reviews, *very* limited rear space. I’ll be looking at the Niro or next gen Soul.
MY in contrast likely too big but also no chance of seeing one for 3-4 years in Europe

Glad to see nobody mentions the cheap feeling as a drawback. For me, outside plastics also look cheap for a nearly 40.000$ car of that size. Not a deal-breaker, but I don’t like them, for instance in the rear window. It’s a cool little car anyway, for those who don’t need more space.

I don’t like the location of the charge point. Imagine trying to open the cover after an icy snow storm… If it opens…

Well, I love the location 😀
It’s all a matter of perspective, I hate having my cable on the side of the road when parallel parked (Belgium) and loved how the charge point in the front never really gave a problem when I drove the Leaf (or for shorter times the Soul and Zoe)

FYI, I currently drive the ioniq EV 😉

I’ve had some problems with the Leaf charge port in the front. It is way too easy to get water in there, and then the fast chargers refuse to start charging for security reasons.
I actually leave a hair-dryer in the car for that reason. Then I can remove the water/moisture in the charge port when needed.

Another compliance car.


Vaporware to me…