First Look At Tesla Model 3 With White Seats


How in the heck did she get a Tesla Model 3 with white seats?

If you follow LikeTesla or tuned in to a few of our previous shares, you can likely answer the above question. We recently reported about some changes that Kim noticed with the Model 3 seats.

She revealed that early Model 3s have a different seat design than current models. This was discovered when she tried to have white T Sportline aftermarket seat covers installed in the family’s new Model 3. They wouldn’t fit properly. Thankfully, Kim was able to order a set that would fit the newly designed seats.

Now, we get to see the Tesla Model 3 with the new white seats installed. T Sportline has verified Kim’s findings and updated the information on its website so that others don’t end up with the same problem. You can purchase the seats for your Model 3 by following the T Sportline line link below.

T Sportline explains:

It has been brought to our attention that Tesla has made changes to both the Model 3 front and rear seats. We have developed a simple to understand diagram so that you can determine which Generation seats you have. Note: We have found that Tesla has mixed and matched front and rear seats as well. For example, you may have Generation 2 front seats and Generation 1 rear seats, or vice versa. You can determine your Front/RearSeat Combination using the images below.

Source: T Sportline

Check Out T Sportline’s Video Below:

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Sweet ‼️

They look good. I like the white door inserts you get with the Tesla white interiors. I wonder if Tsportline would be able to do that as well.

Ok, looking at this article’s preview photo from the IEVs home page, it looks like a naked lady whose body is blocked by a huge “play” symbol. Lol
At first I was like “wtf??”

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s the only reason I clicked in here bro…………

“Like Tesla” isn’t shy now about milfing (I mean milking) Youtube clicks.

Dad holds the camera while mom (with two young kids) shows one of the virtues of owning a Tesla with milky white seats. They live in the suburbs of Georgia and I guess she is wearing the state costume – Daisy Dukes.

The couple is very clever. Dad purposely stays behind the camera and lets wifey be the face of the YT site. Wonder what the mix of subscribers are (male vs. female).

Not that I’m issuing a complaint – clever marketing indeed.

What in the world are the virtues of the white seats, other than looks? Even that is subjective. Are they really any cooler in the summer? I imagine you’d be cleaning and worrying about them all the time.

Hides ice cream and milk stains….. She’s got two young kids

She’s done stain tests before on her Model X

*bites tongue*

Hard, isn’t it?

Yeah, white vs. black, that’s about 20 degrees F of heat difference.

Like Tesla noted the black seats were hotter than the white in their X and they showed dirt/dust more.

Yep, it ain’t no coincidence the dad is almost never on camera. At least he knows what his viewers want. Lol

Gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills!
(or in this couple’s case, generate extra revenue to buy more Tesla products). ‘MURICA!

Nothing gets between my white leather seats and myself – says the sultry looking lady

No need to offend her… besides, how do you know that’s not her church uniform?

In the video she is wearing white jeans and later black spandex but for the video title page she is wearing a different ‘costume’. I think her YT site / video was hacked

If that’s church uniform, I would hate to see beach uniform…..

Hate? Why? You’re gay?
In SoCal, the summer beach attire is similar to the London’s winter attire.

Time for some glasses brosef!

WOW! They look great!

It will get dirty in no time ..
White seats are NOT a good idea